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Parish Council Minutes

November 2005

Thursday 3rd November 2005

Present: - Mr J Quimby – Chairman, Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman
Mrs E Jeffrey, Mr P Hemmerdinger and Mrs M Hemmerdinger   

Apologies: - Mrs D. Morris 

2221    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 6th October 2005 were read and endorsed.

2222    Public Question Time

Mr Dunkelman informed the council he still had many Village Design Statements.  The Parish Council agreed to find storage for the brochures and to give a copy to all new village residents.  Clerk to contact Mr Dunkelman. 

2223    Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


2224    Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


2225    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers


2226    Police Matters

No officer attended.  The Parish Council agreed to send a letter to Inspector Straughan, Ashby Police, stating its disappointment that no officer had attended Parish Council meetings since May 2005.  Also, the local beat officer had changed, which was noted in a recent newsletter, this being the one and only newsletter the Parish Council had received.  The Councillors were disappointed with the lack of communication, although the Chairman had received a voice mail message inviting the Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators to attend a meeting in Enderby.  Clerk to put details of new beat officer details in the Parish News Line.

2227    Presentations by Visitors


2228    Planning Applications


2229    Planning Decision Notices

05/01227/FUL – 58 Top Street – erection of first floor ext. – granted

05/01265/FUL – 20 Black Horse Hill – erection of single storey rear ext. (incl. demolition of existing rear ext.) – granted

05/01316/FUL – 7 Bowleys Lane – erection of single storey front ext. – granted

05/01239/FUL – Jasmine Cottage, 24 Snarestone Road – insertion of two dormer windows – granted

05/01199/FUL – Woodmans Cottage, 4 Botts Lane – erection of part single/part two storey rear ext. – granted


2230    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 05 to 18th October 05 budget & financial statements


2231    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st October to 31st October 05 - £282.43

Karen Stirk – Expenses for September 05 - £14.15

Hacker Young (Chartered Accountants) – Parish Council Annual Audit - £141.00

Wicksteed Leisure Limited – Youth Shelter - £9170.88

All cheques agreed and signed.

It was agreed to claim back outstanding vat payments in the New Year and deposit in the Parish Council Post Office account.

2232    Refurbishment / Rebuild Pavilion, Recreation Ground

The Chairman informed the council that an informal meeting with N.W.L.D.C. planners to discuss the possibility of building a new pavilion had taken place on site.  The planners suggested that not increasing the footprint of the building by much would be ok but needed to look into the parking situation.  The Parish Council agreed to discuss further when letter received from N.W.L.D.C. planners.

Two quotations had been obtained to repair the existing showers in the pavilion before Christmas 2005.  It was agreed that John Passey Electrical carry out the work, clerk to inform him and send letter of thanks to unsuccessful electrician.

2233    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line

The Parish Council agreed to put in the Parish News Line the following points: -

a) Contact details of local beat officer

b) Community Heritage Warden article

c) Details of community transport Appleby Magna to Burton

2234    Urgent Items 

(Taken as urgent due to response times) 

A) Request from Leicestershire Rural Partnership to host a ‘Service

Co-ordination Event’ - update.

It was agreed to invite Sarah Carter from Leicestershire Rural Partnership to the December Parish Council meeting to discuss the possibility of a ‘Service

Co-ordination Event’ taking place at the Annual Parish meeting. 

B) Letter received from Mrs Shaw informing the Parish Council of intention to remove and carry out work to conifer trees on her property.

The Parish Council had no objections to the intended work, clerk to send letter to Mrs Shaw.

Ms K. Stirk

Clerk to the Parish Council

5th November 2005

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