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Appleby History > Miscellany > Appleby in 1835

Appleby, Snareston(e) and Neighbourhoods in 1835


This directory extract lists the names of gentry, clergy, shopkeepers, traders and other businessmen in the village at that time.

With thanks to Several Farmer for providing the extract

          APPLEBY is a parish, chiefly in the hundred of Sparkenhoe, county of Leicester, and extending into the hundred of Repton and Gresley, county of Derby: the villiage is situate six miles S.S.W. from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, in the midst of scenery of the most pleasing description, and close to the borders of the counties of Leicester, Derby, Stafford and Warwick.  George Moore, Esq., is lord of the manor; and the parish is in the Honour of Tutbury, duchy of Lancaster, within the jurisdiction of a court of pleas held at Tutbury every third Tuesday for the recovery of debts under 40s.

The church, which is dedicated to St Michael, is a handsome structure, with a spire, and the edifice has lately undergone a thorough repair: the interior, which is neatly fitted up, is lighted by nineteen windows, all ornamented with stained glass, in brilliant colours and various scriptural devices; the entire presenting one of the most elegant village churches in the kingdom.  The living is a rectory, in the gift of George Moore, Esq.; the present incumbent is the Rev. J.M.Echalaz.  In the village is a spacious school, richly endowed by Sir John Moore, in 1697, for the education of boys from any part of the kingdom.  The parish (which has no dependent townships) contained at the last census (in 1831) 1,150 inhabitants.

SNARESTON is a inconsiderable parish, in the hundred of Sparkenhoe, about six miles N.W. from Market Bosworth, and between two and three E. from Appleby; it is in the same honour, and within the same jurisdiction of a court of pleas, as that parish.  The church is dedicated to St Bartholomew; the living is a perpetual curacy, annexed to the rectory of Sweepstone.  Here is a free school, endowed about 1717, by Thomas Charnell, Esq., for the instruction of forty poor children.  The Ashby-de-la-Zouch canal passes through the parish - which has no dependent township, and contained, by the census taken in the year 1831, 353 inhabitants, being fewer by three persons than it contained at the preceding returns of 1821.

POST OFFICE, APPLEBY, James Hatton, Post Master.  - Letters arrive every morning at half-past ten, and are despatched every afternoon at three.


Baker Mr.Daniel,  Barlstone-on-the-Hill. 
Burnett Rev. John,  Appleby 
Best Mrs. - ,  Appleby 
Clare Mrs.Catherine,  Snareston 
Cope Thomas, esq.  Obiston Hall 
Echalaz Rev.John Manuel, M.A.  Appleby 
Farnell Mr. John,  Snareston. 
Gent Mr.James,  Appleby 
Godfrey Mrs. Frances,  Appleby 
Grundy Mrs.Catherine,  Appleby 
Harrison the Misses,  Appleby 
Hill Mrs.Mary,  Appleby 
Homer Rev. William,  Appleby 
Mackie Rev. Charles,  Appleby 
Moore Mrs.Elizb.,  Snareston Lodge
Moore George E. esq.,  Appleby Hall. 
Moore John, esq.  White house, Appleby. 
Moore the Misses,  White house, Appleby. 
Mould Mr John, Appleby 
Owston Mr Hiram Abiff,  Snareston 
Pratt Mr. Thomas,  Appleby 
Princep the Misses,  Appleby 
Spencer Richard, esq.  Snareston 
Stanton Mr.John,  Appleby 
Taylor Mr.William,  Appleby 
Wathew Miss - ,  Appleby 
Watwood Mr.John,  Appleby. 
Wyatt Mr.James,  Appleby


FREE SCHOOL, Appleby - 
   Rev. Chas. Mackie, headmaster; 
   Rev.Wm.Homer, second master; 
   Edwin Hague, writing master. 
Hague Edwin,  Appleby 
Hatton Sarah,  Appleby 
   John Anscomb, master.
FREE SCHOOL, Snareston - 
   John Baxter, master.


