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Parish Council Minutes

May 2012

Thursday 3rd May 2012, 7.30pm, Sir John Moore Community Building Appleby Magna

Present: -       Cllrs P Hemmerdinger (Chair), P Smith, M Hemmerdinger, G Potts, R Butler, Lindsay Swinfield Clerk,
Mr Glover, Mrs Bee           

1251    The Clerk opened the meeting with nominations to elect a Chairman for the Parish Council – Cllr Smith nominated Cllr P Hemmerdinger remain as Chairman, seconded by Cllr Butler – it was RESOLVED, unanimous to elect Cllr P Hemmerdinger as Chairman of Appleby Magna Parish    Council.  Cllr P Hemmerdinger signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, counter-signed by the Clerk.

Open forum for members of the public and press

Mr Glover attended the meeting to give an overview of his planning application for 19 Atherstone Road Appleby Magna (refer agenda item 18a).
Mrs Bee attended the meeting to discuss responsibility of the closed Churchyard in Appleby Magna (refer agenda item 20a)

1252    Apologies – Cllr Wildgoose (nee Morris) - (apology accepted)

1253    Declarations of Interest both personal & prejudicial to Items on Agenda – Nil

1254    Cllr P Hemmerdinger invited nominations for Vice Chairman of Appleby Magna Parish Council – Cllr Potts nominated Cllr Smith, seconded by Cllr P Hemmerdinger, it was RESOLVED, unanimous.

1255    Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 5th April 2012 were endorsed and signed. 
1256    Members reviewed delegation arrangements to committees and the following were unanimously agreed:

     Existing committees – as above.

1257    Cllrs unanimously agreed that Cllr P Hemmerdinger continues to report back as a Trustee of the Sir John Moore Foundation.

1258    Members agreed to appoint Mr Ian Fraser as Internal Auditor for the Parish Council.

1259    Members set the date of 4th April 2013 for the Annual Parish Meeting.

1260    Members had reviewed adopted Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and with the following addition, formally adopted the revised Financial Regulations to incorporate online banking – only those individuals or company’s approved at a Parish Council meeting to be paid via the online banking system (not using a cheque) – RESOLVED, unanimous.

1261    Members had reviewed the Council’s Complaints Procedure, and RESOLVED, unanimously to accept this without alteration.

1262    Members had reviewed the Council’s procedures for handling requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Data Protection Act 1998, and RESOLVED, unanimously to accept this without alteration.

1263    Decisions made under delegated powers – nil.

1264    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters – nil reported at this meeting.
a.         Please ring 0116 2222222 or 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 to report suspicious behaviour or crimes.  Police Sergeant 531 Mark Watson,

1265    Planning Consultations
a.         12/00289/LBC & 12/00288/FUL, 19 Atherstone Road, erection of single storey garden room extension (LBC, Listed Building Consent) and full planning application – no comment.

1266    Planning Decision Notices
a.         21 Church Street, single storey rear extension – granted.
b.         55 Rectory Lane, proposal for 25m x 50m all weather horse exercise ménage for domestic use only – granted.

1267    Allotment Matters
a.         Cllr Smith reported that the new plots extension was underway ensuring access remains open for the tenant farmer.
b.         The revised Farm Business Tenancy agreement (under the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995) for the letting of the allotment field for three years from 29th September 2012 was approved by full Council and signed by the Chairman and the Clerk – RESOLVED, unanimous.
c.         Cllr Smith reported that the Allotment Society would support the annual Church Fete by providing and selling plants.       

1268    Footpaths, Hedgerows & Street Matters
a.         Further to previous discussions around who should be responsible for the mowing and maintenance of the closed area of the Churchyard of St Michael and All Angels – a letter had been received from Revd. Elphick outlining the difficulty in obtaining archive material to prove who had accepted responsibility in 1988.  A formal notice had been served to transfer responsibility to the Parish Council with immediate effect.  The Clerk had obtained advice on this matter, and it was agreed to write to NWLDC (North West Leicestershire District Council) requesting that under Section 215(2) of the Local Government Act 1972, they take on responsibility for the mowing and maintenance of the closed Churchyard.  Proposed by Cllr Butler, seconded by Cllr P Hemmerdinger it was RESOLVED, unanimous.

b.         Following publicity about LCC (Leicestershire County Council) undertaking to replace or reduce   street lighting within the County, a brief discussion took place and a draft plan was reviewed.  All agreed that until LCC contacts the Parish Council with suggestions/consultation, this matter will be deferred.

1269    Stone Pit Close Charity
a.         Legal application had been made to register the area of land known as Stone Pit Close in the Parish Council’s name, for the benefit of the community – this has now been completed.  The legal advisors had also been liaising with the tenants of the field and reviewing the rent payable.  Cllr P Hemmerdinger proposed, seconded by Cllr Smith it was RESOLVED, unanimous, to agree with proposals put forward by the legal advisors, Sansom Hamilton & Co (Mr Ian Hamilton) – communication dated 18/04/12.

1270    Correspondence      
a.         LCC (Leicestershire County Council) published a leaflet and posters inviting members of the public to complete a questionnaire to help improve local Broadband speeds –

1271    Approval of Financial Statements & Payments
a.         The payment list and bank reconciliation were reviewed and approved, RESOLVED, unanimous.
b.         Members had received a copy of the end of year bank reconciliation and associated documents, these were approved, RESOLVED, unanimous.
c.         Members approved the annual financial report from the Internal Auditor, RESOLVED, unanimous.
d.         Members reviewed and approved the annual return, signed by the Chairman and Clerk, RESOLVED, unanimous.
e.         The annual insurance quote had been received from the current inurers, Aon, however other quotes had been requested and not received – defer to the June meeting.

1272    A planning application had been received from Regeneco to build a small wind farm west of Junction 11 of the M42, south of Chilcote.  Although this is outside the area of Appleby Magna, it could affect the village.  Members looked at the application and wished to comment, and to work with other local Councils on this matter:

1273    Ideas for written piece – Parish News Line
a.         Let your Parish Council have your views on the proposal to build a small wind farm west of Junction 11 of the M42, south of Chilcote, contact Cllr Richard Butler with your thoughts.

The meeting ended at 8.52 pm

Date of next meeting:  7th June 2012, 7.30pm, Parish Council Meeting @The Stables Community room, Sir John Moore School

 Lindsay Swinfield (Clerk to the Parish Council)

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