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Annual Parish Council Minutes

May 2005

Wednesday 4th May 2005 

Present: -
Mr J Quimby – Chairman
Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman
Mrs E. Jeffrey
Mr P Hemmerdinger
Mrs M Hemmerdinger
Police Inspector N. Straughan, Mr R Windley and Residents

Apologies: -
Mrs D. Morris

2129    Election of Chairman & Vice Chairman / Chairman's Allowance

The Parish Council re-elected John Quimby as Chairman and Ken Colver as Vice-Chairman, both gentlemen accepted.  A cheque of £100 was raised for the Chairman's annual allowance, which Mr Quimby used to donate £50 to both the Appleby Magna Cricket Club and Appleby Magna Football Club.  

2130    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meetings held 3rd March and 7th April 2005 were read and endorsed.  

2131    Public Question Time


2132    Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


2133    Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


2134    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers


2135    Police Matters

Inspector Neil Straughan introduced himself to the Parish Council as the new Inspector of Ashby Police, a local man, having been a police officer for 28 years. 

John Quimby suggested that not enough information was shared between county police forces, which meant that incidents and crimes in nearby villages, served by other police forces, were not reported to Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.  The Inspector replied that information was shared between forces such as crime patterns.  The Chairman queried the lack of police response to reports of hare coursing on private land around the village.  The Inspector confirmed that hare coursing was illegal and police response time to such incidents may be slower than expectations due to police having to prioritise reported crimes.  The Chairman welcomed the Inspector and thanked him for attending the meeting. 

2136    Presentations by Visitors - Richard Windley – Leicestershire Rural Housing Enabler

Mr Windley informed the meeting that following a recent village survey to determine a need for affordable homes in Appleby Magna, the result showed a requirement of 8 properties for rent or part ownership.  Mr Windley stated that these homes would only be available for people with strong connections to the village for example young people born in the village but unable to afford a property when leaving the parental home and older people wishing to downsize.  Mr Windley requested a letter of support from the Parish Council before he could go any further, the next step being locating a suitable site on the edge of the village.  It was agreed that the Parish Council would send a letter of support at this stage.  However, it was agreed with Richard Windley that if the Parish Council did not approve of the site for any reason the proposed development could be stopped, this to be stated in the letter of support. 

2137    Planning Applications

05/00583/FUL – 30 Bowley's Lane – formation of ménage & erection of perimeter fencing – letter of objections to be sent to N.W.L.D.C. planning department

05/00581/FUL – 30 Bowley's Lane -change of use of land to keeping horses & formation of new access - letter of objections to be sent to N.W.L.D.C. planning department

05/00660/OUT – 10 Rectory Lane – erection of one detached dwelling – decision deferred to June agenda – clerk to notify N.W.L.D.C. planning department

2138    Planning Decision Notices

05/00258/LBC & 05/00259/LBC– 55 Rectory Lane – retention of works to outbuilding incl. window units & barn door opening treatment & proposed replacement pedestrial door & retention of internal works – granted              

05/00359/FUL – 37 St. Michael's Drive – erection of single storey rear extension – granted

05/00202/FUL – 4 St. Michael's Drive – erection of single storey rear extension – granted

05/00264/FUL – 45 Top Street – erection of single storey rear extension –granted

05/00127/FUL – Bowley's Farmhouse, 39 Bowley's Lane – erection of single storey side extension to form conservatory, erection of single storey rear extension & alterations to form rear dormer window & additional bedroom – granted

05/00103/FUL – 2 Black Horse Hill – erection of single storey side & front extension & two storey side & rear extension – refused

05/00128/FUL – 20 Didcott Way – erection of single storey rear extension to form conservatory - granted


2139    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 04 to 31st March 05 budget & financial statements
1st April 05 to 18th April 05 budget & financial statements
Noted and clerk to arrange internal audit. 

2140    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st April to 30th April 05 - £267.00
Karen Stirk – Expenses for March 05 - £25.09
Leics. & Rutland Assoc. of Parish & Local Councils – Annual Subscription - £223
Allianz Cornhill Insurance plc – Insurance Renewal - £461.52(Clerk to query level of cover before sending renewal payment)
Rural Community Council (Leics. & Rutland) – Annual Subscription - £25 Leicestershire & Rutland Playing Fields Association – Annual Subscription - £15
L.J. Marriott (Horticultural) Limited – AMCC mower repairs – £775.44

All cheques agreed and signed. 

2141    Review of Outside Bodies Representing the Council


2142    Venue & Meeting Dates for Parish Council Meetings

It was agreed that during the winter months the Parish Council would meet in the Community Room, Sir John Moore Foundation and the summer meetings would be held in the Church Hall.  Clerk to book the meeting rooms. 

2143    Request for Protected Entrance Markings Opposite School Entrance

The Chairman read information received from Leicestershire County Council about protected entrance markings for a resident who lives opposite Sir John Moore School, who was experiencing problems of access to his driveway.  It was agreed the Parish Council would instruct the L.C.C. Highways Department to go ahead with the entrance markings at a cost of £65.  Clerk to raise cheque and complete forms. 

2144    N.W. Leicestershire Local Development Framework & Statement of Community Involvement - Comments requested

No comments. 

2145    Allotment Road Hedge & Entrance Update

It was agreed the Parish Council would provide materials for the allotment holder to make good a gap in the hedge.  It was also noted that the allotment gate latch had gone missing and that a replacement be bought together with a further number pad lock for the second allotment gate. The Chairman agreed to source these items. It was agreed that notices should be displayed asking allotment holders to lock gates when entering and leaving.  Clerk to obtain notices.

A resident had agreed to spread illegally tipped rubble over potholes on allotment entrances.  The Parish Council agreed the June agenda would include an update on the situation.  Also, information being sort to identify landowners contact details, for early warning system to be put in place for the possibility of illegal travellers. 

2146    Roads & Lay-bys

It was agreed to inform the Highways Authority about the following: -

Grass verges had been removed in Black Horse Hill and replaced with stone kerbing
Request to again reinstate, re-seed and investigate possibility of placing soft verge signs in Rectory Lane
The Parish Council also agreed to monitor the damage to grass verges in Church Street caused by parking and passing vehicles.  It was noted the school is encouraging children to walk to school. 

2147    North West Leicestershire Citizens Advice Bureau – Donation Request

The Parish Council agreed a donation of £50. 

2148    National Association of Local Councils - Request to take part in the Trafalgar Weekend – 21st / 23rd October


2149    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line

The Parish Council agreed to put in the Parish News Line the following points: -

a) Inform about new Inspector of Police with Crimestoppers number
b) Request that villagers avoid parking on grass verges and pavements where possible
c) Inform re-election of Chairman and Vice Chairman to the Parish Council             

2150    Urgent Items 

(Taken as urgent to response times) 

The clerk informed the Parish Council two grants had been awarded for the youth shelter and paperwork was in the post. 

Planning Consultation - 05/00688/AGP – Redhill Farm, Top Street – erection of an extension to an existing farm building. It was agreed to send letter of objection to N.W.L.D.C. planning department. 

Following a complaint about a hornbeam tree on the recreation ground from residents, Mr Quimby met on site with a member of Leicestershire County Council Forestry Division.  He advised not to remove the tree as the roots would not be a problem to nearby properties, he suggested that the lower branches be completely removed to stop children climbing the tree.  It was agreed that a letter be sent to concerned residents informing them of the decision not to remove the tree but have the lower branches professionally removed.  Clerk to obtain quotations for the work

Ms K. Stirk

Clerk to the Parish Council

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