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Parish Council Minutes

March 2000

Minutes of a Meeting of Appleby Magna Parish Council, held at the Church Hall, on Friday 10th March, 2000.


Mr. K. J. Colver, Mrs. D. Morris, Mr. J. Quimby and Mr. D. H. Saunders.

Apologies were received from Mr. C. D. Didcott and Mr. J. Lewis,


The minutes of the meeting held on 11th February, 2000 were taken as read, confirmed and signed.

Members were informed that in connection with minute 927 Mr. Peter Dixon had confirmed that in reply to the Chairman’s question regarding sewerage outfall, the Environment Agency in commenting on details for the first phase of the motel development said ‘The scheme designed is most welcome, and is a good example of what the Agency is promoting’.

Members were also informed that Mike Dyer had also raised the question of sewerage from the site with officers of North West Leicestershire District Council who commented that they were satisfied with the arrangements.

Urgent Items

The Vice-Chairman informed members that he had agreed to take the following matters as urgent items:-

An account from Severn Trent Water

The Annual Meeting between Parishes and Leicestershire County Council

A petition in relation to the X73 bus service.

A planning application relating to Rose Cottage, Atherstone Road.

Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Interest

No such declarations were made.

Question Time

Mr. Gooding asked the Parish Council to consider the effect of traffic on local roads, particularly near to the school, when considering planning application 000123 at Red Hill Farm.

Decisions taken under delegated powers

Members were informed that the Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman, had made representations in relation to planning application 991021 for the erection of 3 dwellings r/o 30/32 Top Street, had asked Cllr. Blunt to oppose the planning application 000032 for the development of 100 bedroom hotel and had ordered a bouquet for Mr. and Mrs. Mills of the Almshouses to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on 11th March.

Trustee of the Sir John Moore School

Members were informed that Mr. C. D. Didcott did not wish to be considered for reappointment as a Trustee of the Sir John Moore School. It was agreed that the appointment of a replacement Trustee be deferred until the Annual Parish Council meeting in May when all other appointments to outside bodies would be considered.

Police Matters

There was no police presence at the meeting.

Neighbourhood Watch

In an attempt to get neighbourhood watch reintroduced to those areas of the village where it no longer operates it was agreed that the existing NHW representatives be contacted to ascertain their willingness to continue and that PC. Simon Ward be invited to the Annual Parish meeting to discuss the matter.

Budget and Financial Statements

That the information contained in the budget and financial statements from 1st April 1999 to 22nd February, 2000 be noted.

Account for payment

Resolved that the following account be paid:-


E. Jeffrey

Petty Cash


Application for Financial Assistance

That a donation of £140, which will cover the installation of one PRIDE alarm in the village, be made to PRIDE Alarms.

Planning Applications

That in respect of planning application 000123 - Change of use to office and erection of single storey extension, Red Hill Farm, NWLDC be informed that the Parish Council objects to this application. This development is not required for agricultural purposes and as such will be used for other businesses thereby creating additional traffic on Top Street immediately adjacent to the Primary School. At school opening and closing times around 30 cars are parked in the vicinity of the entrance to Red Hill Farm. If approved this development could create a dangerous situation for village children. For the past 8/9 years the Parish Council has endeavoured to secure traffic calming measures on Top Street, particularly in the vicinity of the school. If this development is allowed it will exacerbate the existing dangerous road conditions at school times.

That no objections be made to the following planning applications:-

000148 - Erection of industrial and storage building and associated offices, external storage and parking areas and formation of settlement lagoons, land adj. Repton Road, Westminster Industrial Estate, Measham

000168 - Felling of willow, silver birch and fir tree, The Moat House

Planning Decision Notice

That it be noted that NWLDC has allowed planning application 000018 - Extensions to McDonalds Restaurant

North West Leicestershire Local Plan

That the proposed modifications to the North West Leicestershire Local Plan be noted.

Rural Action Plan for the East Midlands

That the East Midlands Development Agency, in response to it’s invitation to comment on the Rural Action Plan for the East Midlands, be informed as follows:-

Tourism and Transport

If tourism is to be encouraged throughout the whole year then, car, cycle and bus routes should be worked out which will give visitors a varied number of routes to follow, each giving a variety of points/places of interest to see along the way. Our own places of interest The National Forest Centre, Calke Abbey and Stoughton Harold are not served by public transport - this cuts out quite a large number of possible visitors. Any tourism development should be connected with the public transport system and have an adequate road network to accommodate increased traffic. Planners should talk to tourist information officers - the people on the front line.

Market Towns

Loss of banking facilities is a real concern and planners should apply more pressure to ensure that it does not happen. Local Authorities should apply more pressure for additional affordable housing.

Bus Services

More cross County boundary bus services are required and they should be co-ordinated with tourism attractions.

Post Offices

Concerted efforts should be made to retain Post Offices in rural areas.


The Action Plan is not specific enough.

Appleby Magna Village Design Statement

That NWLDC be informed that Appleby Magna Parish Council fully supports the Appleby Magna Village Design Statement and urges the District Council to adopt it as Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Traffic Calming, Didcott Way

That in response to a request from Mr. Micklewright for traffic calming measures to be introduced on Didcott Way, it was explained that the Highway Authority already has a long list of possible sites for the introduction of traffic calming measures when funds become available and that it would be difficult to achieve the early introduction of such measures on Didcott Way. It was agreed that, at Mr. Micklewrights request, the Highway Authority be asked if traffic calming measures could be installed on Didcott Way if local finance was available and if local labour ( under qualified supervision) could be used?

Hall Yards Kissing Gate

Members were informed that a kissing gate on Hall Yards Footpath, adjacent to 26 Top Street,. required repair. It was agreed that the adjoining owners of Hall Yard footpath be asked to confirm, or otherwise, their ownership of the footpath prior to the matter being discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting in April.

Annual Inspection of Play Equipment

It was agreed that Wicksteed Leisure Ltd. be requested to undertake the annual inspection of the play equipment on the Recreation Ground at a cost of £25.

Church Hall User Group Committee

That Mr. D. Saunders be appointed to serve as the Parish Councils representative on the Church Hall User Group Committee and that an item be included on the agenda of the Annual Parish Meeting in April to publicise this newly formed group.

The Future of Parish Councils

That the information from Mr. David Taylor MP on the Governments commitment to retain Parish Councils be noted.

Urgent Items

The Chairman agreed to the urgent consideration of the following items of business for the reasons stated below.

STWA Account

Urgent to allow the account to be paid as soon as possible.

That the account of £18.78 from Severn Trent Water in respect of water charges afor the allotment gardens be paid. (100671).

Annual Meeting between the Parish Councils and Leicestershire County Council

Urgent in view of the date of the meeting.

That Mr. John Quimby be appointed to represent the Council at the annual meeting between Parish Councils and the County Council to be held at County Hall, Glenfield on Wednesday 7th May.

X73 Bus Service

Urgent so as not to delay a decision until the next Parish Council meeting in May.

That Mr. Box be informed that the Parish Council fully supports the petition being organised requesting that, for a trial period and on Saturdays only, the X73 bus service pass through the village via Rectory Lane and Measham Road.

Planning Application - Rose Cottage, Appleby Parva

Urgent to enable a reply to be made within the prescribed timescale.

That no objection be made to planning application 000020 for the erection of two storey rear extension, porches and detached garage, Rose Cottage, Atherstone Road, Appleby Parva.


7.00 p.m. - 8.30 p.m.

10th March, 2000

Mrs E. Jeffrey