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January 2001

Minutes of a meeting of Appleby Magna Parish Council held at the Church Hall on Thursday 4th January, 2001

Mr. K. J. Colver, Mr. J. M. Lewis, Miss. S. T. Liff, Mrs. D. Morris, Mr. J. Quimby (in the Chair) and Mr. H. D. Saunders.

1119. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd November, 2000 were taken as read, confirmed and signed subject to the clarification that in minute 1104 the application for a Provisional Justices’ Licence had been amended from a full licence to one for residential and restaurant purposes only.

1120. Urgent Item

The Chairman informed members that he had agreed to take as urgent business a planning application for 3 dwellings at Garton Close, the subscription renewal to the Society of Local Council Clerks, a rural transport initiative scheme and an invitation to attend a Holocaust Remembrance Day.

1121. Question Time

District Councillor Richard Blunt informed the meeting that he had made representations to officers of the District Council concerning the lack of progress in improvements to the brook course in the vicinity of the Post Office.  He understands that consultants have now been instructed to investigate the work required to provide a culvert.  Members referred to other sites in the village which are affected by flooding including Church Street near to The Charter House, the A444 at Appleby Parva, Austrey Lane and Rectory Lane.  The Clerk was asked to write to the District Council requesting a copy of the drainage system associated with the development of Hotel Metro and to ask planning officers to inspect the run off of water from the site into Rectory Lane.

Mr. Blunt also referred to the most recent planning application for development at Garton Close which includes the amended siting of 2 properties due to the company not adhering to current permissions.  He also referred to an inquiry held recently on the siting of holiday homes at the Lonely Lion public house at Snarestone where the Inspector appeared to take a very informal stance and to allow all parties to address matters not normally allowed at such sittings.

1122. Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests 

Mr. Colver declared a non pecuniary interest in the item regarding a vehicle operating centre on Top Street, Mrs. Morris and Mr. Quimby declared a non pecuniary interest and Mr. Lewis a pecuniary interest in the budget item regarding contributions to the Sir. John Moore School.

1123. Decisions taken under Delegated Powers

Members were informed that the Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman, had :-

Made observations on planning applications 001094 – Internal and external alterations to school building (listed building consent), Sir John Moore School and 001123 – Display of free standing illuminated advertisement signs, Hotel Metro

The payment of accounts from Crane and Walton for Land Transfer (100706), ESPO for Stationery (100707) and a Golden Wedding Bouquet for Mr. And Mrs. Smith at 17 Church Street (100708)

Made enquiries regarding a vehicle operating centre, Top Street  (It was agreed that a letter be forwarded to Mr. Bowen of 43 Top Street explaining that complaints had been received concerning his parking of large vehicles on the property without the appropriate authority).

1124. Police Matters

Presentation by beat officer

There was no police presence at the meeting.
The Clerk was asked to write to Superintendent Worthington requesting his observations regarding the videotapes of suspicious characters at the Appleby Filling Station not being collected until 3 weeks after the theft of a car from the Appleby Inn car park.

North Area Police Consultative Committee

Mr. Saunders, and in his absence Mr. Quimby, agreed to attend the next meeting of the North Area Police Consultative Committee to be held at Coalville on 23rd April, 2001.

1125. Adoption of Standing Orders

Agreed that consideration of the adoption of standing orders be deferred to the next meeting of the Council.

1126 Budget and Financial Statements

That the information contained in the budget and financial statements from 1st April 2000 to 12th December 2000 be noted.

1127. Accounts for payment

Agreed that the following accounts be paid:-


Parochial Church Council

Churchyard mowing



Severn Trent

Allotment water 



Mrs. E. Jeffrey

Jan/Feb/March 2001 salary



Mrs. E. Jeffrey

Petty cash


1128. 2001/2002 Budget and Precept

Mrs. Morris and Mr. Quimby declared a non-pecuniary interest and Mr. Lewis a pecuniary interest in the budget item regarding contributions to the Sir. John Moore School upon which they did not vote.

With the consent of the meeting, Ms. K. Phipps and Mr. F. Steward the Councils representatives on the Sir. John Moore Appeal Fund Joint Management Committee presented a report requesting that the Parish Council make a financial contribution of £5,000 over a two year period towards the deficit of £30,000 for the refurbishment of the school.  A copy of the report is filed with these minutes.

