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Annual Parish Council Minutes

May 2004

Thursday 6th May 2004

Present :-

Mr J Quimby – Chairman
Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman
Mrs E Jeffrey, Mr P Hemmerdinger, Mrs M Hemmerdinger, Mrs D Morris

 Mr S Richardson A.M.C.C. Mrs Mooney, Mr Wilkinson, Sergeant P. Harrison

1898            Election of Chairman

It was proposed by Mr. Hemmerdinger and seconded by Mrs Morris with all councillors agreeing that Mr. Quimby be elected Chairman of the Parish Council for the coming year.  Mr Quimby accepted the position.

1899            Election of Vice Chairman

It was proposed by Mrs Morris and seconded by Mr Hemmerdinger with all councillors agreeing that Mr. Colver be elected Vice Chairman of the Parish Council for the coming year.  Mr Colver accepted the position.

1900            Minutes 

Minutes of meeting held 1st April 2004 read and endorsed.  It was agreed that the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting be endorsed at the 2005 Annual Parish meeting.

1901            Question Time


1902            Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


1903            Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda

Mr Quimby and Mrs Morris declared an interest the agenda item - application for outdoor public entertainment licence at Sir John Moore School.

1904           Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

A decision had been taken between meetings that an allotment holder had permission to place a shed on his allotment.           

1905    Police Matters

Sgt. Harrison introduced himself and informed the council that P.C. Horsley was unable to attend.  The Sergeant reported that thefts from cars had occurred at The Appleby Inn and at the Fina Petrol Station.  The Chairman reported that vehicles parked in the gated New Road were in a position to potentially watch The Appleby Inn car park.  The Sergeant reported that a future vehicle stop and check on the A444 was planned.  Further to a fatal motorcycle accident the councillors asked the police to check a website were motorcyclists are encouraged to break speed limits on some roads in the area.

1906            Planning Applications

04/00613/FUL – erection of single storey side extensions – Jubilee Bungalow,

19 Snarestone Road – letter to NWLDC giving no objections but requesting that materials used are in keeping with existing.

04/00660/FUL – erection of part single storey, part two storey rear extension & two storey side extension – 19 Didcott Way – no decision taken as councillors wished to investigate further.

04/00552/FUL – change of use of storage building to industrial use – Barns Heath Farm, Snarestone Road – no objections.

04/00674/FUL – demolition of all existing buildings & erection of one detached two storey dwelling & double garage with office/workshop – Nixon's Garage, New Road - no decision taken as councillors wished to investigate further.

1907            Planning Decision Notices

04/00326/FUL – demolition of garage & conservatory & erection of two storey rear ext.- Chapel Cottage, 12 Rectory Lane – granted


1908             Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 03 to 31st March 04 & 1st April 04 to 22nd April 04 budget & financial statements. Noted and approved.

1909            Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st April to 30th April 2004 - £267.00

aren Stirk – Expenses for March 2004 - £ 17.70

Chilcote Garden Services – Grnd. Maint cut 1 - £55.00

John Quimby – Chairman's Allowance - £100

L.R.A.P.L.C. – annual subscription - £216.22

Allianz Cornhill Insurance plc – renewal of annual insurance - £391.76

Wicksteed Leisure Limited – Repairs/Painting to playground equipment - £576.36 – cheque to be held until works checked.

The Parochial Church Council – Village Hall rent - £88

All cheques agreed and signed.

1910     Review of Persons Representing the Council on Outside Bodies

It was agreed that letters be sent to various representatives to confirm their positions.

1911    Dates of 2004/2005 Parish Council Meetings

All dates were set for the forthcoming year's meetings. 

1912            Request for Pre-School Play Equipment on Recreation Ground

It was agreed that the clerk obtains quotations for various pieces of pre school play equipment.           

1913            Garden Bonfires

The Chairman read a guidance leaflet prepared by concerned resident.  The National Society for Clean Air produce a guide on safe bonfires, clerk to obtain 500 so that they may be delivered to residents.

1914            Replacement of Didcott Way Fence

It was agreed to obtain quotations for 1m high, galvanised bow top, powder coated matt black railings to replace the Didcott Way fence.  Also agreed to remove dead tree when fence replaced.

1915    Letter received from L.C.C. - Partnership Funding for Rural Bus Shelters


1916    Rural Community Council Renewal of Membership

It was agreed to renew annual membership and cheque signed for £25.

1917    L.C.C. Waste Management Service – Best Value Review

Vice Chairman to complete questionnaire.           

1918            Recreation Ground – Cricket Net Safety Structure

Mr Wilkinson reported that the first phase of the structure would be erected week commencing 10th May 2004.  The second phase cannot be erected until planning permission is obtained from N.W.L.D.C. Clerk to find drawings from archives to accompany planning application.  It was reported by Mr Richardson that wire netting was coming away from posts on the recreation ground.  Councillors are to inspect and possibly repair.  Clerk to find out who supplied basketball hoops, as nets need replacing.

1919            Invitation from N.W.L.D.C. Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of D-day Landings


1920            Outdoor Public Entertainment Licence – Sir John Moore School, 3rd July 

No objections.

1921            Notification from Hacker Young – Annual Return & Basic Audit

Clerk to arrange internal audit.

1922            Leicestershire Rural Partnership -  Parish Councils 'On Line' 

No interest as Parish Council information is included on the village website.                     

1923    Parish News Line

It was agreed to include some basic guidelines on safe bonfires.  Also to include updates on replacing the Didcott Way fence and progress of providing pre school play equipment for the recreation ground.  

1924    Urgent Items

(Taken as urgent due to response times) 

Planning Application - 04/00676/FUL – demolition of existing single storey dwelling & erection of new two-storey dwelling – Nixon's Garage, New Road

No decision taken as councillors wished to investigate further.

Transfer of Licence at The Black Horse Public House

No comments.            

Ms K. Stirk 


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