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Parish Council Minutes

October 2012

Thursday 4th October 2012, 7.30pm, Sir John Moore Community Building, Appleby Magna

Present: -       Cllrs  P Hemmerdinger (Chair), M Hemmerdinger, G Pott, R Butler, D Wildgoose, P Smith, Lindsay Swinfield Clerk, MP Andrew Bridgen, County Councillor Richard Blunt & 6 members of the public

12122  Apologies – Nil

12123  Declarations of Interest both personal & prejudicial to Items on Agenda – Nil

12124  Open forum for members of the public and press

Members had requested the presence of MP Andrew Bridgen and County Councillor Richard Blunt to discuss progress of HS2 (High Speed train).  Cllr Blunt explained why LCC (Leicester County Council) had not maintained a presence in the consultation process re HS2 – the Councillors involved were required to join the Buckingham consultation process at this stage.  Matthew Lugg, head of Transport at LCC is in direct liaison with Westminster re HS2.  Political will is for HS2 to continue in order to assist economic growth; the general feeling is that HS2 will go ahead.

The proposed line has not been officially stated, although there is a possibility that it may follow the A38 to Derbyshire.  All agreed that Andrew Bridgen and Richard Blunt will keep the Parish informed of progress, and if there is a hint that the line would follow the M42, then the Parish Council and AB/RB would express their concern and oppose this route.

Members of the public requested that the planning application for 57 Church Street be discussed (this will appear on the November 2012 agenda).  Comments include concern over loss of privacy and light, continued maintenance and drainage of the driveway, aesthetically the buildings must be in keeping with the rest of the village, worries that a future developer may wish to park lorries on site.

12125  Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 6th September 2012 were endorsed and signed

12126  Decisions made under delegated powers – nil
12127  Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters    

Please ring 0116 2222222 or 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 to report suspicious behaviour or crimes.  Police Sergeant 531 Mark Watson,

12128  Planning Consultations - Nil

12129  Planning Decision Notices
a.         97 Top Street, works to trees (Ash T1, Ash T2) – granted.
b.         Jordans Farm Top Street, conversion of barn into bedrooms and outbuilding into an annex- LBC – granted.
c.         80 Snarestone Road, erection of extensions and alterations including new garage and parking (revised scheme) – granted.
d.         8 Rectory Lane, extension of time for planning permission 09/00548/FUL, erection of 2 no. dwellings – granted.
e.         37 New Road, conversion of outbuilding to dwelling – granted.

12130  Community Bus project update
Cllr Wildgoose reported that some questionnaires had been issued and returned, however a door to door consultation exercise was planned, along with further marketing.  This item to remain on the agenda.

12131 Review Ground Maintenance Contract for 2013
Following discussion Cllr P Hemmerdinger proposed that a two year contract be offered to Chilcote Gardens with additional works to the bank by the brook in between Didcott Way and Wren Close – requesting a competitive quote.   The proposal was seconded by Cllr Pott, it was RESOLVED, unanimous.

12132  Footpaths, Hedgerows, Street and Allotment Matters
a.         The Parish Council had requested an arboriculture report on certain trees within the recreation ground – this had been received and all agreed that the recommended works be carried out.  Clerk to ask LCC for a quote, Cllr P Hemmerdinger to ask Mr Richard Denson for a quote.  The Clerk will write to the resident who was concerned about the trees close to her garden.

b.         Annual bulb planting was discussed with no action to be taken.

c.         Recreation ground report – NWLDC (North West Leicester District Council) had carried out the inspection of the recreation ground and play area, and listed areas of concern that required work.  All agreed that the Clerk ask NWLDC to carry out the work at the agreed prices, with the exception of the Muga (multi user games activity centre).  Cllr Butler had inspected the Muga and recommended a goal barrier and some additional fencing be installed to make the area more suitable for games such as 5 a side football.  All agreed that the Clerk will ask NWLDC to visit the site with Cllr Butler to assess the work and materials required and to quote for said work/materials.

d.         Drainage re the recreation ground was discussed, Cllr Butler recommended that Mr Denson be asked to quote for installation of a gully drain at the end of the footpath, and a pipe running into the ditch to take away the surface water that currently runs from the recreation ground onto the Church Street footpath.  Cllrs Butler and P Hemmerdinger to speak to Mr Denson.

12133  Correspondence
a.         The Audit Commission had officially reported that Grant Thornton UK LLP will be the external auditor for the Parish from 2012/13.

b.         NWLDC had issued a report on the review of ward boundaries.  On 29 March 2011 a decision was made that the Local Government Boundary Commission for England be requested to undertake a review of the ward boundaries, with a view to creating single member wards to allow residents to have clarity about who represents them.  Once the Council size has been ageed, consideration needs to be given to the ward boundaries and their names based on the following criteria (which carry equal weight):

A final decision is expected in 2014, and any changes will take place in May 2015, however this is unlikely to affect this Parish.

12134  Approval of Financial Statements & Payments
a.         The payment list and bank reconciliation were reviewed and approved, RESOLVED, unanimous.

b.         The Clerk had issued a draft budget with details of accounts and cash book at the end of September 2012, with recommendations for the 2013 Precept.  Cllr Butler proposed, seconded by Cllr P Hemmerdinger, it was RESOLVED, unanimously, to request a Precept of £14,500 for 2013, and to accept the budget figures put forward by the Clerk.

c.         Proposal for some payments to be made via online banking – this was proposed by Cllr P Hemmerdinger, seconded by Cllr Smith, it was RESOLVED, unanimously to pay those suppliers listed and signed for at a full Council meeting via online banking – a record of these to be kept in the financial folder.

d.         The Clerk reported that the external auditor had officially closed the annual audit for 2012 and a Notice of Closure had been published on notice boards.

12135  Ideas for written piece – Parish News Line
a.         HS2 update, acknowledging presence at the meeting of MP Andrew Bridgen and County Councillor Richard Blunt.

The meeting ended at 9.20pm

Date of next meeting:  1st November 2012, 7.30pm, Parish Council Meeting @The Stables Community room, Sir John Moore School 

 Lindsay Swinfield (Clerk to the Parish Council)

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