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Parish Council Minutes

March 2014

Thursday 6th March 2014, 7.30 pm, Sir John Moore Foundation Community Building,
Appleby Magna

Present: -        Cllrs P Hemmerdinger (Chair), M Hemmerdinger, R Butler, G Pott, P Smith, D Wildgoose, Lindsay Swinfield Clerk, 9 members of the public.

1419    Apologies – Cllr Wildgoose, late arrival – all apologies accepted.

1420    Declarations of Pecuniary Interest to Items on Agenda – Nil

1421    Open forum for members of the public and press

Planning application by Bloor Homes for Top Street, has the company been made aware of the village survey and its findings?  Yes.
How will the flooding on low lying fields be managed – this item has been raised with NWLDC.  Cllr P Hemmerdinger responded to the above, the Parish Council has made all parties aware of the issues of concern and these, along with the village survey and views of the public and the Parish Council have been put forward.

The Measham Road (Church View) development has now been reduced to 39 dwellings.  However, there is concern that once these have been built, further development on the same site may be proposed.

LCC Highways have recommended refusal re most of the recent large scale planning applications for the village.
Public forum closed

1422    Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on February 6th 2014 endorsed and signed by the Chairman.

1423    Decisions made under delegated powers – Nil
1424    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters
1 x theft of chainsaw, Appleby Parva
1 x attempted theft of morot vehicle from Appleby Inn
1x anti social behaviour report re the cricket pitch

Please ring 0116 2222222 or 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 to report suspicious behaviour or crimes.  Police Sergeant 531 Mark Watson,

1425    Planning Consultations
a.         14/00101/FUL 31 Measham Road, erection of two storey front and side extension (emailed to Cllrs) – no objection.
b.         13/00799, Dormers Green site, amendments to original plans – original comments/objection, plus access will be required to maintain hedges.
c.         13/00797, Church View site, amendments to original plans – original comments/objection.
d.         14/00082/OUTM, land to north of Top Street, erection of 60 dwellings – outline all matters other than access reserved – as above, all comments and objections stand.
e.         14/00148/TCA, 20 Black Horse Hill, works to one Oak and one Maple tree (unprotected, in Conservation area) – no objection.
f.          13/00697/OUTM, land off Top Street, erection up to 32 dwellings, outline – amended application – as above, all comments and objections stand.

1426    Planning Decisions - nil

1427    HS2 (High Speed Train) project – keep on agenda.

1428    Footpaths, Hedgerows, Street and Allotment Matters
a.         Cllr Butler reported that the kissing gates have been delivered and will soon be installed.

1429    Sir John Moore Foundation update
a.         Village Bus – approximately two years ago, due to bus route cuts various discussions took place re provision of a village/community bus.  A study was carried out and it was thought prudent to provide a community/media/music bus for the area.  However, insufficient evidence has been put forward to take to grant stage, dedicated volunteers are needed to run the project which could offer outreach, wedding, party commercial services as well as the community service.  All agreed to remove this item from the agenda until further notice.
b.         A conversation had taken place re provision of a Sir John Moore School Trustee – this item to be cancelled due to incorrect information.

1430    Village Design Statement (keep on agenda, delayed due to withdrawal of NWLDC Core Strategy)

1431    Village Green update (nil to report at this meeting)

1432    Parish Council web site – Cllr Smith reported that the site is ready to go live, Cllrs Smith, P Hemmerdinger and Butler to meet to discuss content.

1433    Correspondence
a.         A request had been received for a grit bin on Measham Road/Parkfield Crescent – Cllr P Hemmerdinger proposed, seconded by Cllr Butler, it was RESOLVED, unanimous to request a grit bin from LCC.
b.         NWLDebt, LCC Big Society grant will help with debt advice – noted.
c.         Electoral review of NW Leicestershire – final recommendations may be viewed at, Cllr Smith to add this to the new web site.

1434    Approval of Financial Statements & Payments
a.         The payment list and bank reconciliation were reviewed and approved, RESOLVED, unanimous.
b.         The bacs payment list unanimously approved and signed.

1435    Ideas for Written Piece – Parish News Line
a.         There are several vacant allotment plots, please contact Cllr Peter Smith.
b.         A voluntary bus driver is needed to drive the Community Bus – all training provided foc, please contact Sir John Moore Foundation on 01530 273629.

1436    Urgent Items - nil

The meeting ended at 8.25pm

Date of next meeting:  April 3rd 2014, following the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm @The Stables Community room, Sir John Moore School 

 Lindsay Swinfield (Clerk to the Parish Council)

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