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Parish Council Minutes

September 2004

Thursday 2nd September 2004

Present: -                                                                    

Mr J Quimby – Chairman, Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman, Mrs E Jeffrey, Mr P Hemmerdinger and Mrs M Hemmerdinger.

Mr K Morrell – Chairman Sheepy Magna Parish Council, Mr J Aldridge – Vice Chairman Sheepy Magna Parish Council, P.C. Philips, Mr & Mrs Box and
Mr R Rush – Ashby Times Reporter.

Apologies: - Mrs D Morris

1980     Minutes 

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 5th August 2004 were read and endorsed.

1981    Public Question Time

A resident informed the Parish Council that his property had been vandalised on two separate occasions. These incidents had been reported and the police had taken steps against the vandals.  Mr Quimby (Chairman) also reported an incident of stones being thrown at a resident, whose property borders the recreation ground.  P.C. Philips noted these comments and was pleased that members of the public were reporting these crimes to the police, so that when police resources are deployed they can be in the areas most needed.  Mr Quimby thanked the residents for bringing these incidents to the Parish Council's attention.  It was agreed to put an article in the Parish News Line to inform residents of the need to report all incidents of vandalism and crime to the police.

1982            Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


1983            Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


1984            Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

04/01216/FUL – Primrose Cottage, 26 Snarestone Road - erection of two storey side & single storey front extensions front dormer window & external alterations – no objections 
Planning permission received from NWLDC for 2nd phase cricket net structure – order given to K & D Group


1985    Police Matters

P.C. Philips reported that four offences had been committed in the last two months.  The Chairman voiced concerns on two matters; the first was the continued use of racing motorcyclists using the A444 as part of a circuit to record the fastest time.  This speeding had been reported to the police on several previous occasions.  P.C. Philips noted these comments and was pleased that action had been taken by the use of mobile speed cameras.  The second problem reported by the Chairman was hare coursing being carried out on various local farmers' land without their permission.  Police attended but had taken no action.  P.C. Philips noted these comments and would advise of legal position.

1986            Planning Applications

04/01295/FUL – Birds Hill House, 231 Tamworth Road  - erection of single storey rear extension, 2 rear dormer windows & detached double garage – no objections.

1987            Planning Decision Notices

A letter was read out about the unauthorised works carried out at The Old Rectory, Rectory Lane received from N.W.L.D.C. who were taking necessary steps to have the unauthorised work removed and restored.  It was agreed that this agenda item be reviewed at the December Parish Council meeting.

1988             Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 04 to 22nd August 04 budget & financial statements.  Noted and agreed to show Stonepit Close rent separately from the precept receipts.

1989            Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st August to 31st August 2004 - £267.00
Karen Stirk – Expenses for July 2004 - £11.78
J.A. Robinson – Grd Maint. cut no. 8 - £55
ESPO – ink cartridge&plastic wallets – £20.27

All cheques agreed and signed.

1990    Rural Affordable Homes 

Mr Morrell and Mr Aldridge, Sheepy Magna Parish Council Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively, at the invitation of the Parish Council, were invited to report their experiences of obtaining affordable housing in Sheepy Magna.  Mr Morrell and Mr Aldridge informed the Parish Council that building affordable homes for local people had been a long and very difficult project. Detailing the many problems that had occurred during the process, one difficulty was maintaining the original concept of building affordable rented homes for local people.  Mr Morrell warned of the complexity of such a project with so many different bodies involved with a vested interest (the Parish Council being the only unpaid people involved in the project).  Mr Quimby thanked Mr Morrell and Mr Aldridge for their valued opinions.  It was agreed by the councillors that more information must be gained before proceeding and an invitation be sent to District Councillor Richard Blunt to attend the October meeting. 

1991            Complaints received from Resident

A resident's letter was read complaining about golf balls being hit on the recreation ground and irresponsible owners allowing dog fowling on the recreation ground and other areas.  It was agreed to send a letter thanking the resident for the comments.  The recreation ground has notices banning the two problems and request that dog fowling be reported to the local dog warden. 

1992           Letters received from David Taylor M.P. requesting comments on Local Policing Issues and any other issues that may require his involvement

It was agreed that a letter be sent to David Taylor about the lack of visible rural policing and the lack of communication between county forces, which affects Appleby Magna due to its geography.  Also, to include the problems caused by inadequate sewers following new developments in the village.

