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Annual Parish Council Minutes

May 2007

Thursday 10th May 2007

Present: - Councillors Chairman J Quimby, Vice Chairman K Colver, P Hemmerdinger, E Jeffrey & D Morris 

Mrs Mooney and Community Support Officers

Apologies: - Cllr. M Hemmerdinger

2526    Election of  Chairman  & Vice Chairman

John Quimby was nominated by Paul Hemmerdinger and seconded by Ken Colver to continue to be Chairman of the Parish Council.  John Quimby accepted.  Ken Colver was nominated by Paul Hemmerdinger and seconded by John Quimby to continue to be Vice Chairman of the Parish Council.  Ken Colver accepted.

Deana Morris and Elsie Jeffrey were co-opted to the Parish Council.  Cllrs Quimby, Colver, M. Hemmerdinger, P Hemmerdinger, Jeffrey and Morris were asked to sign the declaration of office and complete a register of members’ interests under the model code of conduct.

2527    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 5th April 2007 were read and endorsed.

2528    Public Question Time

Villager, Mrs Mooney asked the Parish Council if the beech hedge at the back of her property was satisfactorily cut back from the footpath, following a request from the Parish Council.  Cllr. Hemmerdinger informed the meeting the hedge should be cut back to the fence line and requested the hedge be trimmed regularly.  The Chairman thanked Mrs Mooney for cutting back the hedge and attending the meeting.

2529    Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests - None.

2530    Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda – None.

2531    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers – None.

2532    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters

The Chairman welcomed the Community Support Officers to the meeting.  C.S.O. 6033 reported one dwelling burglary, one incident of damage and eight petrol thefts from Total garage in the last 30 days.  The Chairman reported the problem of persistent vandalism and requested more police patrols in certain areas of the village.  Cllr. Colver asked for the police vehicle to use the speed gun and vehicle number plate recognition system in and around the village again.  C.S.O. 6033 would take the requests back to his beat officer.  The Chairman thanked the Community Support Officers for their continued support.

2533    Planning Consultations

07/00546/FUL – Blythe Park, Snarestone Road – erection of single storey side ext. – no objections, letter requesting building materials in keeping with existing and village design statement

07/00617/FUL – 8 Rectory Lane – erection of detached garage – no objections

2534    Planning Decision Notices

07/00393/FUL – 1 Meadowbrook Court – erection of single storey rear ext. to form conservatory - granted

07/00262/FUL – 8 Black Horse Hill – erection of single storey side ext. & external alterations – granted


2535    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 06 to 31st March 07 budget & financial statements

1st April 07 to 18th April 07 budget & financial statements


2536    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st April to 30th April 07 - £290.75

Karen Stirk – Expenses for March 07 - £20.98  

Wicksteed Leisure Limited – 2nd swing seat - £41.71

Allianz Cornhill Insurance plc – Annual Premium - £561.29

Rural Community Council – Annual Subscription - £30

Leics. & Rutland Assoc. of Parish & Local Councils - Annual Subscription - £226

J. Quimby – Chairman’s allowance - £150 (The Chairman informed the meeting he would donate £75 to Appleby Magna Football Club and £75 to Appleby Magna Cricket Club.

All cheques agreed and signed.

2537    Review of Outside Bodies Representing the Council

No changes to outside bodies representing the Parish Council.

It was agreed to place an item in the June Parish News Line requesting a volunteer Heritage/Archaeological Warden for the village. 

2538    Allotment Matters

It was agreed to remind all allotment holders by letter that the use of trickle hoses (buried or not) should not be used and to use water conservatively due to the increasing water bill charges.  Also request that only materials appertaining to the allotment should be stored – not household rubbish and allotment gates should be locked at all times for security and to prevent fly tipping.  Clerk to place notices on the gates – Keep Gates Locked At All Times.

It was reported the rat infestation had improved and the rabbit population would try to be reduced later in the year.  Cllr. Jeffrey asked the clerk to put another name on the waiting list for an allotment.  It was agreed to write to Mr Fowkes requesting two allotments be put back  into use from his field area and at request what time of year would be convenient, due to allotment waiting list.

2539    Drainage Problems

Following a report to Highways at N.W.L.D.C. about poor drainage in and around the village, the Chairman informed the meeting that workmen had carried out improvements.  The clerk was asked to thank N.W.L.D.C. for their prompt and excellent work completed in Rectory Lane.

2540    Footpaths & Hedgerows

Following complaints about the poor state of the Mawbys Lane hedgerow, a letter had been sent to the owner of the land.  The clerk informed the meeting that no response had been received to date.  The clerk was asked to again contact the owner.

2541    Donation Requests

Leicester & County Mission for Deaf People – It was agreed not to donate.

North West Leicestershire Citizens Advice Bureau – It was agreed to donate £50

LOROS – It was agreed not to donate but give £100 to the St. Giles Hospice.  A letter to be sent to LOROS giving the reason why no donation was given.

2542    The Sustainable Communities Bill

A letter had been received from David Taylor M.P. about the failed Sustainable Communities Bill.  It was agreed to thank Mr Taylor for his support of the Bill and inform him that he would be welcome to attend any future Parish Council meetings. 

2543    Land Registration

The Chairman read a letter from Crane & Walton Solicitors giving the costs involved in registering all Parish Council land.  It was agreed to go ahead with the clerk to contact the solicitor.

2544    BTCV – Request for Work

The Parish Council agreed there was no conservation paid work for BTCV to undertake.

2545    Proposed One-Way System, Church Street

The clerk informed the meeting that following a recent telephone conversation the Highways Department had promised a reply, to the above request, in the post.

2546    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line

Inform villagers about the voluntary Heritage / Archaeology Warden vacancy.     

2547    Urgent Items

Planning Consultation

07/00670/FUL & 07/00681/LBC – Black Horse Inn, 2 Top Street – erection of timber shelter structure to rear of premises & attachment of projecting awning to southern side elevation – no objections subject to due consideration given to listed building.

Invoices for Payment

J.A. Robinson – Grounds Maintenance Cut 4 - £60

Amanda Ridsdale – Internal Audit - £50

All cheques agreed and signed.


Ms K. Stirk (Clerk to the Parish Council)   

15th May 2007

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