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Parish Council Minutes

April 2008

Thursday 3rd April 2008

Present: - Cllr. Quimby – Chairman, Cllr. Colver -Vice Chairman, Cllr. P. Hemmerdinger, Cllr. M. Hemmerdinger & Cllr. Jeffrey.

Apologies: - Cllr. Morris.

 2721    Minutes
Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 6th March 2008 were read and endorsed.

 2722    Declarations of Amendment to the Register of Interests - None.

 2723    Declaration of Interest to Items on Agenda – None.

2724    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers – None.

 2725    Planning Consultations
08/00365/LBC – The Moat House, 29 Mawbys Lane – replacement of modern internal doors with oak doors – no objections.

 2726    Planning Decision Notices
08/00235/TCA – 10 Garton Close – removal of sycamore tree, reduction in height of leylandii hedge & pruning to cherry tree - granted

2727    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements
1st April 07 to 18th March 08 budget & financial statements – Approved.

2728    Accounts For Payment
Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st March to 31st March 08 - £297.96

Karen Stirk – Expenses for February 08 (incl. Bouquet) - £49.46

Appleby Magna Cricket Club – Maintenance of Rec. Grnd. - £678.61 (agreed Feb meeting)

North West Leicestershire District Council – 2007 Parish election costs - £100.65

John Quimby – Cost of chain link fencing – £248.65

J A Robinson – Ground Maintenance cut 1 - £60

Sir John Moore Foundation – Room Hire 2008 - £150 (rewritten chq no. 216 cancelled)

Sir John Moore Foundation – 2007 Annual Donation - £250 (rewritten chq no. 220 cancelled)

All cheques agreed and signed.

2729    Date For Annual Litter Pick
It was agreed the date for the annual village litter pick would be Saturday 21st June 2008, the clerk to inform Jayne Black (N.W.L.D.C. Environment Manager) of the agreed date.

2730    Urgent Allotment Matters
A complaint had been received from a resident whose garden neighbours the allotments about the accumulation of building type materials on one of the plots and also the hedge not cut between the allotment track and the resident’s garden.  It was agreed to write to the allotment holder requesting the plot be tidied.  Unfortunately, the hedge would not now be cut until after the bird nesting season.

 Ms K. Stirk (Clerk to the Parish Council)

6th April 2008


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