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Parish Council Minutes

April 2004

Thursday 1st April 2004


 Present :-                                           Apologies :-

Mr J Quimby – Chairman                     Mrs D Morris
Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman
Mrs E Jeffrey, 
Mr P Hemmerdinger, 
Mrs M Hemmerdinger

County Councillor S Sheahan, 
Mr S Richardson A.M.C.C.

1874            Minutes 

Minutes of meeting held 4th March 2004 read and endorsed.

1875            Question Time

No questions.

1876            Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


 1877            Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


1878            Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

04/00268/TCA works to three trees – St Michaels Church – no objections

04/00347/FUL erection of detached garage block – 37a Church Street – letter sent to NWLDC requesting design & materials are traditional & in keeping with village design statement – noted. 

1879    Police Matters

No officer present. Chairman reported Neighbourhood Watch now had own website & notices would be placed to inform villagers.

1880            Planning Applications

04/0049/FUL erection of single storey rear extension – 237 Tamworth Road – no objections.

1881            Planning Decision Notices

04/00268/TCA works to three trees – St Michaels Church – granted

04/00084/FUL erection of single storey extension for ATM machine – Fina Petrol Station, Atherstone Road – granted

04/00086/FUL erection of two storey, part single storey & rear ext. – Lavender Cottage, 14 Rectory Lane – granted

04/00103/FUL erection of detached single storey building to form double garage, workshop & stable/garden store – Jasmine Cottage, 24 Snarestone Road – granted

03/01146/LBC lighting protection system – Sir John Moore School - granted


1882             Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 2003 to 31st March 2004 budget statement – amendments to be made & presented at next meeting.  Clerk has requested bank statement for 31st March 2004, therefore 1st April 2003 to 31st March 2004 financial statement to be approved at next meeting.

1883            Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st March to 31st March 2004 - £257.08

Karen Stirk – Expenses for February 2004 - £14.45

All cheques agreed and signed.

1884            Cricket Balls Travelling Beyond Recreation Ground Boundary

NWLDC consulting to see if planning permission is needed, clerk to apply for planning if required.  Appleby Magna Cricket Club obtained quotation for preventative structure.  Order to be placed by Parish Council when planning issue resolved.  It was agreed that funding would come from grant (already obtained), local resident, A.M.C.C & Parish Council. 

1885    Letter received from Sir John Moore School

Reply to complaint about damage to grass verges on Top Street & Church Street. It was agreed a letter be sent to County Highways Authority requesting guidance on possible solutions to the problem of damaged grass verges on Top Street, Church Street and Rectory Lane.  Copy letters to Head Teacher at Sir John Moore School and County Councillor S. Sheahan.

1886            Winged Fellowship Trust

It was noted that donations to the above go to the local Skylarks Centre.

1887            Invitation to NWLDC for Voluntary Services mid year meeting

No takers.

1888    Letter received from Castle Donington Parish Council

Support requested for their policy on the development of East Midlands Airport. It was agreed the policy be kept on file and considered as and when appropriate. Letter to be sent supporting their policies of no second runway & limit expansion.

1889            Leicestershire Rural Partnership – Leicestershire Rural Strategy 2004-2009

No comments.   

1890            Didcott Way Fence

The above fence has temporarily been repaired.  Letter to be sent to three adjacent residents for their opinions on replacement fencing / railings?

1891    The Boundary Committee – Periodic Electoral Review of L.C.C.

County Councillor Sean Sheahan explained the reason for the recommendation, that parish wards be located in different county divisions was due to the amount of people represented by each county councillor. It was agreed a letter be sent supporting the recommendation of Appleby Ward with Ibstock Ward be preferable to any other of the options.  The Boundary Committee draft recommendations can be viewed at Leicestershire County Council, the District Council Offices or local libraries.           

1892            Leicestershire Constabulary – Community Support Officers

It was agreed that the community need a properly funded police force.  However, details of the Community Support Officers cost be filed.

1893            Leicestershire & Rutland Playing Fields Association

Annual subscription renewal of £15 – agreed and cheque signed.

Invitation to Disability Discrimination Act Seminar  - no takers.

1894            Mature Beech Tree Sculpture

Further to information received from Dale Mortimer L.C.C, it was agreed that clerk should contact tree surgeons to request the possibility of a tree sculpture be discussed prior to felling.

1895    Post Box on New Road

The above post box has been taken away by the Post Office due to it being beyond repair.  It was agreed that letter be sent to speed up the replacement post box.

1896    Parish News Line

It was agreed to include information about the financing of cricket safety netting structure and also the consultation of residents regarding replacement fencing/railings in Didcott Way.

1897    Urgent Items -Planning Application

(taken as urgent due to response time)

04/00491/FUL  erection of single storey extension – The Elms, 23 Bowleys Lane – no objections.             

Ms K. Stirk 

Clerk to the Parish Council
2nd April 2004


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