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Parish Council Minutes

December 2003

Appleby Magna Parish Council Meeting – Minutes

Thursday 4th December 2003

Present :-  

Mr J Quimby – Chairman
Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman
Mr P Hemmerdinger
Mrs M Hemmerdinger
Mrs E Jeffrey 
Mrs D Morris 

Present :-

Brian Tomlinson
Vice Chairman
Bank of Ireland

Christine James
Senior Planning Officer

1777            Minutes 

Minutes of meeting held 6th November 2003 read and endorsed.

1778            Question Time

No questions were raised.

1779            Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


 1780            Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


 1781            Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers


1782    Police Matters

No beat officer was present.  John Quimby informed the council that an armed robbery had taken place at the Total garage near to junction 11 of the A42/A444 during a routine delivery.

1783    Bank of Ireland

Brian Tomlinson gave a presentation on the benefits for the parish council using the Bank of Ireland.  The councillors agreed that the current account be moved to the Bank of Ireland because the account will be accessed at the village post office and a higher interest rate was offered plus other benefits.

1784    Estate Agents' Boards

Christine James (Senior Planning Enforcement Officer N.W.L.D.C.) gave a presentation on general planning and informed the parish council on the legal positioning of estate agents' boards as laid down in 'The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992'.

1785            Planning Applications

03/01843/LBC works to floor finishes – The Old Rectory, 55 Rectory Lane – no objections

1786            Planning Decision Notices

03/01318/FUL conversion of outbuilding into self contained single storey residential annex – 33 Church Street – granted

03/01651/FUL erection of single storey rear extension to form conservatory – 12 Didcott Way – granted

03/01573/TPO removal of branches to a beech tree – 32 Mawbys Lane - granted           

1787             Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

The budget and financial statements from 1st April to 22nd November 2003 were noted and accepted. 

1788            Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st November to 30th November 2003 - £257.08

Karen Stirk – Expenses for October 2003 - £17.26

Mr J A Robinson, Chilcote Garden Services - £55.00

Wicksteed Leisure – Annual Safety inspection - £35.25

1st Measham Guides – Donation - £25

All cheques agreed and signed.

1789     N.W.L.D.C.  Proposed Town / Parish Charter

The draft Parish Charter was noted.  Letter to be sent to Mr P Ellis N.W.L.D.C. with two queries. Firstly the draft document states that the Parish Council can complain if the N.W.L.D.C. does not respond to a request for information or fails to consult – but the draft does not state to whom or where the complaint should be made. Secondly, N.W.L.D.C. request that the parish notify them of the precept by 31st January.  The District Council does not inform the parish of their council tax base until December, following which the Parish Council has to discuss and agree the precept at the next meeting held at the beginning of February.

1790     Leicestershire & Rutland Victim Support

A request from the above for financial assistance was discussed and it was agreed to donate £25.

1791            Mature Beech Tree – Closed Graveyard

The L.C.C. SHIRES grant scheme will not give a grant towards the cost of felling or replacing the tree.  Applications to N.W.L.D.C. are currently being completed to dismantle mature beech and reduce some branches of the mature lime tree.  It may be possible to keep the stump of the mature beech for a wood sculpture whilst possible replacement tree grows, this is being considered.  A letter to be sent to the Church Council keeping them informed of the progress and requesting possible financial assistance.

1792     Wicksteed Leisure – Play Ground Equipment

It has been agreed that new chains and shackles are required for the swings and that the slide be repainted.  Quotation to be obtained for the above works plus a self closing gate to the fenced off area.          

1793    West to East Midlands Multi Modal Study

Letter to be sent to Councillor Gordon Tacey who chairs the Rail Partnership, expressing the Parish Council's support for the reinstatement of the Ivanhoe Railway line which would benefit local villages. (Copy to Mr G Box with our thanks.)           

1794     Appleby Magna Cricket Club

It was agreed that the Parish Council raise a cheque for £593.53 for the Appleby Magna Cricket Club to cover the cost of maintaining the recreation ground for the year 2002.

1795     N.W.L.D.C. Holocaust Memorial Day

It was agreed that posters be displayed for the above on the parish notice boards.  An invitation to Holocaust Memorial Day was declined.

1796    Ashby de la Zouch Town Centre Enhancement Project

Noted and no comments.

1797            Leicestershire & Rutland Association of Parish & Local Councils

Letter to be sent to Mr R Simpson, County Secretary of the above association, expressing our support for their future.

1798     N.W.L.D.C. Invitation to Carol Service at Staunton Harold

Invitation was declined.

1799    Letter from N.W.L.D.C.  – The Old Rectory, Rectory Lane

Proposed retention of works was noted.             

1800            Renewal of Membership – Society of Local Council Clerks

          It was agreed to raise cheque for £72 renewal of 2004 membership.

1801            A.P.L.C. County Training Partnership

It was agreed that training for the clerk, possibly in January should be sourced from the A.P.L.C.  Also, to advise the A.P.L.C. to contact the individual parishes when training is to be held locally.

1802    Letter received from Mr M Wicks – Treasurer of St. Michaels Church

A request for financial assistance towards lawn mowing churchyard areas was received from the above and it was agreed that the parish contribute £400.  Clerk to seek a quotation for mowing the closed churchyard if included with existing mowing contract. 

1803            Developments in the Village

It was agreed that the Parish Council consider the possibility of a teenage shelter when the budget is discussed in the February. 

1804    Parish News Line

It was agreed that the item for the Parish News Line inform residents where estate agents' boards can be legally positioned when selling their property.

1805    Letter from Heritage Centre – Donation Request

(Taken as an urgent item due to setting of next year's budget)

It was agreed that the Parish Council should support the Heritage Centre. Therefore it will be presented in the proposed budget for the next financial year.

1806            Planning Application (Taken as urgent due to response time)

03/01906/FUL erection of two storey side extension – 3 Moore Close – no objections

Ms K Stirk - Clerk to the Parish Council - 08.12.03

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