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Parish Council Minutes

April 2013

In April, the Council Meeting is preceded by the Annual Parish Meeting, at which local organisations present an account of their activities over the year and plans for the future. These minutes are presented first, with the minutes of the Parish Council meeting below. 

Thursday 4th April 2013, 7.30pm, Sir John Moore Community Building Appleby Magna

Present: -        Cllrs P Hemmerdinger (Chair), M Hemmerdinger, R Butler, P Smith, G Pott, Clerk Lindsay Swinfield, seven members of the public, County & District Councillor Mr Richard Blunt

1301    Apologies: -    Cllr Wildgoose (apology accepted)

1302    Minutes
Minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held 5th April 2012 were endorsed and signed.

1303    Chairman of the Parish Council – Annual Report:
Cllr P Hemmerdinger welcomed everyone to the meeting and opened the meeting with an annual report from the Parish Council:

The Clerk to send a thank you email to Mr Tony Bull, Highways Street Lighting department, re the removal of a street lamp adjacent to 18 Top Street.

1304    County & District Councillor – Annual Report presented by Mr Richard Blunt:

1305    Local Organisations – Annual Reports

a.   Sir John Moore School:


Following the departure of Mrs Boston who was promoted to lead a larger Leicestershire primary school in January,  governors have appointed Mrs Tae Carpenter,  who was Assistant Head, to the position of Headteacher.
The school is preparing to apply to the Department of Education for conversion to a Church of England primary Academy.  This follows consultation with staff, parents and other stakeholders.


Pupils continue to make outstanding progress despite the changes  in staff and leadership.


Key objectives

  • To continue to keep standards high in teaching and learning within school
  • Maintain pupils’ focused and eager attitudes and behaviour to learning through an exciting, engaging and enriched curriculum.
  • To make the school a more Christian enriched environment through visuals and more interactive collective worship.
  • Prepare staff for the new curriculum coming out in 2014.


The Animal man
An animal man came to talk to the Y4/5 class about his animals and their habitats linked to their Science topic on Habitats. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of holding a variety of animals, including bearded dragons, tortoises, a barn owl and a skunk! A fantastic first hand learning experience. Thanks to Suzi Mcgraw for suggesting this event to school.
Future collaborations with the Foundation
The school council working on the Inclusion sculpture with Tom Hare and other parties.
Poetry with John Berkavitch through expressive art and poetry with a  theme of Our school and Inclusion.
A possible collaboration with the architects to promote the need for the 3 classrooms building as part of the Master plan.


Entered the Make my School a Reading School competition by Jeremy Strong.
Children had to read a certain number of books to win prizes. Came 4th one weekend with only 6 books difference between 4th and 3rd place (competing against much larger schools).

Annual Ashby Rotary Club Art competition
Theme; Peace
Children are to represent their interpretation of Peace in an art form. Last year we won! The winner received a yearly pass to Conkers.
5 winners for this competition who all went to the presentation at Conkers.
We entered  The World Education Games bonanza on 5th March -7th march.
All children could enter and high attainers were chosen to take part in school (as a pilot year). A very successful competition. Will enter again next year.
We will be taking part in the ‘Draw your Dad’ competition in the newspaper . The children will draw a picture of their dads for Fathers’ day and they will be presented in the newspaper!


  Early morning procedure
Children going straight into class from 08.50am which enables a quicker and on time start to the day and less crowding and fuss in the cloakrooms.
This has been extremely successful with the children being much calmer and more prepared when arriving in the mornings. All the classes start promptly at 9am.


Revamp the Ramp!
Nicola Newall (governor) is leading our campaign for revamping the ramp outside of the mobile classroom. A very generous parent has offered to build the ramp for free. We now need some donations for the materials.
The money was raised by Mrs Newall’s motivation and the ramp is being built during the Easter holidays.


A very successful Easter service held at church, which reflected the true meaning of Easter. Each class performed their parts very well and decorated the church beautifully with their own interpretations of Easter. A lovely blessing by Rev Barry Dryden.


SJM Glee club success at Christmas being invited to open up at Twycross zoo along with a massed performance at De Monfort hall and many other performances for local community groups. This Easter they had their own ‘An audience with Glee’ evening which was very successful.

 b.   Mothers Union Report:
The Mothers Union today is healthy, alive and growing with over 3.5 million members worldwide.  We here in Appleby are a small acorn but we will continue to grow if we are watered by God’s love.

We have had another successful year with an average membership of 16 at monthly meetings.  We have had some very interesting meetings with most welcome guests.

During the year we have attended the Quiet Days, Annual Retreat Deanery Prayer meetings and the Annual General Meeting. We have supported the Mothers Union projects, namely Chalet holidays, Easter eggs, Chocolate bars, Women’s Refuge centre and the Welcome project run from St Martins House.  We have supported Ashby Cottage Hospital by providing toilet bags.  We help in all our churches by being sides persons, reading and making coffee.

