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Parish Council Minutes

June 2004

Thursday 3rd June 2004

Present: -                                                                    

Mr J Quimby – Chairman, Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman, 
Mrs D Morris,
Councillor S Sheahan, Mr C Felts – Midland Rural Housing. 

Apologies: - Mrs E Jeffrey, Mr P Hemmerdinger, Mrs M Hemmerdinger, Sergeant P Harrison, Steve A.M.C.C.

1925            Minutes 

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council meeting held 6th May 2004 read, to be endorsed at the next Annual Parish Council meeting.  

1926            Question Time


 1927            Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


 1928            Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda

Mr Quimby and Mrs Morris declared an interest in the agenda item – Midsummer Evening Concert at Sir John Moore School – parking concerns.

1929            Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

Further to councillors viewing site, letter sent to NWLDC with concerns/objections to planning applications – 04/00674/FUL & 04/00676/FUL - Nixon's Garage, New Road   

1930    Police Matters

Sergeant P Harrison sent his apologies.  The councillors expressed their concerns that speeding was responsible for the recent numerous serious traffic accidents in the area. 

1931            Planning Applications

04/00761/FUL – erection of single storey extension to form conservatory – The Grange, 40 Measham Road – no objections

1932            Planning Decision Notices

04/00491/FUL – erection of single storey rear extension – The Elms, 23 Bowley's Lane – granted

04/00469/FUL – erection of single storey rear extension – 237 Tamworth Road – granted

04/00552/FUL – change of use of warehouse to industrial – Barns Heath farm, Snarestone Road – refused


1933             Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 04 to 22nd May 04 budget & financial statements. Noted and approved.

1934            Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st May to 31st May 2004 - £267.00

Karen Stirk – Expenses for April 2004 - £16.40

Chilcote Garden Services – Grnd. Maint cuts 2 &3  - £110.00

K & D Group – 1st phase cricket net structure - £2,203.13

Leicestershire County Council – Street lighting recharge - £25.94

All cheques agreed and signed.

1935    Local Housing Needs in Appleby Magna

Craig Felts representing Midlands Rural Housing (MRH) gave a presentation on meeting local housing needs.  Mr Felts informed the councillors that MRH is working with North West Leicestershire District Council to identify if the housing needs of local people are being met. It was agreed to take the first step of undertaking a Housing Needs Survey, which would give a true picture of the current situation and identify whether or not the village has a shortage of affordable housing for local people.  County Councillor Sheahan supported the initial survey. The survey results would be supplied to the Parish Council and the District Council.  Parish Councillors agreed to visit a MRH project in Sheepy Magna.  The Chairman thanked Mr Felts and looked forward to the survey results.                     

1936    Letter received from N.W. Leicestershire Council for Voluntary Service 

The Council for Voluntary Service would like to identify if there is a need for community transport services in rural communities where residents have difficulty in travelling.  The councillors agreed that this item be included in the July Parish News Line and a copy of the letter be passed to Mr G Box.

1937            Leicestershire & Rutland Playing Fields Association

Invitation was received to attend a playgrounds inspection training course on June 15th / June 29th.  Unfortunately, these dates were not suitable for the councillors but clerk to send letter-requesting information on any future dates.

1938            Leicestershire Rural Partnership

Invitation was received to attend the Annual Conference on 8th July at Loughborough University. Noted by councillors.

1939    North West Leicestershire Citizens Advice Bureau

Invitation was received to attend the Annual General Meeting on 23rd June at the Springboard Centre, Coalville. Noted by councillors.

1940            Invitation from Chairman of N.W.L.D.C. 

Invitation received to attend a Wine & Cheese Evening to launch County Air Ambulance Appeal.  Parish clerk to send letter of apology as date not suitable.

1941    Pre School Play Equipment for Recreation Ground

Quotations were discussed for a springer and wooden train.  It was agreed that the clerk seeks funding and further investigation into alternative equipment. This item to be on August agenda.

1942            Nuisance Bonfires

It was agreed that the recent article in the Parish News Line was sufficient to advice residents.

1943            Community Woodland Creation at Heather Quarry

It was agreed to send a letter of support for the above project.           

1944    Play Area Fencing on Recreation Ground

It was agreed that the company who did the original fencing be asked to quote for the necessary repairs.

1945            Didcott Way Fencing

Quotations were discussed for the replacement railings on Didcott Way, the clerk to obtain some clarification before a decision is reached.  Also letter of dissatisfaction to be sent to David Wilson Homes (copies to Mr R Blunt and N.W.L.D.C.) about the poor state of the fence when the Parish Council had to take ownership.  The Parish Council has raised £1,000 towards the cost of replacement and request that David Wilson Homes may wish to contribute to the upkeep of these imposed designated areas.

1946            Council Appointments to Outside Bodies

Letter received from Mr Saunders about the future appointment of Trustee to the Almshouses.  Noted by the Parish Council.

1947            Midsummer Evening Concert at Sir John Moore School

A request was received from Mrs Morris – that for the above event part of the recreation ground be used for supplementary parking.  It was agreed to use part of the recreation ground if there wasn't a cricket match on the same date.

1948            Cricket Net Safety Structure

The clerk informed the council that progress was being made in applying for planning permission for phase two of the structure. 

1949    Parish News Line

It was agreed to include a request for an archaeological warden. 

Also details of North West Leicestershire Council for Voluntary Services who would like to identify if there is a need for community transport services where residents have difficulty in travelling.

Finally, to inform residents of the forthcoming survey to identify if there is a shortage of affordable housing for local people.

1950    Urgent Items

(Taken as urgent due to response times)

Planning application 04/00885/FUL – erection of single storey rear extension - Spring Cottage, 30 Bowley's Lane – no objections but letter to request that materials match the existing.

Audit year-end 31st March 2004 -Annual Return signed, also public notice completed and posted on notice board.  Internal auditor Mrs L Smith cheque - £50 signed. 

Invitation from C.P.R.E. – Annual General Meeting - Wednesday 23rd June 


Ms K. Stirk 

Clerk to the Parish Council 
5th June 2004


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