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Parish Council Minutes

November 2002

Minutes of the Meeting of Appleby Magna Parish Council held at the Church Hall on Thursday 7th November 2002.


Mr. K. J. Colver, Mr. P. Hemmerdinger, Miss. S. T. Liff, Mr J Lewis, Mrs. D. Morris and Mr. J. Quimby (in the Chair).

1526. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd October 2002 were taken as read and duly endorsed.

Minute 1513. Letter received from DEFRA offering congratulations on success of Appleby Online.

1527. Appointment of Responsible Financial Officer

This appointment was transferred to the new Clerk to the Parish Council – Ian Nettleship.

1528. Urgent Items

The Chairman agreed to take the following items as urgent business: -

1529. Question Time

No questions were asked.

1530. Declaration of amendments to the Register of Interests.

No such declarations were made.

1531. Declarations of interest by members of items on the Agenda

No such declarations were made.

1532. Police Matters 

Beat Officer report 

Sergeant Cath Garret (4052) attended and offered the apologies for PC Clare Horsley.

There were: -

No reports of crime in the villages in the last month.

Several incidents had however been reports of motorists leaving the A444/M42 filling station without paying.

Farm thefts have decreased but crime in Measham appears to be on the increase.

Crimestoppers posters and cards are available from the Clerk to the Parish Council.

Foot patrols are being conducted near the school to observe any parking / safety issues and act accordingly.

There has been some vandalism to the new bus shelter in Bowley’s Lane. The police are making enquiries.

1533. Budget and Financial Statements 

That the information contained in the budget and financial statements from 1st April 2002 to 22nd October 2002 be noted.

  1534. Accounts for payment

Agreed that the following accounts be paid: -


Charles Arnold Baker - LCA reference book



Information Byway – Village of the Year photocopying/room rental 



Parochial Church Council - Churchyard Mowing 



Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation – stationery



I A Nettleship  – November /December salary



Rent of Church Hall – Village of the Year presentation – Delegated powers



E. Jeffrey – Back pay April to October 2002  & expenses to 7/11/02



J A Robinson – Grounds maintenance



Citizens Advice Bureau  - donation – Urgent Item


 1535. East Midlands Development Agency Draft Regional Economic Strategy consultation document 

Judgement was reserved on this – no perceived local impact – comment reserved until the proposal is firmed up.

1536. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, consultation on the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 

Response to be sent asking that smaller Parish Councils be exempt from some of the legislation proposed for target larger councils to minimise bureaucracy and costs.

1537. E-democracy consultation paper. 

A paper primarily targeted at the individual rather than the parish. This is to be responded to by Appleby Online.

1538. Planning Applications:-

02/01183 – Change of agricultural land to the keeping of horses and erection of 4 stables plus tack and feed room, 12 Rectory Lane (amended application). 

No objection from the Parish Council subject to previously stated conditions regarding effluents, nuisance and non-commercialisation.

02/01128 – Erection and alterations to outbuilding to provide community meeting room and reopening of pedestrian access to the highway, Sir John Moore School. (amended application)

No objection was raised from the Parish Council.

02/01433 – Proposed change of use of farm building to warehouse at Jubilee Business Park, Snarestone Road – no objection raised – delegated powers.

1539. Planning Decision Notices

That it be noted that North West Leicestershire District Council has allowed the following planning applications:-

 02/01213 – Alterations to buildings(Listed Building Consent), West Hill Farm, Austrey Lane

02/01083 – Erection of garden shed, 33 Church Street

1540. Consideration of the Affordable Housing – Supplementary Planning Guidance Draft for consultation

Response to be sent to the effect that this should be part of structured and balanced developments.

1541. Highway Maintenance Issues

A site survey is to be carried out by the Council of the junction between Mawby’s Lane and Hill Street. The findings to be communicated to the Highways Dept.

1542.  Review of local bus services. 

Comments noted and approved.

1543. Best Jubilee Village – Two invitations to attend the Awards Luncheon in London on Tuesday 10th December

The retiring Clerk Elsie Jeffrey and Chairman of the Parish Council – John Quimby - were unanimously nominated to represent Appleby Magna.    

1544. Garton Close play area. Signing of transfer for land registry purposes

This was agreed, approved and signed.

1545. Replacement/repair of Recreation Ground Railings

Quotations are to be sought for replacement railing in keeping with the character of the rest of the grounds.

1546. Leicestershire Community Strategy – Stage 1 Public Consultation 

No impact on Appleby Parishes – no input required.

1547. The Future Development of Air Transport in the UK (Midlands) 

It was considered that this would have little direct impact on the Appleby Parishes and that the overall national strategy needed final focussing before additional comment could be made.

1548. Ashby de la Zouch Town Enhancement Proposals consultation 

Plan 2 was agreed as the best proposal – single way traffic on the High Street plus a comment about additional parking being required.

1549. Urgent Items.

The Chairman agreed to take the following matters as urgent items for the reasons stated below :-

1550. Planning application 02/01531 – 39 Church Street - single storey rear extension and pitched roof to replace flat roof.

Urgent to enable a reply to be forwarded within the timescale.

That no objection b4 made to this application

1551. N.W. Leicestershire Standards Committee – appointment of an additional    representative.

Urgent to enable a reply to be forwarded within the timescale.

It was agreed that no member be recommended for appointment to the Standards Board.

1552.  Local Housing Needs in Leicestershire

Urgent to enable a reply to be forwarded within the timescale.

No response required.

1553. Payment of grounds maintenance account.

Urgent to enable the account to be paid without delay.

This was agreed and payment will be made for services rendered. (100803)

1554. Fencing Adjacent to Didcott Way

Urgent in view of the possible dangerous situation

The Chairman agreed to look at this and report back directly to Mr Day.

1555 . Invitation to One Stop Shop evaluation conference at Coalville, 12 November.

Urgent to enable a reply to be forwarded within the timescale.

It was agreed that no response was required.


It was resolved that in pursuance of section 100A of the local Government Act, 1972 the public and press be excluded from the meeting for the following business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information defined by Section 12A of the Act.

The public and press were excluded from the meeting whilst the submission of tenders for grass cutting for the year 2003 was discussed. The selected contenders were agreed and approved by the council and their bids will be sought.

1556. Any other business 

At the end of the meeting, a presentation was made to Mrs Elsie Jeffery by members and friends for the excellent job that she has done as Clerk of the Parish Council over a number of years. All, including the new Clerk, are indebted to her.


 Ian A Nettleship

Clerk of the Parish Council for Appleby Magna

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