It was moved, seconded and carried that £2,500 be earmarked in the budget as a donation to the refurbishment of the Sir. John Moore School. It was agreed that £2,500 be included in the 2002/2003 budget as a contribution towards the refurbishment of the school.

It was also agreed that an item be published in the Parish News Line informing parishioners of these decisions.

It was moved by Mr. Saunders, seconded and carried that the following budget be approved and a precept of £8,000 be set for the year ending 31st March, 2002.  .

A.Estimated Balances  at 01.01.2001








Petty Cash




Post Office




Current Account




B. Transactions




Estimated Receipts for 2001/2002







Stonepit Close Rent




Allotment rents












Total Estimated Income




Estimated Payments in 2000/2001




Clerks salary




Admin (post/room rent/chairman)












Allotment Water




Recreation Ground












Churchyard mowing




Maintenance of play areas




Donation to school








Total Estimated Expenditure








C.Estimated Balances at 31.3.2002




1129. Decision Notices

That it be noted that North West Leicestershire District Council has determined the under mentioned planning applications: -

000858 – variation of agricultural occupancy condition attached to planning permission to allow occupancy in association with equestrian activity, Blythe Park, Snarestone Road. - Allowed

000851 – removal of agricultural occupancy condition attached to planning permission, Blythe Park, Snarestone Road.  Refused.

1130. Village Design Statement

It was agreed that any surplus funding held by the Village Design Statement Team be transferred to the Parish Council for safe keeping towards any future reprinting or redrafting of the Village Design Statement booklet.

1131. N.W. Leicestershire Local Plan Monitoring Report 1991-2000

The receipt of the North West Leicestershire Local Plan Monitoring Report 1991-2000 was noted.

1132. Rural White Paper

The receipt of the Rural White Paper – Our countryside the future.  A fair deal for rural England was noted.  It was agreed that Council representatives attend any meetings of Parish Councils arranged by the District Council to consider the contents of the document and its implications for the Council.

1133. Bus Shelter Mawby’s Lane

Members were informed that the County Council is prepared to provide partnership funding towards the cost of erection of a replacement bus shelter in Mawby’s Lane.  Additional funding has also been requested from the Coalfields Rural Initiative Fund.
It was agreed:-

1134. Tree Planting and provision of seat, Didcott Way

Members were informed that the grassed play areas off Didcott Way had been legally transferred from David Wilson Homes to the Council.
Members were also informed that the WI/CPRE had agreed to make a donation of £50 towards the cost of this project and that the ALE Club would also be considering assisting the project at its meeting next week.

1135. Recreation Ground Car Parking

Members were informed that the Sport and Recreation Club had approached the Highway Authority regarding a suitable plan for car parking on the Recreation Ground and appropriate access/egress.  A copy of the plan which included moving part of the play area fencing was available for inspection.  The matter was to be considered by the Sport and Recreation Club Committee later this month.

1136. Ken Chamberlain Environmental Awards

Members were informed of details of the Ken Chamberlain Environmental Awards where groups and individuals could be  nominated for monthly and annual awards.

1137. Urgent Items

The Chairman agreed to the consideration of the following urgent items of business for the reasons stated below.

1138. Planning Application, Garton Close

Urgent in view of the time limit on the submission of comments.
That an objection be submitted to application 001176 for the erection of one dwelling and retention of two dwellings (amended plans) plots 14, 15 and 16 Garton Close.  The Planning Authority be informed that this application to amend plans to accord with unauthorised development is typical of the development company’s disregard for planning legislation and should be refused.

1139. Society of Local Council Clerks Subscription

Urgent in view of the need to renew the subscription as soon as possible. Agreed that the subscription to the Society of Local Council Clerks be renewed for 2001 at a cost of £43 (100713)

1140. Rural Transport Initiative Scheme

Urgent to allow any improvements in the village bus service to be initiated as soon as possible.

That a representative of the Council for Voluntary Service be invited to the Annual Parish Meeting on Thursday 5th April to talk to parishioners on options for improved bus/taxi/minibus services for the village.

1141. Holocaust Remembrance Day

 Urgent in view of the date of the event. Members were informed of an invitation from the Chairman of the District Council, Councillor Jim Roberts, to attend a service to commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day at Coalville on 27th January.

7.00 p.m. – 9.05 p.m.
4th January, 2001
Mrs. E. Jeffrey

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