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Parish Council Minutes

October 2013

Thursday 3rd October 2013, 7.30 pm, Sir John Moore Foundation Community Building,
Appleby Magna

Present: -        Cllrs P Hemmerdinger (Chair), M Hemmerdinger, G Pott, R Butler,  D Wildgoose, Lindsay Swinfield Clerk, 5 members of the public, Sonia Liff (AM Environment), James Ottewell – development company.

13118  Apologies – Cllr P Smith, apology accepted.

13119  Declarations of Pecuniary Interest to Items on Agenda – Nil

13120  Open forum for members of the public and press

        A meeting had taken place with NWLDC Planning department, the planning application will be formally submitted on 7th October 2013.  There are two proposals and two separate planning applications.  The south side of the village – plan to build 26 units fronting Bowleys Lane, 18 private sector and 8 social housing.  The northern side – plans to build 73 units, split between private and social housing.  Land is to be donated to the Parish if required; there may be maintenance responsibility issues.  Concerns such as drainage, parking, traffic etc., have been highlighted.  Photographs of other properties built by the developers were passed around.

Public forum closed

13121  Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on September 5th 2013 were endorsed and   signed

13122  Decisions made under delegated powers – Nil
13123  Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters      
Please ring 0116 2222222 or 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 to report suspicious behaviour or crimes.  Police Sergeant 531 Mark Watson,

13124  Planning Consultations
a.         Village green application, land known as Parker’s Field, Church Hall Field, Dormers Hall Field between Bowleys Lane and Rectory Lane to the rear of Church Hall, Church Street – application under section 15 (1) Commons Act 2006.  Error in original form 45, amended – objections to be received by 8th November 2013.  No comment.

13125  Planning Decisions – nil to report

13126  HS2 (High Speed Train) project – keep on agenda – presentation and details available to view on 27/11/13 at Measham Leisure Centre from noon to 8pm.

13127  Appleby Magna Recreation Ground issues and concerns
a.         Hedges trimmed, tree removed, bench sorted out.  PH to ask Mr Denson to cut back the hedge surrounding the hard standing area on the recreation ground – all agreed.

13128  Footpaths, Hedgerows, Street and Allotment Matters – nil to report

13129  Sir John Moore Foundation update
a.         Cllr Wildgoose reported that building work continues, the master plan for the future is well underway and the new art structure will be in place soon.  A Heritage Club has started and a large section will be devoted to village history.

13130  Correspondence
a.         Electoral review of NWLDC, draft recommendations – - members reviewed the document.
b.         LRALC (Leicestershire & Rutland Association of Local Councils) are offering 3 events for Councillors and Clerks to attend relating to ‘Leicestershire’s Future.’  This matter will be for discussion re LCC’s proposed savings of £100m over the next 5 years and the impact this will have on public services.

13131  Village Design Statement update
a.         The VDS group will meet on 10/10/13, Cllr Butler to report back to council.

13132  Housing development in the Parish, update – refer to Public Forum in these minutes.

13133  Approval of Financial Statements & Payments
a.         The payment list and bank reconciliation were reviewed and approved, RESOLVED, unanimous   .

13134  Ideas for Written Piece – Parish News Line
a.         No update, put next meeting details and remove item re floods.

13135  Urgent Items - Nil

The meeting ended at   8.15 pm

Date of next meeting:  November 7th 2013, 7.30pm @The Stables Community room, Sir John Moore School

 Lindsay Swinfield (Clerk to the Parish Council)

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