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Parish Council Minutes

March 2007

Thurs 1st March 2007

Present: - Mr J Quimby – Chairman, Mr K Colver -Vice Chairman, Mrs E Jeffrey& Mrs D Morris   

Apologies: - Mr P Hemmerdinger & Mrs M Hemmerdinger  

2488    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 1st February 2007 were read and endorsed.  

2489    Public Question Time

Mrs Marchant requested the Parish Council consider her objections to planning application 07/00262/FUL – 8 Black Horse Hill - erection of single storey side ext., installation of dormer window units & external alterations (amended scheme).  Mrs Marchant objected to the proposed dormer windows in the rear of the property, which she felt would cause loss of privacy to her garden/ property and suggested the dormer windows be installed to the front of the property.

Mr Goode of 8 Black Horse Hill, informed the meeting he was willing to change the proposal and install the dormer windows to the front of his property, but the N.W.L.D.C. Conservation Officer objected.

It was agreed the Parish Council send a letter to N.W.L.D.C. requesting for the second time that a site meeting be held to include the Conservation Officer prior to any decision being made.   

Mrs Hincks of Church Street expressed her concerns about the cars illegally parked at the junction of Church Street and Top Street at school times.  Mrs Hincks had recently experienced a near miss collision and had witnessed near misses, showing the Parish Council a diagram of how dangerous the junction was when vehicles were parked.  Mrs Hincks reported the destruction of the grass verges by parked vehicles attending the school.  The Chairman informed the meeting the Parish Council were actively pursuing a proposed short one way system with the L.C.C. Highways Department to resolve the problem.  Councillor Morris suggested yellow lines around the junction to stop the dangerous parking with a request for a traffic warden to visit.  It was agreed the clerk request yellow lines and traffic warden visits to encourage safe parking.  The Parish Council to continue to pursue the proposed one way system. 

Mr Dunkelman informed the meeting about the re-invigorated A.H.E.M. group, who had agreed to focus on the environment.  He invited interested parties to attend a showing of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ a film about climate change and its potential consequences. (The film to be shown on 16th March at 7.30pm at the Appleby Church Hall).  Councillor Morris asked for A.H.E. M. to be involved with the annual litter pick. 

A member of the public asked the Parish Council about a Youth Club.  Councillor Morris replied that she was working on a future event to encourage the young people to come and fill out a questionnaire, to establish what activities/club they would like. 

2490    Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests - None. 

2491    Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda – None. 

2492    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers - None. 

2493    Police Matters including Neighbourhood Watch Matters

It was agreed to ask P.C. Davis for his support to obtain more 30m.p.h. signs on Rectory Lane and for his help to stop the dangerous parking on  the Top Street/Church Street junction.

Five ‘Village Watch’ signs had been obtained and the Chairman and Vice Chairman agreed to install them around the village.

2494    Planning Consultations

07/00151/FUL – 223 Tamworth Road – erection of two storey side extension – no objections 

2495    Planning Decision Notices

06/01904/FUL – 7 Wren Close – erection of single storey rear ext. – granted

07/00060/TCA – The Moat House, 29 Mawbys Lane – works to trees – granted


2496    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 06 to 18th February 07 budget & financial statements – Noted.

Clerk to claim back VAT. 

2497    2007/8 Revised Budget Proposals

Clerk to breakdown ground maintenance category into more recognisable headings in new budget. 

2498    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st February to 28th February 07 - £282.43

Karen Stirk – Expenses for January 07 - £11.24

Victim Support Leicestershire & Rutland - £50 (agreed Feb. meeting)

C.P.R.E. – Annual subscription - £27

Karen Stirk – reimburse cost of anti vandal paint & sign - £22.88

Wicksteed Leisure Ltd. – Swing seat & screws - £44.30

Ken Colver – reimburse cost of saplings - £4.50

All cheques agreed and signed.   

2499    Request from Appleby Magna Cricket Club

A request for £579.10 to reimburse A.M.C.C. for maintaining the Recreation Ground during 2006 had been received.  It was agreed to pay the invoice in full.  

