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Annual Meeting Minutes

May 2000

Minutes of a Annual Meeting of Appleby Magna Parish Council, held at the Church Hall, on Friday 12th May, 2000.


Mr. K. J. Colver, Mr. J. Lewis, Mrs. D. Morris, Mr. J. Quimby and Mr. D. H. Saunders.
Apologies were received from Mr. C. D. Didcott.

Election of Chairman

It was proposed by Mr. Saunders, seconded and carried that Mr. J. Quimby be elected Chairman of the Parish Council for the coming year.

Election of Vice Chairman

It was proposed by Mr. Lewis, seconded and carried that Mr. K. Colver be elected Vice Chairman of the Parish Council for the coming year.


The minutes of the meeting held on 10th March, 2000 were taken as read, confirmed and signed.

Mr. Saunders informed the meeting that consideration of the Village Design Statement by the District Council had been delayed because they were still awaiting the observations of the Highway Authority.

Urgent Items

The Chairman informed members that he had agreed to take the following matters as urgent items:-

A presentation by Mr. Geddes of Volumatic on development of the motel
Hall Yards gates
Rural transport meeting
A planning application relating to 41 Church Street
Gypsies on Salt Street
A playground inspection training course

Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Interest

Mr. Quimby declared a pecuniary interest in the urgent item on the Hall Yards gates.

Presentation by Mr. Geddes of Volumatic

Mr. Geddes informed the meeting that his client company now had planning permission to build a 100 bedroom hotel and restaurant. They have also recently submitted a further application to widen the central covered passageway into an 15m x 11m residents lounge. He produced plans showing this amended scheme.

In reply to questions Mr. Geddes confirmed:-

That his clients intended to run the hotel which should be completed in November and were already interviewing for management positions.

It will not be a fast food outlet but a bistro type restaurant appropriate for a three star hotel

The tree belt on the B5493 would be unaffected by the installation of a central reservation on that road.

Signs are still being discussed with the District Council but only low level signage is proposed

Discussions on the naming of the hotel are taking place and the Parish Council will be consulted prior to any final decision being taken.

No application is being submitted for an entertainment licence.

There will be no bar area in the restaurant but drinks will be available.

He would arrange a further meeting with the Parish Council to discuss the landscaping plans and would consider any reasonable changes together with the replacement of that part of the Rectory Lane hedge which had been removed and the planting of a tree belt to shield the Old Rectory from the site.

A camera survey had shown that the sewers were in good condition.

The Chairman thanked Mr. Geddes for coming to the meeting and looked forward to the meeting to discuss the landscaping scheme.

Question Time

Mr. Youles asked the Parish Council to consider how best to provide the introduction of traffic calming measures on Bowley’s Lane. He suggested that the County Council be requested to draw up a comprehensive plan for the village, with costs, and then to investigate the financing of the scheme by contributions from the hotel owner and local residents.

Mr. Youles asked the Parish Council to make representations to McDonald’s in respect of litter on Bowley’s Lane and Rectory Lane and to request that further litter picks are undertaken in those areas by McDonalds.

Decisions taken under delegated powers

Members were informed that the Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman, had:-

Made observations on the following planning applications:-

000317 - erection of first floor front extension, 20 Didcott Way

000333 - erection of single storey rear extension, 42 Church Street

000195 - erection of extensions and additional car park, The Appleby Inn Hotel

000309 - installation of 3 antennas on existing tower, Twycross Tower, Appleby Hill

000318 - erection of single storey rear extension, 36 Church Street

000301 - change of use of land for the keeping of horses and erection of stable block,

80 Snarestone Road

000262 - erection of 2 storey rear extension, 10 Rectory Lane

Entry in the Best Kept Village Competition. (100675)

Paid an account for street lighting on Austrey Lane, Appleby Parva (100674)

Made representations concerning the overnight parking of HGV’s at McDonalds

Trustee of the Sir John Moore School

Appointed Mr. Nigel Smith of 31, Church Street as the Parish Council’s representative on the Sir John Moore School Board of Trustees.

Police Matters

There was no police presence at the meeting.

