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December 2002

Minutes of the Meeting of Appleby Magna Parish Council held at the Church Hall on Thursday 5th December 2002.


Mr. K. J. Colver, Mr. P. Hemmerdinger, Miss S. T. Liff  and Mr. J. Quimby (in the Chair).

Apologies: Mrs D Morris and Mr J Lewis. 

1557.    Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 7th November 2002 were taken as read and duly endorsed.

1558.    Urgent Items

The Chairman agreed to take the following items as urgent business: -

1.       Westminster Development - a review.

2.       Rate relief for rural shops – an agenda item for NWLDC

3.       Changed use of warehouse at Jubilee Business Park – granted subject to forecourt conditions.

4.       Listed building consent – shutters at John Moore School - subject to detailed plans

5.       Change of bank account notifications - Responsible Financial Officer.

6.       Growing Together – a cultural strategy for NWL – Draft

7.       Measham Guides  - request for donation

8.       Church Parish notice board location.

Question time.

1559. A request was made to improve the hedge cutting adjacent to the top of St. Michael’s Drive. Notice boards etc. may not be helping the situation and LCC Highways dept will be asked to review what options there are and make recommendations.

1560. Declaration of amendments to the Register of Interests.

No such declarations were made.

1561. Declarations of interest by members of items on the Agenda

No such declarations were made.

1562. Decisions taken under delegated powers.

None taken.

1563. Police matters:-

Beat officer report - this was made by Sgt Yallop (No. 4052) of the Leicestershire Constabulary.

There has been a reduction in crime in the PC of Appleby Magna in the month to December 2002 although motor car crime is still an issue - particularly from car parks. 

There was a theft of tack from Greystones Farm. 

Two cars were broken into on the Appleby Hotel car park and there was a house burglary in Garton Close.

There was also a distraction burglary at Snarestone School and some laptops were stolen. 

There is to be a police / parishioners Crime Prevention meeting in the Church Hall on 11 December 2002 - all are invited to attend.

1564. Budget and financial statements

That the information contained in the budget and financial statements from 1st April 2002 to 22 November 2002  be noted.

1565. Accounts for payment:-

Agreed that the following accounts be paid: -

100805 Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation - laser cartridge and files     £ 35.55

100806  I.A.Nettleship (Clerk) - petty cash - 14 October to 5 December 2002. £ 79.29

1566. Planning Applications

1566.1 02/01564 Erection of Single Storey Extension at 17 Old End, Appleby Magna.

No objection registered.

1566.2 02/01562 - Erection of a single storey side and rear extension - Jubilee Cottage, 19 Snarestone Road, Appleby Magna.

No objection registered.

1567. Planning Decision Notices

It was  noted that North West Leicestershire District Council has refused  the following planning applications:-

1568.1 02/01043 - Change of use of agricultural buildings to workshop and storage at Redhill Farm, 97 Top Street  - Refused

1568.2 02/01046 -  Change of use of existing lakes to fishing lakes and existing agricultural building to retail at Redhill Farm, 97 Top Street - Refused

1568.3 02/01042 - Erection of extension to existing agricultural building at Redhill Farm, 97 Top Street - Refused

1568.4 02/01352 - External and internal alterations (LBC) at 3 Church Farm Church Street - Refused

1569. Vital Villages Grants Scheme

This is already being taken up by relevant organisations in the village and no further action is deemed necessary at this time.

1570. Provision of a photocopier / scanner / fax machine for the Parish Council.

The Parish Council does not currently have photocopy or fax facilities and hence uses commercial providers. It was proposed and accepted that quotes be obtained for a copier / fax / scanner.

1571 Road surfacing - Duck Lake, Appleby Magna.

A complaint has been received about the standard of surfacing on the highway at Duck Lake. This will be referred to the LCC Highways Department. 

1572. Replacement railings for the Recreation Ground in Appleby Magna. 

This is to be followed up by  the Parish Council with some temporary repairs being made pro tem. Quotes for new railings are being sought and should be available for the next PC meeting in February. 

1573. Recreation Ground - inspection report by Wicksteed.

An inspection report and quotation has been received for minor safety work to the children’s play area on the recreation ground. The quotation for necessary work will be taken up.  

1574. E-communications and the Parish council team.

The Clerk to the Parish Council wishes to adopt the Appleby On-line and local government policy of using e-communications wherever possible to reduce costs, save paper and speed up messaging. His e-mail address is

1575. Drop in point for communications with the Parish Council and parishioners.

It was suggested that a drop in point for articles for the Parish Council could be established in the village but councillors felt that with a good coverage of local councillors this was not necessary at this time.

1576. Best Village Competition - offer of a tree.

Due to conditions being applied to this offer it was decided not to take it up.

1577. Heritage Watch - nomination of a warden - Leicestershire C.C. initiative.

An offer of a free binder including essential information on local history, archaeology, build heritage and natural topics is to be taken up and will be circulated to relevant groups in the PC. The offer to nominate a Heritage Warden will be held pending the next PC meeting.

1578. Urgent Items

The Chairman agreed to take the following matters as urgent items:-

1579. Westminster Development - this planning application was reviewed and no action was deemed necessary.

1580. Rate relief for rural shops. This was considered to be implemented in the Parish and hence no additional action is necessary.

1581. Planning application - change of use of warehouse at Jubilee Business Park - this was not objected to due to the proposed parking conditions.

1582. Listed Buiding Consent - shutters on The Sir John Moore School - no objections were raised.

1583. Change of Parish Council account address to the new responsible financial officer - this was approved and duly signed.

1584. Growing Together - A Cultural Strategy for NWL - this was noted and no action was deemed necessary.

1585. Measham Guides - request for financial assistance - the PC declined the offer

1586. Parish Notice Board located in the Parish Church grounds. It was suggested that this is located in a situation that was inconvenient and the PC undertook to review it’s location.


Ian Nettleship, Clerk to the Parish Council

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