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Parish Council Minutes

March 2001

Minutes of a meeting of Appleby Magna Parish Council held at the Church Hall on Thursday 1st March, 2001


 Mr. K. J. Colver, Miss. S. T. Liff, Mr. J. Quimby (in the Chair) and Mr. D. Saunders. 

Apologies were received from Mrs. D. Morris 

1163. Minutes 

The minutes of the meeting held on 1st February 2001 were taken as read, confirmed and signed. 

Members were informed that a licence would be issued by the Highways Authority for the erection of a bus shelter on Mawbys Lane when it had received confirmation that no statutory undertakers equipment would be affected by the proposal. 

1164. Urgent Items 

The Chairman informed members that he had agreed to take urgent items on bus service 97 and the outbreak of foot and mouth disease.  

1165. Question Time 

No questions were put to the Council. 

1166. Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests       

No such declarations were made. 

1167. Police Matters 

Sgt. Simon Hurst and PC Stuart Davies attended the meeting.  Sgt. Hurst informed members that as from 16th April 2 additional police officers would be allocated to beats 31 (Moira, Donisthorpe, Oakthorpe and Albert Village) and 32 (Measham, Appleby Magna, Snarestone and Swepstone) together with a mobile police station.  The initiative has been made possible by additional Government funding and will need to prove its effectiveness.  The aims of the initiative are to show a high police visibility and to reduce crime in the area. 

1168. Decision taken under delegated powers 

The Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman, had submitted an objection to the transfer of the Hotel Metro Justices’ licence on the grounds that the application was for sales of intoxicating liquor on and off the premises contrary to the planning permission. 

1169 Clerks Training Course 

That the Clerk be authorised to undertake training sessions provided by L&RAPLC and SLCC at a cost of £14 (100717). 

1170 Budget and Financial Statements 

That the information contained in the budget and financial statements from 1st April 2000 to 22nd February 2001, be noted.  Members were informed that the finances included £326.32 committed reserves for future Village Design Statement costs.  This amount would be transferred to the National Savings account (100715).  

  1171. Accounts for payment 

        Agreed that the following account be paid:- 


Council for the Protection of Rural England - Subscription



E. Jeffrey – Expenses 04/01/01 to 01/03/01


1172. Applications for Financial Assistance 

That the applications for financial assistance from the Winged Fellowship and the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service be declined at the present time but that they be reconsidered at the end of the next financial year. 

1173. Planning Applications 

That the District Council be informed of the Parish Council has no objection to the undermentioned planning applications:-

010151 – erection of two storey rear extension, porches and garage, Rose Cottage, Atherstone Road 

010189 – erection of two storey rear extension, 25 Church Street. 

1174. Decision Notices 

That it be noted that North West Leicestershire District Council has, subject to conditions, allowed the following planning applications:- 

010035 - display of one freestanding illuminated advertisement sign, Hotel Metro. 

001176 – erection of one dwelling and retention of two dwellings, plots 14, 15 and 16 Garton Close. 

1175. Community Planning Area Briefing Meetings 

It was reported that members had been unable to attend any of the Community Planning meetings arranged by the District Council.  The meeting covering the Appleby Area was held on a Parish Council meeting night and Miss. Liff had attempted to attend one held at Coalville on 27th February only to be informed by the security guard that no such meeting was taking place.  It was agreed that representations be made to the District Council. 

1176. Local Government Act 2000 – Draft Model Code of Conduct for Members 

It was agreed that individual comments on the draft be forwarded to the Clerk by 3rd April to enable a co-ordinated reply to be submitted. 

1177. Village Appraisals Seminar 

Mr. K. Colver was appointed to represent the Council at the Village Appraisals Seminar to be held at County Hall on 29th March. 

1178. Hermitage Swim Bus 

Members were informed of the routes and times of the Hermitage Swim Bus. 

1179. NWLDC Civic Dinner and Ball 

Members were informed that NWLDC Civic Dinner and Ball would be held at the Kegworth Hotel on Friday 27th April.  Ticket were available at a cost of £25 each. 

1180. Urgent Items 

The Chairman agreed to the consideration of the following urgent items of business for the reasons stated below. 

1181. Service 97 Heather, Appleby Magna, Ashby and Coalville 

Urgent in view of concerns regarding the continuation of bus services.

Members were informed that the current operator has given notice on the contract for service 97 and that a replacement is to be arranged. 

1182. Foot and Mouth Disease 

Urgent with regard to public concern on this matter. 

Members were informed that due to the outbreak of foot and mouth disease at a farm at Fenny Drayton, Appleby Magna was included in an exclusion zone.  Members agreed to assist wherever possible in the posting of prohibition notices.  


7.00 p.m. – 8.25 p.m.

1st March 2001

Mrs. E. Jeffrey

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