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Parish Council Minutes

February 2004

Present :-  

Mr J Quimby –Chairman 
Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman
Mr P Hemmerdinger 
Mrs M Hemmerdinger
Mrs D Morris  
County Councillor  Sheahan

Apologies :-
Mrs E Jeffrey
Sergeant P Harrison

1807            Minutes 

Minutes of meeting held 4th December 2003 read and endorsed.

1808            Question Time

Residents raised the following issues:
Vandalism at the church – it was agreed to contact Sergeant Harrison for advice, include the Crimestoppers telephone number in Parish Newsline (where information can be left anonymously) and write to Parochial Council for their views.
Parking on grass verges near Sir John Moore School – it was agreed to request parents collecting & delivering children not to park on verges by letter to school governors and request included in Parish Newsline.
Bonfires causing problems for neighbours & request for preschool play equipment on recreation ground – support information passed to the Parish Council who will discuss as agenda items during next meeting.

1809            Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests

K Colver to complete 'Changes to Register of Interests' form.

1810            Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


1811            Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

03/01930/FUL erection of conservatory – 28 St. Michael's Drive – no objections

03/01987/LBC replacement single glazed timber windows – The Old Rectory,

55 Rectory Lane – no objections

Severn Trent Water Limited – Rectory lane Allotments - £31.05 - paid

December 2003 the notice of conclusion of audit and right to inspect Annual Return put on notice board as legally required

All agreed.           

1812    Police Matters

No officer present. 

1813    Planning Applications

04/00084/FUL erection of single storey extension to house ATM machine – Fina Petrol Station, Atherstone Road – no objections

04/00086/FUL erection of part two storey, part single storey side & rear extension – Lavender Cottage, 14 Rectory Lane – objection to use of rendered block work letter to NWLDC

04/00103/FUL erection of detached single storey building to form double garage, workshop & stable/garden store - Jasmine Cottage, 24 Snarestone Road – no objections

04/00100/RET cont. use for keeping dogs, erection of 2 kennels, 4 dog runs & access gates & replacement & repositioning of fences – The Old Rectory, 55 Rectory Lane –

worries about number of dogs kept & quantity of retrospective planning consultations letter to NWLDC

1814            Planning Decision Notices

03/01676/FUL demolish existing single storey dwelling & erection of two storey dwelling – Nixons Garage, New Road – refused

03/01752/FUL retention works in relation to conversion of outbuildings to office accommodation – The Old Rectory, 55 Rectory Lane – refused

03/01753/LBC retention of external alterations to outbuildings - The Old Rectory,

55 Rectory Lane – refused

03/01843/LBC works to floor finishes to interior – The Old Rectory, 55 Rectory Lane - granted

03/01906/FUL erection of two storey side extension – 3 Moore Close – granted

03/01930/FUL erection of conservatory – 28 St. Michael's Drive – granted           

1815             Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

The budget and financial statements from 1st April to 22nd December & 1st April to 22 January 2004 were noted and accepted. 

1816            Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st December to 31st December 2003 - £257.08

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st January to 31st January 2004 - £257.08

Karen Stirk – Expenses for November 2003 - £15.21

Karen Stirk – Expenses for December 2003 - £9.93

Hacker Young – Audit of Annual Return 31st March 2003 - £141.00

All cheques agreed and signed.

1817    Letter Received from a Resident

Problem of cricket balls travelling beyond recreation ground boundary into garden, resident requested a safety screen/nets.  It was agreed to obtain a risk assessment, estimates for nets, investigate funding and contact NWLDC for advice.  Appleby Magna Cricket Club also seeking advice & information. Item to be on March agenda.

1818    Letter from L.C.C. – Highways Defect Reporting Line

Roadline Freephone poster to be displayed on notice board.  Councillors to report broken street lights.

1819            Criminal Justice & Police Act 2001

Alcohol Consumption in Public Places – Measham – no comment.

1820            Register of Electors 2004

Clerk to obtain copy for Vice Chairman.

1821    Dog Fouling Leaflets

It was agreed to contribute £40 to Trustees of Sir John Moore School Foundation to cover printing costs of the leaflets.

1822            LRAPLC Training Initiative 2004 – First Quarter Programme

Approval given for clerk to attend ½ day training course. 

1823    Letter received from Phil Ellis – Parish Liaison Officer NWLDC         

Planning training & councillor I.D. cards – it was agreed that these are not necessary.

1824    Letter received from Campaign to Protect Rural England

Letter of support for 'Campaign to Protect Rural England' to Minister for Housing & Planning.

1825    Works to Mature Beech Tree & Lime Tree in Churchyard

Permission given by NWLDC for works to above trees. Final quotes to be obtained, incl. possible road closure & details of any interested tree sculptors.

1826    Bank of Ireland – Application Form

Signatories' identification documents were supplied and councillors completing change of bank account form.

1827            Wicksteed Leisure Quotation for Works to Play Equipment

Works to swings, slide and gate on recreation ground to be booked for April 2004.

1828    Letter received from Macmillan Cancer Relief

Donation of £25 agreed with a further donation in next financial year.

1829    Letter received from NWLDC – Code of Conduct

No comments.

1830    Letter received from NWLDC – Draft Guidance for Car Boot Sales

No comments.

1831            Estimated Budget for 2004/5 & Estimated Precept for 2004/5

It was agreed a precept of £10,500 required for 2004/5. Revised budget as agenda item for March meeting. Letters to AMCC & AMFC  referring to use of yearly donations.  

1832    Letter received from NWLDC – Sports Forum

Questionnaire to be completed by K Colver.

1833            Chilcote Garden Services Quotation for Churchyard Maintenance

Noted but not taken.

1834    N.W. Leicestershire Partnership in Safer Communities - Mobile CCTV Initiative 

It was agreed to actively pursue the offer of CCTV to combat vandalism in the village.  Inform villagers in the Parish Newsline.

1835    L.C.C. Proposed Speed Limit Amendments A444 – A42 to A5

Letter to be sent to L.C.C. requesting a review of signs for hotel & services at motorway junction 11. Copy letter to County Councillor Sheahan.

1836            Forward with Leicestershire Aggregates Grants

Clerk to obtain further information of grants for play equipment.

1837    Letter received from Menphys Appeals Office

It was agreed that an A4 poster for the above could be posted on notice boards when supplied.

1838            N.W.L.D.C. Request to Display Poster

It was agreed that Youth Trust Flagship Event poster be displayed on notice board.

1839            Meeting of North West Branch APLC - 17th February 2004

No takers.

1840            Developments in the Village

Teenage shelters / preschool play equipment to be discussed at March meeting.          

          1841    Parish Newsline 

          It was agreed to include the following in the next Parish Newsline - Crimestoppers details, problem of parking on verges, possible mobile CCTV to combat vandalism and details on next Parish Council meetings.  

1842    Litter in Village Lay-Bys – Letter of Complaint from Resident

(taken as urgent item to give acceptable response time)
Letter to NWLDC requesting bins emptied more frequently & rubbish cleared & reply to resident.

1843            Planning Application

(taken as urgent due to response time)
04/00172/AGP erection of agricultural building – Upper Rectory Farm, Snarestone Road – no objections

1844    Audit Commission Questionnaire – N.W.L.D.C. – Survey of Town & Parish Councils

(taken as urgent due to response time)
No comments due to return deadline.

Ms K Stirk  
Clerk to the Parish Council  

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