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Parish Council Minutes

August 2005

Thursday 4th August 2005

Present: - Mr J Quimby – Chairman, Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman, Mrs E Jeffrey, Mr P Hemmerdinger and Mrs M Hemmerdinger

Apologies: - Mrs D. Morris

 2168    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 2nd June 2005 were read and endorsed.

 2169    Public Question Time


 2170    Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


 2171    Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


 2172    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

Payments made to: -

Planning decisions made: -

05/00941/FUL – 33 St. Michael's Drive – erection of single storey front & side ext. & conversion of existing garage to living accommodation – no objections

05/00932/FUL – 39 Top Street – insertion of rear dormer window – no objections

05/00868/AGP –Redhill Farm, Top Street – erection of agricultural building – letter of objection to NWLDC

05/00738/FUL – 17 Didcott Way – erection of two-storey side & single storey rear extension – planning site inspection – J. Quimby and K. Colver attended.  Mr Quimby discussed his concerns about the damage to trees if the above proposal is granted.  Therefore, it was decided to send a letter to NWLDC planners requesting that excavation carried out near to trees be done by hand and not machinery to avoid damage to trees and neighbouring property.

 2173    Police Matters

No police attendance.  The Chairman warned that several garden items had recently been stolen.

 2174    Presentations by Visitors


 2175    Planning Applications

05/01162/TCA - 33 Didcott Way – removal of overhanging branch to one willow tree – no objections

 2176    Planning Decision Notices

05/00660/OUT – 10 Rectory Lane – erection of one detached dwelling – refused

05/00482/LBC – Sir John Moore School – alterations & repairs to cupola & second floor window units – granted

05/00711/TCA – 1 Top Street – removal of one silver birch tree – granted

05/00807/FUL – erection of shelter – Recreation Ground – granted (order placed with Wicksteed Leisure – installation approx. 6 weeks)

05/00814/FUL – erection of detached garage block/workshop/store – 38 Church Street – refused

APP/G2435/A/05/1175293 – agricultural building extension – Redhill Farm – appeal dismissed


 2177    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 05 to 18th June 05 budget & financial statements

1st April 05 to 18th July 05 budget & financial statements


 2178    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st June to 30th June 05 - £267.00

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st July to 31st July 05 - £267.00

Karen Stirk – Expenses for May 05 - £21.44

Karen Stirk – Expenses for June 05 - £8.28 

J A Robinson – Ground Maintenance Cut 6 - £60

Karen Stirk – Reimburse cost of new printer ink cartridges - £25.98

All cheques agreed and signed.

 2179    Proposal from BT to convert Top Street payphone to cashless

It was agreed to object to the above proposal, as access to pre paid telephone cards is difficult for many villagers especially the elderly.  It is believed more residents carry cash rather than a telephone card.

 2180    Proposed Hutchison 3G Base Station at Metro Hotel, Atherstone Road

The Chairman read a letter from the above who dismissed the Parish Council's suggestion of putting the base station at the existing BT telecom tower site on Austrey Hill, if planning is granted by NWLDC.  The Parish Council agreed to send a further letter of objection querying the reasons given for not using the existing BT telecom site

2181    Update – Recreation Ground Shelter

Planning permission granted by NWLDC

Order placed with Wicksteed Leisure – installation date mid Sept 05


 2182    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line

The Parish Council agreed to put in the Parish News Line the following points: -

a) Request to villagers to send their comments about the proposed 3G base station to Hutchinson 3G UK Limited.

b) Inform villagers about recreation ground shelter installation date.

2183    Urgent Items 

(Taken as urgent to response times)

 Planning Consultations

05/01173/FUL – 10 Rectory Lane – erection of double garage extension to existing detached single garage – letter of objection about different garage roof heights to NWLDC

05/01199/FUL – Woodmans Cottage, 4 Botts Lane – erection of part single/part two-storey rear extension - letter of objection about size of proposed extension and three different roof heights to NWLDC

05/01162/TCA – 33 Didcott Way – works to two willow trees – no objections

 Alleged Unauthorised Business – Nixon's Garage, New Road

Update from NWLDC informing Parish Council that tenant of the above address has now to apply for planning permission.

 Accounts for Payment

J A Robinson – Grounds Maint. Cut no. 7 - £60

Coalville Signs – 2 x allotment signs – 32.90

J Quimby – reimburse cost chain link fencing, recreation ground play area - £59.85

All cheques agreed and signed.

 Ms K. Stirk

Clerk to the Parish Council  

5th August 2005


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