The Mothers Union will be very busy this year as we are once again in an interregnum, let us hope and pray that a new rector will be chosen soon.  Our meetings would not be possible without you our members and I thank you most sincerely for all your support.

c.   Brownie Report:
Thank you for your invitation to attend the annual meeting, unfortunately we are unable to attend.  The Brownies has got fewer members since February, when several of the older girls left, so there is no waiting list at present.  We have been busy since Christmas, working on various badges, but hope to get out a bit more next term.  We are planning another sleepover at the Scout Hut before the summer holidays.

d.   Appleby Magna Almshouses Report:
There has been no change in residents over the last 12 months.  Next year rent will increase (no increase for the last 2 years), and next year facilities will be inspected.  There was a rat problem which the District Council sorted out, and a Beech tree needs attention.  The Mawbys Lane stone wall requires restoration work.

e.   Appleby Film Club Report:
The film club has had 9 seasons, the latest season was very successful with an average attendance in the afternoon of 18-24 and evenings average of 20 attendees.  Voluntary technical support will be needed next season.

f.    Information Byway Report:
Information Byway is still in operation, however the village website will soon need a volunteer with expertise to run it, as the present volunteer, Mrs Marilyn Dunkelman is moving out of the area.  Clerk to write to Mrs Dunkelman giving thanks for all her hard work and commitment of over 15 years to an excellent web site.  Councillor Peter Smith has offered to assist with the running of the site in future.

 End of reports

The meeting ended at 8.00 pm                              

Lindsay Swinfield (Clerk to the Parish Council)      

Appleby Magna Parish Council Minutes

Thursday 4th April 2013, 8 pm, Sir John Moore Community Building, Appleby Magna

Present: -        Cllrs P Hemmerdinger (Chair), M Hemmerdinger, G Pott, R Butler, P Smith,
Lindsay Swinfield Clerk, seven members of the public, Mr Richard Blunt District & County Councillor (part attendance)   

1329    Apologies – Cllr D Wildgoose (apology accepted) Mr Richard Windley, Social Housing

1330    Declarations of Interest both personal & prejudicial to Items on Agenda – Cllr P Hemmerdinger agenda items 15 c&d – vice chair of the Trustees of the Sir John Moore Foundation

1331    Open forum for members of the public and press

1332    Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 7th March 2013 were endorsed and signed

1333    Housing needs in the Parish – Mr Richard Windley – defer due to cancellation.

1334    Appleby Magna Sports Pavilion
Mr Paul Cooper gave an overview on plans for the new club house on the recreation ground in Appleby Magna.  NWLDC Planning have a preference for the new building to be moved to a different site from the present pavilion – to be closer to the main entrance.  In the long term it is hoped that the new facility will encourage other sports to use the building and recreation area.  The architect is finalising plans ready for planning permissions, then grants will be applied for.  Mr Blunt offered to liaise with the Planning Officer to help the process.

1335    Decisions made under delegated powers – Nil
1336    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters      
Please ring 0116 2222222 or 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 to report suspicious behaviour or crimes.  Police Sergeant 531 Mark Watson,

1337    Planning Consultations
a.         13/00214/FUL, 5 Wren Close, erection of two no. two storey side extension – comment re water course and how the footpath will be maintained during building process, no objection.

1338    Planning Decisions
a.         34 St Michaels Drive, erection of single storey side and rear extension – granted.

1339    HS2 (High Speed Train) project – keep on agenda
            A meeting has been organised at LCC (Leicester County Council) with the HS2 group and attendees on 18/04/13.

1340    Appleby Magna Recreation Ground issues and concerns
a.         Representative from the Cricket Club asked if the Parish Council will pay to have the recreation ground hedge cut back – defer due to nesting season.  The ditches need radical work to be cleared, Clerk to ask Mr Ian Hamilton to meet with Cllr P Hemmerdinger and Cllr Pott on site to discuss further.  Once clearance work has been carried out, an ongoing programme of maintenance will be   put in place.

1341    Footpaths, Hedgerows, Street and Allotment Matters
a.         Snow Warden scheme – LCC has been informed that the Parish Council wishes to join the Snow Warden scheme – Clerk to chase a response.

b.         A map had been received showing all trees within the Parish with TPO’s (Tree Preservation Orders).

c.         Litter problems along Dingle Lane – defer.

d.         The kissing gate (from recreation ground to Church Road) has been damaged, Clerk to report to the Footpath Officer.

1342    Correspondence
a.         A letter has been received from Revd. Canon Vivien Elphick re the churchyard of St Michael and All Angels, Appleby Magna – the ‘live’ churchyard has about 35 spaces left, and the church has no funds with which to purchase more land.  There is no legal obligation for the Parish Council to purchase burial land.

1343    Approval of Financial Statements & Payments
a.         The payment list and bank reconciliation were reviewed and approved, RESOLVED, unanimous (payment list = 0 for this month as all payments will show after April 5th).

b.         Cllr P Hemmerdinger proposed, seconded by Cllr M Hemmerdinger, it was RESOLVED, 4 for 1 abstention, to give up to £1000.00 towards the production of a new Village Design Statement.

c.         Sir John Moore Foundation request for funding assistance towards community workshops and     printing/marketing of various community events – Cllr P Hemmerdinger withdrew from this item.        Cllr Pott proposed, seconded by Cllr M Hemmerdinger, it was RESOLVED, unanimous to donate £500.00 towards the community events.

d.         Litter picker equipment for future discussion, noted.

e.         NS&I Savings Account – requires new signatories, Cllr M Hemmerdinger proposed, seconded by Cllr Pott, it was RESOLVED, unanimous to declare new signatories for the savings account.

1344    Ideas for Written Piece – Parish News Line
a.         Street Lighting changes in the Parish in October 2013.

The meeting ended at 9.20pm

Date of next meeting:  May 2nd 2013, 7.30pm, Annual Parish Council Meeting @The Stables Community room, Sir John Moore School

Lindsay Swinfield, Clerk to the Parish Council

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