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Parish Council Minutes

August 2008

Thursday 7th August 2008

Present: - Cllr. Quimby – Chairman, Cllr. Colver -Vice Chairman, Cllr. P. Hemmerdinger, Cllr. M. Hemmerdinger

Cllr. Jeffrey, Cllr. Morris & Jon Dunkelman

Apologies: - P.C. Davis

2775    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 5th June 2008 were read and endorsed.

2776    Public Question Time

The Chairman read a letter of thanks from Marilyn Dunkelman following a presentation by the Parish Council on her recent retirement.

Jon Dunkelman gave an update about stream pollution which occurred on 4th July.  The Environment Agency and Severn Trent Water had attended the incident and believed the source possibly was from a property’s drains not being properly connected to the system.  The clerk was unable to get an update from S.T.W. and was asked to chase up their investigations.  Information had been received from Leicestershire County Council Scientific Services about testing water quality.  The Parish Council requested the clerk find out costs involved for the next meeting.

Leicestershire County Council believed Mawbys Lane overgrown hedgerow was not a problem, but the Parish Council agreed that it was completely obscuring a street light and making it difficult for high sided vehicles to use the road without contact with the hedge.  The clerk was asked to again contact L.C.C. Highways Department and was requested to contact a Hillside resident about the overgrown hedgerow on their boundary with Mawbys Lane.

2777    Declarations of Amendment to the Register of Interests - None.

2778    Declaration of Interest to Items on Agenda – None.

2779    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

Invoices paid:-

Paul Davies – Mural Workshop - £213.89

S.T.W. – Allotment Water - £90.92

J A Robinson – Grnd. Maint. Cut 4 - £60

J A Robinson – Grnd. Maint. Cuts 5 & 6 - £120

NWLDC – Ball Court Repaint - £170.38

Ken Colver – Allotment compensation rec’d from Mr Fowkes - £50

Planning consultation – 08/00684/FUL – 21 Old End – part demolition of existing outbuildings, erection of single storey ext. & insertion of roof lights to existing dwelling – no objections

2780    Visitor Presentation – None.

2781    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters

The Parish Council agreed to offer a £100 reward for information leading to a successful conviction of vandals, following recent incidents in the village.  Two youths (one wearing a grey hooded top and navy tracksuit bottoms and the other in all black) aged about 14 years old had been seen causing damage to the cricket nets on the Recreation Ground.  Also, Sir John Moore Foundation banners had been stolen from their grass verge on Friday 13th June, a new grey Peugeot car was believed to be involved. 

Following the recent pavilion break-in, it was agreed with the local police the offender carry out some manual work for the Parish Council.  The clerk was requested to confirm that the police would supervise the offender’s work.

The clerk informed the meeting the “no cold call zone” was now set up in Black Horse Hill and was progressing in Church Street, Bowleys Lane and Wren Close.

2782    Planning Consultations

08/01083/FUL – Sir John Moore C of E Primary School – erection of lightweight pavilion structure in playground – no objections but clerk to inform N.W.L.D.C. that grounds/school is a Grade 1 Listing Building.

08/00613/FUL – 11 Garton Close – erection of two storey side ext. & rear conservatory ext. (amended scheme – alterations to windows on the front elevation of the 2 storey ext.) – no objections.

2783    Planning Decision Notices

08/00730/FUL – 7 Garton Close – erection of single storey rear extension – granted


2784    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 08 to 18th June 08 & 1st April 08 to 18th July 08 – Approved.

The Parish Council agreed to purchase a new printer to replace a failing one.

It was agreed to discuss earmarking some funds for specific projects at the next meeting.  The clerk was asked to increase contingency funds to £2,500 in the next budget.

2785    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st June to 31st July 08 - £595.92

Karen Stirk – Expenses for May & June 08 - £31.46     

R.J. Denson – Erecting of chain link fencing/footpath fencing/fixing gravel boards - £275

Clement Keys – External Audit - £141

St Giles Hospice – Donation - £100 (agreed June meeting)

Leics. & Rutland Crimestoppers – Donation - £50 (agreed June meeting)

All cheques agreed and signed.

2786    Allotment Matters

It was agreed Cllr. Colver look into the cost of allotment water and to report back to the Parish Council at the next meeting. 

Mr Fowkes had paid £50 compensation to an allotment holder following spray drifting from the adjacent field.  It was agreed a letter be sent to Mr Fowkes requesting he leaves a 10m margin when spraying the field adjacent to the allotments and also inform the Parish Council when spraying is due to take place. 

It was agreed Richard Denson should carry out weed control at the bottom entrance of the allotments with Cllr. Quimby and Cllr. Colver  marking out the new access road. 

It was agreed the rabbit population was under reasonable control. 

It was agreed to discuss neglected plots at the November meeting of the Parish Council. 

The Land Registry plan of the allotment gardens was approved by the Parish Council.

2787    Footpaths & Hedgerows & Street Matters

It was agreed Bowleys Lane hedgerow was still a problem although it had been trimmed.  The clerk was requested to write to Leicestershire County Council Highways Department explaining the problems. 

The Chairman informed the meeting that Mr Denson was to carry out the work to replace the wood panels along the Church Street footpath with concrete panels.

2788    Recreation Ground Matters

It had been suggested by a resident the pavilion windows should be fitted with bars for security.  However, it was agreed this would not stop broken windows.  Therefore, it was agreed to discuss with P.C. Davis the fitting of security screens. 

The Chairman agreed to discuss with the contractor, the work to be carried out to install further land drains on the Recreation Ground.

2789    Proposed Waste Incinerator in Ibstock/Appleby Ward

(To remain on agenda until further information received)

2790    L.C.C. International Day of Older People

L.C.C. had invited nominations for a possible invitation to County Hall to celebrate the International Day of Older People.  Parish Councillors nominated John Quimby.

2791    N.W.L.D.C. Respect Challenge

It was agreed to pass the information to the Sir John Moore Foundation.

2792    Donation Requests

It was agreed to donate £50 to N.W. Leics. Citizens Advice Bureau.

2793    Problem Traffic/Parking on Top Street/Church Street

County Councillor Paul Hyde was to discuss the above issue at the next Highway’s Forum.  The clerk was asked to seek an update from Cllr. Hyde.

2794    24 Rectory Lane – Revised Boundary Approval Required

The Parish Council approved the boundary plan between the allotments and 24 Rectory Lane.

2795    Parish News Line

It was agreed to include in the article for the September Parish News Line the following:-

a) Recent vandalism details & offer of reward

b) Funds available for village initiatives

c) Congratulations to Sir John Moore Foundation on its recent successes


Ms K. Stirk (Clerk to the Parish Council)

11th August 2008



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