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Parish Council Minutes

October 2007

Thursday 4th October 2007

Present: - Cllr. Quimby – Chairman, Cllr. Colver -Vice Chairman, Cllr. Jeffrey, Cllr. P. Hemmerdinger & Cllr. M. Hemmerdinger

Mr D. Taylor M.P. & Mr J. Dunkelman

Apologies:- Cllr. Morris

 2612    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 6th September 2007 were read and endorsed.

 2613    Public Question Time

The Chairman welcomed Mr Taylor and Mr Dunkelman to the meeting, and thanked everyone who helped with the well attended and successful litter pick and rubbish contraptions workshop.

Mr Dunkelman requested a site meeting on his land with the Chairman, to discuss the proposed new site for the parish notice board. He suggested the board should not have a glass front and the board should be used by all villagers, possibly hanging a key on the board for easy access.

 2614    Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests - None.

 2615    Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda – None.

 2616    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers – None.

 2617    Visitor Presentation

Mr Taylor informed the meeting that he was currently monitoring the closures of rural post offices and the proposed re-organisation of middle schools.  Mr Taylor asked the Parish Council if there were any outstanding issues he could help with.  It was agreed to seek Mr Taylor’s assistance with the re-occurring problem of blocked sewers and effluence in the Black Horse Hill area.  The clerk was requested to email previous correspondence with Severn Trent Water to Mr Taylor’s office.

 2618    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters

A draft letter from P.C. Davis was read to the meeting for approval to go to all households about the proposed ‘no cold call’ scheme.  It was agreed to include in the letter  the Parish Council support for the initiative.  The clerk was requested to liaise with P.C. Davis.

To try and improve road safety at the junction opposite to the school on Top Street, the Parish Council had suggested yellow lines, this was rejected, the reasons given that it was impossible to police and enforce.  North West Leicestershire District Council suggested the Parish Council liaise with the school, using their travel plan to encourage parents not to park on the junction.  The Parish Council was not satisfied with the reply from N.W.L.D.C. and instructed the clerk to write a strong letter explaining the dangerous situation occurring every school day and its dissatisfaction with their response.

 2619    Planning Consultations

07/01431/LBC – Westhill Farm, 12 Austrey Lane – reinstatement of traditional joinery to windows & removal of existing render with lime render – no objections

 2620    Planning Decision Notices

07/00925/FUL – 37 Church Street – erection of double garage – granted

07/01094/FUL – The Old Rectory, 55 Rectory Lane – change of use of existing offices/dog grooming parlour to one dwelling – granted

07/01181/FUL – The Appleby Inn Hotel – erection of extensions & external alterations – granted

07/01193/FUL – The Paddocks, Bowleys Lane – conversion of loft & erection of rear extension & provision of 2 dormer windows to rear – granted – Noted.

2621    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 07 to 18th September 07 budget and financial statements – Approved.

The Parish Council agreed to discuss the current account balance at the November meeting.

 2622    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st September to 30th September 07 - £290.75

Karen Stirk – Expenses for August 07 - £14.76

Leicestershire County Council – street lighting recharge - £36.63

John Quimby – village spring bulbs - £50

Sir John Moore Foundation – Litter Pick Rubbish Workshop - £170

J A Robinson – Grnd. Maintenance Cut 11 - £60

UHY Hacker Young LLP – Annual Audit - £199.75

Cheques agreed and signed

2623    Allotment Matters

An allotment holder had requested a change of plot to one that had been cultivated more recently.  The Parish Council believed a neighbouring plot was about to become vacant so the clerk was requested to investigate.

It was agreed to remind allotment holders to keep the gates locked at all times with an article in the November Parish News Line.  The problem of unlocked gates is to be discussed at the December meeting with a letter to be sent to all allotment holders.

2624    Footpaths & Hedgerows

The Parish Council agreed to send a letter of thanks to the Rights of Way Officer N.W.L.D.C. for the prompt action taken on Dingle Lane to cut back overgrown hedgerow with a reminder about the outstanding hardcore required.

The clerk was requested to contact the footpaths officer about the steep slippery slope entrance to the footpath between Botts Lane and Top Street (at the junction of Snarestone Road), which suffers from water pouring from the fields.

It was agreed to discuss annual hedge cutting at the November meeting.

The clerk was asked to chase up a recent letter of complaint sent to the Department of Highways at L.C.C. about the poor state of kerbstones recently put down in Black Horse Hill.

The clerk was also requested to chase up the promised cutting of the Bowleys Lane overgrown hedgerow with the land owner.

2625    L.C.C.  – Heritage Warden Vacancy

It was agreed to advertise the vacancy for a Heritage Warden in the November Parish News Line.

2626    Recreation Ground Matters

Following a report from a resident about glass on the children’s play area and the basketball court, the Chairman had cleaned the area.  It was agreed to fully discuss the state of the area at the November meeting.  The clerk was requested to obtain costs to replace the basketball ring nets. 

The problem of poor drainage in the vicinity of the hard surface was discussed with the Chairman to obtain a quote for more land drains, the costs to be included in next years budget.

It was agreed to send a letter of thanks to Jayne Black (Environment Manager N.W.L.D.C.) for the new anti-vandal litter bin outside the recreation ground.

2627    N.W. Leicestershire Home-Start

A donation request had been received from the above, it was agreed to donate £50 to this worthy cause.

2628    Spring Bulb Planting

The Chairman informed the meeting that 10 sacks of bulbs had been purchased for various locations around the village and would be planted on 7th October by any willing volunteers. The clerk informed the meeting permission had been obtained from N.W.L.D.C.

2629    Bus Shelter Repairs

The clerk informed the meeting only one quote had been received for repairs to the bus shelter.  It was agreed to forward it to L.C.C. for their approval and funding.

 2630    Graffiti Information Received

Information was read to the meeting about the response time from N.W.L.D.C. to reports of graffiti.

2631    Frequently Blocked Sewers – Bowleys Lane / Black Horse Hill / Duck Lake

The Parish Council had sent a letter of complaint about the health issues and frequency of blocked drains in some areas of the village to the Environmental Health Officer at N.W.L.D.C.  Mr Taylor M.P. requested the clerk email the details for him to discuss the re-occurring problem with Severn Trent Water.

2632    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line

It was agreed to put the following items into the November Parish News Line:-

Thank litter pick volunteers, Heritage Warden vacancy and reminder about closing allotment gates.

2633    Urgent Items

Following a letter about the state of the Mawbys Lane verge where it abuts the rear boundary of 12 Hillside, a reply had been received from L.C.C. It stated there was no visible sign of slippage and action would be taken to cut down the growth of vegetation. 

Ms K. Stirk (Clerk to the Parish Council)

9th October 2007


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