1993            Managing Asbestos

Mr Colver expressed concern that the pavilion may contain asbestos, possibly in the floor tiles.  It was agreed that advise be sought from the Health and Safety Executive. 

1994            Overgrown Footpaths in the Village

It was brought to the Parish Council's attention that the 'Headland Management Scheme' run by Leicestershire County Council to clear footpaths might be used to solve the problem of overgrown footpaths.  It was agreed to invite Richard Williams from L.C.C. to discuss the scheme at the next Parish Council meeting. 

1995            Extinguishment of Right of Way - Land at 21 Old End

A letter received regarding the extinguishment of right of way across resident's land at 21 Old End was discussed.  The Parish Council agreed to send a letter opposing any extinguishment of rights of way and suggesting that the resident negotiates with the neighbour for a possible diversion, which the Parish Council would support.

It was also agreed that a letter be sent to Leicestershire County Council requesting new way marking at both ends of footpath Q18.

1996            Wicksteed Leisure – Annual Safety Inspection

It was agreed to book the annual safety inspection of the playground equipment on the recreation ground.             

1997    Lack of Local Bus Services

A reply received from Dept. of Highways, Leicestershire County Council stated that they were currently reviewing the network of local bus services.  Their objectives are to introduce bus services that operate on an hourly or better frequency to 95% of the population within an 800-metre walk of their homes.  It also stated that the number 7 service allows Appleby Magna residents to access many facilities.

The letter was noted.

1998            Archaeology Warden Vacancy

It was agreed to put in the Parish News Line that the above voluntary position is still vacant.

1999            Recreation Ground – Cricket Net Safety Structure – phase 2

The clerk informed the Parish Council that the work will begin week commencing 6th September 2004.

2000            Lottery Grant for Pre School Play Equipment on Recreation Ground

The clerk informed the Parish Council a decision from 'Awards for All' should be made by the end of September 2004.  It was agreed to put in the Parish News Line that the Parish Council were actively pursuing grant funding for pre school play equipment. 

2001    Raw Effluent across Blackhorse Hill and Duck Lake

Following complaints from residents Mr Quimby contacted Severn Trent Water on three separate occasions with the promise of return telephone calls, which never came. On the third attempt to report the raw effluent across roads following storms, he was informed that they would only act on a written complaint.  Therefore, it was agreed that a very strong letter be sent to Severn Trent Water pointing out the long standing problem of sewers not being adequate following new developments. Also their inadequate response to telephone calls.  It was agreed to send copy letter to local M.P. David Taylor. 

2002           Maintenance of Willow Tree side of 30 Didcott Way - Letter received from concerned resident

Mr Quimby had visited the site and spoke with the concerned resident.  It was agreed to take no action at this time.

2003    Rural Community Council – A.G.M. Invitaion


2004    High Laurel Hedge on Didcott Way Boundaries - Ownership query

Mr Colver stated that he had received an enquiry about the above boundary, as a resident would like to plant a hedge.  It was agreed a letter be sent to the resident advising her to establish ownership of the land and approval from neighbours.

2005    Parish News Line

It was agreed to include the following points:- request that residents continue to report all vandalism to the police, which may lead to police putting more resources into the area, voluntary Archaeological Warden vacancy and pre school play equipment funding.

2006    Urgent Items

(Taken as urgent due to response times)

Invitation to AGM of N.W. Leicestershire Council for Voluntary Services, Mrs Hemmerdinger to attend.

Request from Macmillan Cancer Relief to organise a fund raising coffee morning on Friday 24th September was received.  It was agreed to send letter that more notice be given as residents may like to support future events.

Planning consultation 04/01369/FUL – erection of detached garage block/tractor shed/workshop – The Coach House, 37A Church Street.  It was agreed to send letter to N.W.L.D.C. querying the need for dormer windows and request that building materials used are in keeping with the village design statement.

Planning consultation 04/01378/FUL – erection of agricultural building – Redhill Farm, 97 Top Street. No objections were raised.


Ms K. Stirk 
Clerk to the Parish Council 

5th September 2004

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