Taylor Joseph,  Appleby.
Webb Edward,  Appleby.


Anchor, John Hear,  Appleby. 
Black Horse, Samuel Park,  Appleby.
Crown, Mary Mead (and farmer), Snareston. 
Red Lion, Samuel Cotton,  Appleby 

In Appleby when not otherwise mentioned. 

Baker Henry, clock and watchmaker and bell-hanger. 
Baker William, tailor and draper. 
Ball Thomas, shoemaker. 
Bates Mary, milliner and dress maker. 
Bates Ths., boot, &c. maker, Snareston. 
Bates William., tailor. 
Bates Wm., beer retailer, Snareston. 
Blastock Wm., farmer and grazier. 
Boden Edward, brick maker, farmer and maltster. 
Boss William, painter and glazier. 
Bowler James, carpenter. 
Bowley John, retailer of beer. 
Bradbury William, blacksmith. 
Brookhouse Nathaniel, farmer. 
Brooks Ann, grocer. 
Brown Henry, blacksmith. 
Chandler John, farmer. 
Chapman Thomas, farmer. 
Davis Samuel, boot, &c. maker. 
Day John, farmer and grazier. 
Draper Jos., shopkeeper, Snareston. 
Elton Joseph, farmer and grazier. 
Fernybough Wm., boot, &c. maker. 
Foster Thomas, farmer and grazier. 
Garner Thomas, bricklayer. 
Gresley William, wheelwright. 
Grimley Edward, cooper. 
Hall Thomas, farmer and grazier. 
Hart Thomas, upholsterer. 
Hatton James, boot, &c. maker. 
Hayfield Thomas, farmer. 
Hear John, carpenter. 
Hinks Joshua, butcher. 
Jones John, bricklayer. 
Jones Sarah, milliner, &c. 
Jordin George, grocer and baker. 
Laban William, grazier. 
Lees Henry, draper. 
Lees Mary, milliner, &c. 
Lever John, draper, and china and earthenware dealer.
Litherland Jane, milliner, &c. 
Litherland Richard, drainer, &c. 
Litherland Samuel, blacksmith. 
Marshall George, staymaker, &c. 
Mead John, brick maker, Snareston. 
Neal John, boot, &c. maker. 
Parker James, farmer. 
Parker Thos., blacksmith, Snareston. 
Pratt Richd., wheelwright, Snareston. 
Radford John, grocer. 
Robinson William, draper and hatter. 
Roden Edward, brick maker. 
Rowell Thos., butcher, Snareston. 
Saddington Bateman, butcher, &c. 
Saddington William, maltster. 
Siddons John, tailor, Snareston, 
Skellet William, farrier. 
Stanton William, butcher 
Stevenson Edward, cattle dealer and farmer, Snareston. 
Taverner Thomas, farmer. 
Taylor William, shopkeeper and wheelwright, Snareston. 
Tipper Samuel, grocer 
Tompson James, grocer and draper. 
Tulladine Thomas, cooper. 
Tunnadine James, farmer and grazier. 
Ward William, miller. 
White Thos., carpenter, Snareston. 
Whitehurst John, farmer and grazier. 
Wildman John, tailor and shopkeeper. 
Wilkins Ann, shopkeeper, Snareston. 
Wilkins George, boot, &c. maker, Snareston. 
Willis Samuel, saddler and harness maker. 
Willson Wm., grocer and druggist. 
Wood John, brick maker. 
Wyatt James, blacksmith. 
Wyatt James, farmer, &c. 
Wyatt John, grocer, &c. 
Wyatt Thomas, farmer. 
Yardley Jas., gardener and seedsman. 


    Wyatt, every Saturday. 
To ATHERSTONE, Joseph Wyatt and 
   Leonard Wykes, every Tuesday.
To BURTON, Joseph Wyatt and 
   Leonard Wykes, every Thursday. 
To TAMWORTH, Leonard Wykes, 
   every Saturday.

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