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November 2009

Thursday 5th November 2009, 7.30pm, Sir John Moore Community Building Appleby Magna

Present: -  Cllr. Quimby – Chair, Cllr. Colver -Vice Chair, Cllr. Jeffrey, Cllr. P Hemmerdinger, Cllr M. Hemmerdinger, Cllr Morris, Clerk Mrs Karen Stirk, new Clerk Mrs Lindsay Swinfield

Mr Pott, PC S. Davis, PCSO D. Kendrick

Apologies: - Nil

3033    Minutes
Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 1st October 2009 were read and endorsed.

3034    Public Question Time –Nil to report

3035    Declarations of Amendment to the Register of Interests - None

3036    Declaration of Interest to Items on Agenda
Cllrs Colver and Jeffrey declared an interest in reviewing allotment rents/tenancy agreement (item 11).

3037    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers
Planning Consultations 09/01027/TPO and 09/01026/TCA crown maintenance of Ash tree and re-pollarding Willow tree at 37a Church Street – No Objections.

3038    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters
PC Davis reported vehicle thefts had taken place in the village – windows had been broken and wallets removed on 28th October 09.  Cold Calling Zone signage is now available and will be installed by the Police.  PC Davis suggested that the Parish Council should contact the local Police if any Christmas events required Police support.

General Police reports include: Measham youth club has been poorly attended; a new Police Officer will join the team mid December 09; and a new Incident Reporting scheme is in place.

Nothing to report re the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

3039    Planning Consultations
09/01060/LBC – 12 Top Street – installation of 8 replacement timber window units and installation of replacement timber door and frame to rear.  This is a listed building and the Conservation Officer has been consulted.  No Objection.

3040    Planning Decision Notices
09/00849/FUL – Appleby Magna Service Station – installation of adblue combined dispenser and above ground storage container – Granted.

3041    Approval of Budget And Financial Statements
1st April 09 to 18th October 09
The Parish Council will closely monitor Other Expenditure Contingencies.

3042    Accounts For Payment – approved and signed
Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st to 31st October 09 - £305.24      
Karen Stirk – Expenses for September 09 - £10.31
J A Robinson – Grnd Maint. Cuts 10 & 11 - £120
Measham Parish Council – Save Moira Fire Station Promo - £46.38
ESPO – Flash memory drive & cartons – £28.18
R J Denson – Moving gate & erecting clapping post & filling hole on allotment - £50

3043    Allotment Matters
a.  The amended Allotment tenancy paper was distributed - amendments were agreed – Clerk to amend and pass to Cllr Jeffrey.  It was agreed to defer Allotment tenancy details to the December 09 meeting.
Cllr P Hemmerdinger proposed, seconded by Cllr Morris that due to an increase in water provision costs, the Allotment rents should be increased to £20.00 per annum. 
.  Unanimous.  All agreed that the Parish Council should assist with the initiation of an Allotment Society.

b.  Field Rent agreement – Cllr Colver distributed a paper he had put together to summarise the status of agreement over the years.  A discussion ensued about the possibility of researching archive documents and Land Registry documents – defer to December 09 meeting – all agreed.  The Clerk to request a list of Deeds and legal documents from Solicitors, Crane & Walton – all agreed that a reasonable fee should be paid if requested.

c.  Top Allotment site entrance resurfacing – the Clerk (KS) outlined various quotes she had obtained for resurfacing material – Cllr Quimby proposed, seconded by Cllr P. Hemmerdinger to accept the quote from LD Stone of £260.00 for 40 tons of road plainings, once the lead time for delivery had been ascertained (LS).
RESOLVED.  Unanimous.  The Clerk (KS) to speak to Mr Richard Denson re the remaining area.

3044    Footpaths, Hedgerows & Street Matters
a.  Moat House footpath kissing gates – complete.
b.  Didcott Way fencing repair – outstanding item.
c.  Bus shelter Parish notice board quotes – the Clerk (KS) tabled quotes obtained, all agreed that further quotes should be requested (Malcolm Lane) for a half open, half glazed design.  Cllr Quimby to show designs to Mr Phil Massey.
d. Didcott Way & junction of Rectory Lane/Church Street replacement trees – Cllr Colver to pursue.
e. Overgrown hedgerows – Hall Yards footpath surface disturbed by overgrown hedges – reported to LCC, Mr Andrew Perry – Clerk (LS) to request an update.
f. Rectory Lane speeding – Police checks ongoing.  LCC Highways to place 30mph speed limit signage.

3045    Recreation Ground Matters
The Clerk (KS) informed the meeting that an ‘Awards for All’ grant application for the Recreation Ground land drains had been rejected and the ‘Shires’ grant application that had been submitted for the proposed toddler swing and new bench was awaiting a response.  The Biffa Awards grant scheme has been replaced by a totally new application – the Clerk (LS) to re-apply.

3046    Minorca Opencast Mine
A general discussion took place, nothing to report.

3047    Moira Fire Station
Ashby Woulds Town Council had written a thank you letter re Appleby Magna’s support.  NWLDC has issued a Response to Consultation on Fire Service paper – to be circulated via Cllrs.

3048    Sustainable Communities Act
A letter from David Taylor, MP was briefly discussed.  Noted.

3049    RSPCA Donation request – rejected.

3050    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line
It was agreed to include the installation of the new Moat House gates that allow pushchair access, and to include a thank you to the outgoing Clerk.
3051    Urgent Items
All agreed to defer items 3 and 4 to the December 09 meeting.

Item 1 – Foundation developments, Cllr Morris updated the meeting with the latest developments, which include:

Item 1b – EMC of the Foundation – there is a vacancy on the EMC for a Parish representative – Cllr Mr P Hemmerdinger volunteered to fill this position – all agreed.  The next EMC meeting will be held on January 11th 2010.

Item 2 – Black Horse Hill one-way system email from a resident concerned that motorists are entering Black Horse Hill by the no entry signs, therefore travelling down the hill in the wrong direction.  The Police have been informed and will monitor the area specifically at school opening and closing times.  Clerk to email the resident.

3052    Thank you to the outgoing Clerk, Mrs Karen Stirk
The Parish Council wished to convey thanks to the outgoing Clerk, Karen for over 6 year’s excellent service to the Parish; Karen will be missed.  However, there will be a handover period between Karen and the new Clerk, Lindsay Swinfield.

The meeting ended at 9.25pm

Date of next meeting: 3rd December 2009, 7.30pm, The Stables Community room, Sir John Moore School.

Lindsay Swinfield (Clerk to the Parish Council)
5th November 2009

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