2500    Calor Village of the Year

A request to enter the above competition had been received, it was agreed to pass the paperwork to Councillor Morris who was interested in the event category entering the Village Gala Day.      

2501    Campaign for the Sustainable Communities Bill

It was agreed to send a letter to David Taylor M.P. querying the way the Department of Communities and Local Government dealt with the Sustainable Communities Bill.           

2502    Allotment Boundary Encroachment – 24 Rectory Lane

Following a meeting with Mr Crane (solicitor) the Chairman had been advised to ensure all Parish Council land be recorded on the Land Registry, if not already.  The allotment boundary encroachment by 24 Rectory Lane remained disputed and recorded by Mr Crane, who was to put his advice in writing.  Update on registering land and letter from Mr Crane to be on next agenda.  It was agreed to send a letter to the owners of 20 Rectory Lane who had positioned a garden shed partly on Parish Council land.           

2503    Proposed Changes to Bus Service 7 Ashby to Nuneaton

Leicestershire County Council requested the Parish Council’s views on proposed changes to the above bus timetable.  It was agreed the two hour service was better as it went to East Midlands Airport, where there are many employment opportunities for local people.  The alternative timetable ran every 90 minutes but terminated in Ashby de la Zouch.  Clerk to send letter with the Parish Council’s views.           

2504    Circulating Emails to all Parish Councillors

A request had been received from Councillor Hemmerdinger to forward emails received and sent to all Parish Councillors.  It was agreed unless Chairman states otherwise. 

2505    Bowleys Lane Hedgerow & Drainage Problems

A complaint had been received from a resident about the poor state of the Bowleys Lane hedgerow following a recent cut.  It was agreed the Chairman look at the hedge before taking the matter further.  Also, the resident complained about blocked drains at the bottom of Bowleys Lane and the junction of Church Street/Mawbys Lane.  The Parish Council agreed to write to L.C.C. Highways Department about the above drains and also the poor drainage at the junction of Botts Lane/Top Street and the problem with the drain on Rectory Lane at the allotments entrance. 

2506    Allotment Matters

The problem of rats on the allotments had been reported and following advice from Pest Control at N.W.L.D.C. it was agreed to write to all allotment holders.  The letter to warn that rat poison will be placed in the rat holes by the Pest Control Officer and to advice that children and dogs be kept well away from the infestation until all rats have been eradicated.  The letter to include advice on preventative measures to avoid further rat problems.

It was agreed to reduce the rabbit population on the allotment/field bank by non poisonous methods, the clerk to inform Mr Fowkes .

Hawthorn saplings had been purchased to fill gaps in the allotment hedgerow, the Chairman and Vice Chairman agreed to plant the saplings.

Mr Hincks and Mr Micklewright were given permission to erect sheds on their allotments. 

2507    Request for Extra Litter Bins

The clerk informed the meeting that no response had yet been received from N.W.L.D.C.  following a recent request for  extra litter bins.           

2508    Vandalism to Bus Shelter

The Chairman and Vice Chairman agreed to refurbish the bus shelter including anti-vandal paint, at the end of March and to return the refurbished picnic table to the Recreation Ground.           

2509    Request for One Way System – Safer School Bus Route

The clerk informed the meeting no written reply had been received as yet from L.C.C. Highways following the request for a one way system on a short stretch of Church Street by  Sir John Moore School.           

2510    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line

a)         Parish Council’s intention to reduce infestation of rabbits and rats on the allotments

b)         Dangerous parking by parents at Sir John Moore School  

2511    Urgent Items 

Request for funds received from 1st Appleby Magna & Measham Scout Group

It was agreed to donate £50 following the above request for funds. 

Affordable Rural Housingupdate from Chairman

The Chairman informed the meeting that funding should be available in September 2007 to progress with the Affordable Rural Housing Development.  The owners of the proposed site were still agreeable to the sale.  Mr Windley (Leicestershire Rural Housing Enabler) was hoping to arrange a village meeting in April 2007 to keep residents informed.

Ms K. Stirk (Clerk to the Parish Council) 

4th March 2007

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