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June 2008

Thursday 5th June 2008

Present: - Cllr. Quimby – Chairman, Cllr. Colver -Vice Chairman, Cllr. P. Hemmerdinger  & Cllr. M. Hemmerdinger

P.C.S.O. 6643, County Councillor Paul Hyde and Lucy Layland (resident) 

Apologies: - Cllr. Jeffrey, Cllr. Morris & P.C. Davis

 2753    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 1st May 2008 were read and endorsed.

 2754    Public Question Time

Miss Layland asked the Parish Council for the reasons behind the proposed one way system on Top Street (from Wren Close to Church Street / Top Street junction).  She believed it was a drastic action to take when the dangerous parking only occurred at school drop off and collection times.  Cllr. Quimby stated the one way system had been turned down twice by L.C.C. Highways Department but the Parish Council still supported the one way system because the Sir John Moore Foundation was a public venue used throughout the day and evening.  Cllr. Paul Hemmerdinger said the extra passing traffic on the narrow lanes had destroyed the grass verges, and a one way system would make the area much safer for road users and pedestrians.  Cllr. Colver said due to the difficulty of enforcing safe parking, irresponsible drivers were leaving their vehicles around the junction making it dangerous to enter and exit Church Street.  The Chairman informed the meeting the Parish Council were actively seeking a resolution to the problem. 

 2755    Declarations of Amendment to the Register of Interests - None.

 2756    Declaration of Interest to Items on Agenda

Cllr. Colver declared an interest in agenda item ‘allotment crop damage’.

 2757    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers – None.

 2758    Visitor Presentation

County Councillor Hyde stated he was very pleased about the new street lighting in Appleby Parva.

 2759    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters

P.C.S.O. 6643 stated during the last month a van parked in the village had been interfered with and police were making more frequent patrols due to a resident reporting harassment from youngsters using the Recreation Ground.  The Chairman stated less vandalism had occurred and he was also making frequent visits to the Recreation Ground.  Cllr. Hyde supported the benefits of neighbourhood policing.  P.C.S.O. had no further news on the progress of the ‘no cold calls scheme’.  The Chairman thanked the P.C.S.O. for her support and attendance.

 2760    Planning Consultations

08/00730/FUL – 7 Garton Close – erection of single storey rear extension – no objections

08/00768/LBC & 08/00769/FUL – The Old Rectory, Rectory Lane – conversion of former workshop to games room & storage use & erection of new fence along boundary/Rectory Lane – it was agreed to write to N.W.L.D.C. to ensure the proposed new fence was correctly positioned and that provision had been made for access to the public footpath. 

 2761    Planning Decision Notices

08/00365/LBC – replace internal doors with oak glass doors – The Moat House, 29 Mawbys Lane - granted

08/00486/FUL – 10 Garton Close – erection of single storey extension to rear elevation - granted


 2762    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 08 to 18th May 08 – Approved by the Parish Council.

A donation request had been received from the Sir John Moore Foundation to support the newly formed Youth Club.  It was agreed to donate £400 (£250 from earmarked reserves - Youth Club Fund).

The Annual Return was signed by the Chairman in readiness for the external audit.

 2763    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st May to 31st May 08 - £297.96

Karen Stirk – Expenses for April 08 - £14.79

Coalville Signs – 2 x Recreation Ground Signs - £54.05

Amanda Ridsdale – Internal Auditor - £50

John Quimby – Anti Syphon Valves & Plumber Services - £60

J.A. Robinson – Ground Maintenance Cuts 2 & 3 - £120

Leicestershire & Rutland Assoc. Of Local Councils – Annual Subs - £232.16

Sir John Moore Foundation – Youth Club equipment donation - £400

All cheques approved and signed.

 2764    Allotment Matters

Following crop damage, believed to be caused by recent field spray drift, it was agreed to the following:-

Request notification prior to any field spraying, to have a 10m field buffer zone to prevent spray drift damage and seek £50 compensation for the allotment holder’s loss of crops.

It was agreed that lockable isolating valves were not necessary on the allotment’s new anti- siphon taps.  A request had been received for a tap to be installed at the far end of the allotments and it was agreed for the Chairman to organise the local plumber to carry out the work. 

The Parish Council were still seeking a ferreter to help reduce the rabbit population.

2765    Footpaths & Hedgerows & Street Matters

It was agreed to discuss the siting of a new parish notice board at the next meeting.                     

2766    Recreation Ground Matters

Following a recommendation from Wicksteed Leisure’s safety report it was agreed to reduce the height of the vertical log climber.  Cllr Colver agreed to investigate mesh fencing repair methods.  The chain link fencing would be replaced by Mr Denson when time allowed.  The Chairman was to obtain a quotation for the proposed land drains.  It was agreed to obtain a quote for four warning notices on dog fouling penalties.  The Chairman informed the meeting the pavilion shower needed attention and an electrician was due on site.  It was agreed to instruct N.W.L.D.C. to repaint the ball court lines at a cost of £145 & vat.

2767    NWLDC – Standards Committee Representative Vacancy

Parish Councillors in attendance did not wish to apply.

2768    Litter Pick – Saturday 21st June 2008

The Street Environment Officer had suggested using the graffiti removal kit, if required, during the litter pick.  It was agreed and the clerk informed the meeting that various local groups had been contacted for their support with the forthcoming litter pick.

2769    Donation Requests

It was agreed to donate £50 to the Crimestoppers Charity and £100 to the St. Giles Hospice.

2770    Climate Change – L.C.C. Funding

It was agreed to forward the above information to the local C.P.R.E. representative.

2771    Dangerous Parking on Top Street / Church Street

It was agreed for the clerk to pass the proposal for the short one way system on Top Street and all relevant paperwork to County Councillor Hyde so that the matter could be discussed at the next Highways Forum.

2772    Local M.P. Standing Down at Next Election

It agreed to send a thank you letter to David Taylor M.P. prior to his forthcoming retirement as a Member of Parliament.  The Parish Council agreed Mr Taylor had worked tirelessly to represent his constituents.

2773    Ideas for article - Parish News Line

It was agreed to include in the Parish News Line article the following:-

Increase signage on the Recreation Ground, warning about the penalties for dog fouling and request residents report offenders and intention to improve Recreation Ground drainage by installing land drains.

It was agreed to include in the N.W.L.D.C. Vision magazine article the following:-

N.W.L.D.C. support with litter pick, Appleby On-Line Centre manager’s retirement and Appleby Parva street lighting news.

2774    Urgent Items

The Old Hen House, Rectory Lane – Boundary Dispute

The clerk was asked to contact the Parish Council’s solicitor to check on progress. 

Play Strategy for N.W. Leicestershire 2008-2011

It was agreed for the Vice Chairman to complete questionnaire on behalf of the Parish Council.

S.T.W. – sewerage discharge on Black Horse Hill /Old End

The Chairman read a letter received from S.T.W. stating its intention to carry out works at the sewage pumping station which should assist in preventing build up of fat and subsequent blockages.

Highway Verge Grass Cutting

The clerk was requested to chase a reply from L.C.C. following the indiscriminate cutting down of daffodils on the grass verges.

L.C.C. Incinerator Plant

Following an article in the local newspaper it would seem that L.C.C. had discussed possible sites for an incinerator plant in the County Council’s Ibstock and Appleby Division.  The Parish Council were unaware of any proposals.


Ms K. Stirk (Clerk to the Parish Council)  

10th June 2008


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