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Parish Council Minutes

February 2010

Thursday 4th February 2010, 7.30pm, Sir John Moore Community Building Appleby Magna

Present: - Cllrs J Quimby (Chair), P Hemmerdinger, K Colver, D Morris
Clerk Mrs Lindsay Swinfield, PC Davis & PCSO Bennett
Member of the public, Mr Pott

Apologies: - Cllrs E Jeffrey, M Hemmerdinger

Open forum for members of the public and press

Mr Barrie McGill and colleague from the Junction 11 Youth Forum gave a very interesting talk on the J11 project.  Key aims and objectives of the project include extending the services offered, for now, within the confines of North West Leicester.  The project (named White Hawk) carries a strong youth voice, with 4 main objectives:

  1. bus service or transport (starts March 10th);
  2. power walking scheme in Measham;
  3. band night events;
  4. community event with elderly people – integration within Measham

Will the project encourage areas of Leicester to join in?  Leicester County Youth Service is based in Measham – will reach out eventually.
What do you want from Appleby Magna Parish Council?  At this time, a letter of support will be appreciated; this will be provided.

Council thanked Mr McGill and Ed, who left the meeting.

1001    Declaration of Interest to Items on Agenda - None

1002    Declarations of Amendment to the Register of Interests – None

1003    Minutes
Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 3rd December 2009 were endorsed and signed.

1004    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers - Nil

1005    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters
PC Davis gave an update on Cold Calling Zones - the signage has been installed on Top Street, more signage will be installed and information packs have been distributed by the Police – spare packs are available.  The area has been quiet re crime; a Crime Prevention initiative is planned for the Summer.  Funding has been obtained for shed and garden building locks – these can be obtained from Coalville Police Station.  An incident involving youths in Mawby’s Lane is under investigation.  A recruitment scheme for Neighbourhood Watch is to be actioned.

1006    Planning Consultations
09/01182/FUL – The Paddocks Bowleys Lane, proposed rear extension and detached single storey outbuilding – previously reviewed.  No objection.
10/00012/TCA – The Moat House, 29 Mawbys Lane, works to 5 trees, unprotected within a Conservation area.  No objection.
10/00036/ZZZ – Land adj 75 Parkfield Crescent, provision of 1 window unit to serve lounges to properties in plots 1, 3, 4 (non material amendment).  No objection.

1007    Planning Decision Notices
12 Top Street, installation of replacement timber windows and doors – Listed Building Consent.  Granted.
25 Botts Lane, alterations & extensions to form a two-storey dwelling.  Granted.
27 Black Horse Hill, erection of lounge/kitchen extension.  Granted.
28 Black Horse Hill, change of use for keeping of horses, construction of stable block.  Granted.
The Paddocks, Bowleys Lane, proposed rear extension and detached single storey outbuilding.  Granted.

1008    Allotment Matters
a. Allotment rents have been collected; Clerk to contact those who haven’t paid.

b. Some allotment holders wish to relinquish their plot(s) – decisions were made re distribution of said plots – Clerk to write with details.

c. General allotment matters were discussed and decisions made – Clerk to respond to requests.

d. Allotment Society initiation – deferred.

e. Bottom entrance resurfacing – discussed, all in hand.

f. Cllr Colver has trawled through archive minutes re the tenancy for the allotment field (area of approximately 7.43 acres), however no formal agreement can be found.  Clerk to contact Fisher German (B-O-Trent), Agricultural Agents to ask for assistance – they may be able to supply new plans showing the field (available via Land Registry).  Clerk to invite a representative from Fisher German to a future PC meeting; following results from this liaison, Clerk to write to John Crane of Crane & Walton Solicitors (Ashby), requesting sight of any relevant legal documents that may help to finally resolve this issue.  All agreed.  Members thanked Cllr Colver for the time and effort put into this matter.

1009    Footpaths, Hedgerows & Street Matters
a.  Rectory Lane/Church Street replacement tree – the Clerk had contacted LCC (Mr Nick Fell) who visited the site and reported that LCC had not agreed to plant a tree on this site; however he would look into the matter and report back on suitable sites.  The Clerk had requested this in writing.

b. Village sculpture – defer to September for discussion.

1010    Recreation Ground Matters
a. Following the Shire grant award for a new toddler swing, Cllrs Quimby and Hemmerdinger, the Clerk and a representative from Wicksteed had visited the site and clarified where the swing would be installed; the bench will need to be moved to accommodate the new swing – Cllr Colver to speak to Mr Denson re moving the bench.  The Clerk to order red paint and find someone to paint the existing swings (£250.00 maximum to be paid for labour).

b. The Clerk reported that the new Biffa grant application process had now been released and the PC application was ready to be sent.  All agreed.

c. Parish notice board – Cllr Morris proposed, seconded by Cllr Hemmerdinger, it was RESOLVED, unanimous:
‘Subject to the right measurements, the quote of £480.00 for a new notice board be accepted.’  Cllr Quimby to inform Mr Massey.  Cllr Colver to ask Mr Denson to remove the old notice board from the Church.  All agreed.

1011    Correspondence
a. NWLDC Scrutiny examination of River Mease water quality – impact on development.  Noted.

b. LCC Partnership funding for rural bus shelters.  Noted.

c. LCC Consultation on the transfer of 10 LCC residential care homes.  Noted.

d. Flood Warden for the Parish – NWLDC is looking for a replacement.

e. Stone Pit Charity – apparently the Charity has closed status and was removed from the Charity Commission website from 16/09/09.  The Clerk to contact all three Charity Commissions and contact the Land Registry (plot 275) to find out reasons for closure, and future prospects.

1012    Approval of Budget And Financial Statements
a. 1st April 09 to 18th January 2010, approved.

b. Approve Budget and Precept for 2010/11, subject to Other Expenditure amendment, Village Developments to £1,000, approved.  Cllr Hemmerdinger proposed, seconded by Cllr Morris, to levy a Precept of £14,000.  This was amended by Cllr Colver who proposed, seconded by Cllr Quimby, it was RESOLVED, unanimous:
‘to approve a 2010 budget of £15,425.00, with a Precept of £13,500 for the Parish.’          
Clerk to inform NWLDC.

c. Earmarked funds to include £200.00 for the Lunch Club.  All agreed.

1013    Accounts For Payment – cheque list approved and signed

Cllr Morris declared a personal interest in item 1014

1014    Youth Group, S137 application for financial assistance with drama, art, music etc., projects.  Cllr Hemmerdinger proposed, seconded by Cllr Colver, it was RESOLVED, unanimous to donate £500.00 under S137.   

Cricket Club Pavilion repair request, following discussion members unanimously agreed to defer this matter to the March PC meeting.

Cricket Club tractor repair request, defer to the March PC meeting.
1015    Ideas for written piece – Parish News Line
a. Shed security alarm padlocks available from Coalville Police Station.
b. Junction 11 support article.
c. Request residents cut back hedges that overhang public footpaths by end of February before bird nesting begins.
1016    Urgent Items
a. Affordable housing – there will be an informal celebratory ceremony on site at 2pm on Wednesday 24th February 2010.          

The meeting ended at 9.45 pm

Date of next meeting: 4th March 2010 7.30pm, The Stables Community room, Sir John Moore School. 

Lindsay Swinfield (Clerk to the Parish Council)               

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