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August 2001

Minutes of a Meeting of Appleby Magna Parish Council held at the Church Hall on Thursday 2nd August 2001


Mr. K. J. Colver, Mr. J. Lewis, Miss. S. T. Liff, Mr. J. Quimby (in the Chair) and Mr. H. D. Saunders.

Apologies were received from Mrs. D. Morris.

The Chairman welcomed the newly elected County Councillor for the area Mr. S. D. Sheahan was also present at the meeting.

1228. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2001 were taken as read, confirmed and signed.

Members were informed:-

·        Minute 1209.  that the District Council had agreed works required to reduce the flooding of Duck Lake, improvement of the brook from the Post Office to Barns Heath Farm should be commenced in the near future.

·         Minute 1217.  The Highway Authority was in discussions with the owners of the adjoining land concerning the overhanging hedge on Measham Road.

1229. Urgent Items

The Chairman agreed that an invitation to the County Service and planning applications for the development of land at Westminster Industrial Estate, Measham and an extension to 24 Mawby’s Lane be taken as urgent items on the agenda.

1230. Question Time

Residents of Hillside outlined their opposition to the planning application for outline permission for the erection of a bungalow adjacent to 12 Hillside and asked for the Parish Councils support.

1231. Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests 

Mr. Lewis declared a non pecuniary interest in planning application 0100862 for the erection of an extension to 24 Mawby’s Lane.

1232. Decisions taken under delegated powers

The Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman had: -

Made observations on the following planning applications: -

Paid the following accounts:-

1233. Police Matters

There was no police presence at the meeting.   

1234. Budget and Financial Statements

That the information contained in the budget and financial statements from 1st April 2001 to 22nd July 2001 be noted.

1235. Accounts for payment

Resolved that in accordance with the recommendations of the National Association of Local and Parish Councils the Clerk’s salary be increased by 3.5% applicable from 1st April 2001 and that the following accounts be paid: -


Queensbury Shelters – supply and erect Mawby’s Lane bus shelter



E Jeffrey - July/August/September 2001 salary plus back pay



E Jeffrey – Postage/telephone/mileage expenses from 5/6/01 to 2/8/01



Chairmans allowance


1236. Insurance Policy Cover

Members were informed that the IT equipment had been included in the Parish Councils insurance cover at no extra cost.  It was agreed that the Mawby’s Lane bus shelter also included.  Additional costs will apply.

1237. Planning Applications

That the District Council be informed that the Parish Council objects to planning applications 0100762 – display of externally illuminated and non-illuminated signage (Listed Building Consent) and 0100763 – display of externally illuminated and non-illuminated signage, Black Horse Inn, 2 Top Street on the grounds that signs 4 and 6 on the submitted plans are contrary to Policy E16 of the deposited North West Leicestershire Local Plan which states that alterations to listed buildings will not be permitted which are detrimental to the special architectural or historic interest of the building.  This also applies to the style and colour of the proposed sign number one.  Guideline 65 of the adopted Village Design Statement states that light pollution should be minimised; a more subtle illumination would be more acceptable. 

That the District Council be informed that the Parish Council objects to planning application 0100797 for the erection of a single storey dwelling (outline – siting and means of access) land adjoining 12 Hillside on the grounds that it is contrary to Policy E5 and Policy E10 (4.38 (c) and 4.39) of the deposited North West Leicestershire Local Plan.  The Parish Council is also concerned that the access to the proposed dwelling is unsuitable and it would affect the amenities of nearby properties.  The application site is part of the garden of Rock House which, although not a listed building makes a significant contribution to the Conservation Area The proposal is also contrary to Guidelines 32, 43, 46 of the adopted Village Design Statement.  The Parish Council supports the objections submitted by the owners of numbers 12, 14 and 16 Hillside.

1238. Decision Notices

That it be noted that North West Leicestershire District Council has made the following decisions on planning applications:-

0100538 – change of use of building to meat preparation (B2), Unit C Jubilee Business Park, Snarestone Road - Allowed

0100391 – change of use (in part) to interpretive centre, B1 (office) use and change of use of outbuildings to community room, change of use of stable block to computer centre with landscaping and new car parking area, Sir John Moore School, Top Street - Allowed

1239. Rectory Lane Drainage

That in response to the Divisional Surveyors observations that the flooding of Rectory Lane is caused by inadequate outfall across Parish Council land he be requested to attend a site visit with representatives of the Parish Council when problems are actually taking place

1240. Boundary Fencing to the Recreation Ground

Members were informed that an estimate of £520 for10m and £1507 for 50m to supply and fit 1.8m high green plastic coated chain link fencing on galvanised and painted steel angle iron posts had been received.  .  It was agreed that the owners of 11 Bowleys Lane be informed that at the present time the Council has committed expenses and is not in a position to comply with the request for additional fencing to the rear of the property.