Neighbourhood Watch

That a public meeting be arranged in June to re establish neighbourhood watch in those parts of the village where none exists at present.

Budget and Financial Statements4

That the information contained in the budget and financial statements from 1st April 1999 to 31st March, 2000 be noted.

1999/2000 Accounts

That the Parish Council’s 1999/2000 accounts be approved for submission to the District Auditor.

Accounts for payment

Resolved that the following accounts be paid:-


Leicestershire County Council

Street lighting




Pest control



Cornhill Insurance

Insurance 1/6/2000 to 1/6/2001







E Jeffrey

Salary April/May/ June, 2000



E. Jeffrey

Petty Cash


Application for Financial Assistance

That a donation of £25 be made to the Leicestershire and Rutland Rural Community Council. (100681)

Purchase of IT Equipment

That the Clerk be requested to obtain details of IT equipment suitable for Parish Council use, up to a maximum cost of £1,500.

Planning Application

That no objection be made to planning application 000301 - change of use of land for the keeping of horses and erection of stable block, 80 Snarestone Road

Planning Decision Notices

That the following decisions on planning applications by NWLDC be noted:-

990784 - erection of extension, 4 Rectory Lane - Allowed

990785 - erection of extension, 6 Rectory Lane - Allowed

000123 - change of use to office, Red Hill Farm - Allowed

000116 - erection of extension to agricultural building, Red Hill Farm - Allowed

000032 - erection of 100 bed hotel, A444/B5493/Rectory Lane - Allowed

991187 - variation of condition 3 of outline permission for 100 bedroom hotel, A444/B5493/Rectory Lane - Allowed

991021 - erection of 3 dwellings, r/o 30/32 Top Street - Allowed

000007 - extension to dwelling, The Coach House, Church Street - Allowed

991103 - replacement windows and roof tiles, 26 Top Street - Allowed

Hotel Development - Reply from Bryan Wolsey and David Taylor MP

That the replies from Bryan Wolsey and David Taylor MP concerning complaints that adequate consultations with the Parish Council had not been undertaken prior to planning permission being granted and the landscaping scheme agreed for the hotel, be noted.

Courses for Councillors

5 members expressed their interest in attending proposed planning training sessions planned by NWLDC and Mr. Colver and Mr.Lewis volunteered to attend LRAPLC training courses for Councillors at Leicester at a cost of £7 each. (100682)

Allotment Hedge

That permission be granted to North West Leicestershire Wildlife Trust to lay the north western hedge on the allotment gardens.

Urgent Items

The Chairman agreed to the urgent consideration of the following items of business for the reasons stated below.

Mr. Colver in the Chair.

Hall Yards Gates

Mr. Quimby declared a pecuniary interest in this item upon which he did not speak or vote

Urgent to take up grants offered for the work.

Members were informed that the Divisional Surveyor had agreed to contribute £75 towards the erection of each gate and that Mr. Johnstone of the Moat House had agreed to fund the remainder of the cost of the 2 gates on Hall Yards which will be replacements for those which have been removed recently due to wear or damage. It was agreed that new gates be erected and that the Chairman be requested to liaise with Mr. Johnstone and to agree an appropriate design.

Mr. Quimby in the Chair.

Rural Transport Meeting

Urgent in view of the date of the meeting.

Mr. Saunders agreed to represent the Council at a Rural Transport meeting if it is held on 18th May but should the alternative date of 23rd May be chosen then Mr. Quimby will attend.

Planning Application - 41 Church Street

Urgent to enable a reply to be made within the prescribed timescale.

That no objection be made to planning application 000371 for the cutting down of four trees and height reduction of one tree (works to unprotected trees in conservation area), 41 Church Street.

Gypsies on Salt Street

Urgent in view of public concern.

Members were informed that the gypsies which had been on Salt Street for the past few weeks had now moved to another site. The Divisional Surveyor is investigating measures to be taken to make the site unsuitable for their return.

Playground Inspection Training Course

Urgent in view of the date of the course.

That no application be made for places on the playground inspection training course to be held at Birstall on 21st and 28th June.

7.00 p.m. - 8.45 p.m.
12th May 2000
Mrs E. Jeffrey

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