1241 Request for the Removal of a Tree on the Recreation Ground

Members were informed that the owner of 42 Church Street was concerned that the roots of a sycamore tree on the Recreation Ground were growing in his garden and may eventually cause damage to underground services.  Members decided that as there were no roots visible in the Recreation Ground and that the recommended planting distance from property for sycamore trees is 48.75 feet, no action be taken at the present time and that Mr. Glover be advised accordingly.

1242. Renewal of Pavilion Ground Lease

Members approved a draft lease the effect of which is, subject to conditions, to lease to the Appleby Sport and Recreation Club, for a period of twenty-one years, an area of two hundred square yards or thereabouts of land on the Recreation Ground for the purpose of retaining the pavilion erected thereon.  The lease will now be submitted to the Appleby Sport and Recreation Club for approval and signature.

1243. Road Restrictions in the Vicinity of the School

Members were informed that at a recent meeting between Governors and parents of the Sir John Moore School concern was expressed that cars parked on Top Street on the opposite side of the road to the yellow zig zag lines outside the school caused a dangerous situation for pupils leaving the school and had asked the Parish Council to request the Highway Authority to consider painting yellow zig zag lines on that side of the road.  It was agreed that representatives of the Highway Authority be requested to meet members of the Parish Council on site at 3.10 p.m. one afternoon and also that the Governors be requested to encourage parents to park carefully at all times.

1244.House for Sale Signs

The Chairman expressed his concern at the plethora of ‘For Sale’ signs appearing on highway verges around the village contrary to the Area of Special Control of Advertisements Regulations.  It was agreed that the matter be brought to the attention of the National Association of Estate Agents and that a copy of that letter be sent to the owners of properties where signs had been erected on highway verges.

1245. Siting of the AHEM Seat

It was agreed that owners of properties on Duck Lake and Black Horse Hill be asked for their observations on the Parish Council’s intention to erect the AHEM bench on Duck Lake.  Subject to no adverse comments being received permission to erect the seat on highway land be sought from the County Council.

1246. Village Design Statement

Mr. Saunders reported on his recent attendance at a Village Design Statement seminar held at the Rural Community Council.  Appleby Magna is one of only four villages in Leicestershire to have successfully completed a Village Design Statement.  It was agreed that an item be considered at the next meeting of the Parish Council to allow consideration of Guideline 55 of the VDS that the Parish Council, in co-operation with the Highway Authority, prepare a statement of style of street furniture that will encourage a coherent and appropriate style to be adopted.

1247. Community Planning – Report on District Council Meeting

Mr. Colver reported on his attendance at a recent Community Planning meeting held at Ibstock.  Concerns of villages in the southern area included the lack of adequate information on local facilities and services.  It was agreed that AHEM be requested to include additional information on local groups and shops etc in it’s welcome pack and that the Parish Council would make a financial contribution to this service if requested.

1248. Partnership Funding for Bus Shelters

Members were informed that the County Council was again making funds available for the erection of bus shelters.  It was agreed that no request be made.

1249. Periodic Electoral Review of Leicestershire

It was agreed that as the District Council did not propose to recommend any change in the Appleby Ward no comments be made on it’s recommendations to the Local Government Commission.

1250. Primary Care Trust Consultation Document

That no comment be made on the Primary Care Trust Public Consultation document fot North West Leicestershire.

1251. Trustees of the Rural Community Council

That no application be made to fill vacant posts on the Rural Community Council Trustees.

1252. Courses for Councillors and Clerks

That application be made for places on Courses for Councillors and Clerks to be held by the Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Parish and Local Councils at a cost of £10 per course.  (100736).

1253. Urgent Items

The Chairman agreed to the consideration of the following urgent items of business for the reasons set out below

1254. Invitation to the County Service

Urgent to enable a request to be made within the prescribed timescale.

Agreed that no request be made for tickets for the County Service to be held at Leicester Cathedral on 9th September.

1255. Planning Applications

Urgent to enable comments to be forwarded to the District Council within the prescribed timescale.

That no objection be made to planning application 0100868 for the erection of warehouse/ distribution building, Westminster Industrial Estate, Measham.

Mr. Lewis declared a non pecuniary interest in the following matter and left the room whilst it was being considered.  He consequently took no part in the consideration of the application or of the decision made

That no objection be made to planning application 0100862 for the erection of a two storey side extension to 24 Mawby’s Lane.


7.00 p.m. – 8.55 p.m.

2nd August 2001

Mrs. E. Jeffrey

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