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Parish Council Minutes
September 1999

Minutes of a Meeting of Appleby Magna Parish Council, held at the Church Hall, on Friday 10th September, 1999


Mr. K. J. Colver, Mr. C. D. Didcott MBE TD, Mr. J. Lewis, Mrs. D. Morris and Mr. J. Quimby (in the Chair).

Apologies were received from Mr. D. H. Saunders


The minutes of the meeting held on 13th August, 1999 were taken as read, confirmed and signed.

Urgent Items

The Chairman informed members that he had agreed to take the following matters as urgent items of business:-

Question Time

On behalf of Mr. Box, Mrs. Morris informed members that a company named Astral was making 2 deliveries each day to Blythe Park.

Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-pecuniary Interest

No such declarations were made.

Police Matters

There was no police presence at the meeting.

Action taken under delegated powers

Members were informed that the Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman, had paid an account of £73.07 for stationery.

Budget and Financial Statements

That the information contained in the budget and financial statements from 1st April to 22nd August, 1999 be noted.

North West Leicestershire District Council - Our Vision for the Millennium

That in response to its Draft Corporate Policy Statement - its new vision for the new millennium designed to lead the district into the 21st Century, the District Council be informed that the Parish Council is pleased to note that the document contains high aim and ideals which, if and when implemented, would have a positive effect on the district. Environmentally the objectives appear to be heading in the right direction however the production of Village Design Statements should be actively encouraged. The Parish Council strongly supports policy 4 (c) (i) which aims to secure an appropriate mix of accommodation in new developments to meet the needs of the area. The Parish Council would wish to see this policy actively persued with some low cost housing in rural areas and central government should be encouraged to bring in appropriate legislation to ensure that this policy can be legally enforced.

Draft Regional Economic Strategy

Agreed comments to be forwarded to the East Midlands Regional Development Agency on it’s draft regional economic development policy document.

Planning Applications

Members were informed that the applicants had submitted further information regarding the plans for planning applications 990784 & 5 for the erection of 2 storey extensions to nos. 4 and 6 Rectory Lane in that no first floor windows would be overlooking Parkfield Crescent. It was resolved that subject to materials being used which complement the existing and the style of windows in the proposed extension being the same as existing ones, no objection be made to these applications.

Planning Decision

That it be noted that NWLDC has refused planning application 990570 for an illuminated sign, Appleby Magna Service Station.

Appeal Decision

That it be noted that an appeal against conditions 13 and 15 of planning permission 980593 for the erection of 4 dwellings, Duck Lake has been dismissed.

Village Appraisal - The Next Steps

It was agreed that to further recommendations contained in the Village Appraisal document, the Parish Council would encourage further verge planting and consider installing features on roads leading into the village. Financial assistance may be considered for the development of a wildflower meadow near to the church. The provision of a fence surrounding the children’s play area is being considered as is the provision of a notice board in the vicinity of the Post Office.

Traffic Calming on Top Street

That the Highway Authority’s negative response to the provision of traffic calming measures be noted and that the matter be reconsidered by the Parish Council in January, 2000.

Street Light Austrey lane

That it be noted that the County Council has not made provision in it’s 1999/2000 budget for the provision of new or improved lighting. It was agreed to request costings for the project should the Parish Council decide to provide the light from it’s own funds and for any future cost implications regarding maintenance and electricity supply.

Recreation Ground Play Area fencing and Bowley’s Lane Entrance

That it be noted that to erect 51 yards of preserved timber of fencing to a height of 28" around the play area would cost approximately £226. 25. It was agreed that 3 estimates be obtained for the erection of the fencing and the installation of appropriate gates. It was also agreed that estimated be sought for the Bowley’s Lane entrance.

Provision of a Notice Board - Mawby’s Lane

That permission be sought to erect a Parish Council Notice Board on the highway verge between the Post Office and the entrance to footpath Q10. Mr. Quimby agreed to supply a notice board at cost price.

Kissing Gate and Fencing at the junction of Mawby’s Lane and Footpath Q10.

Members were informed that Mr. Johnstone of the Moat House intended to undertake work on the fencing in the near future.

Dog Fouling Pavement Stencils

It was agreed that a dog fouling stencil be purchased and that Mrs. Morris liaise with the school suggesting that an appropriate poster competition be organised. Mrs. Morris also agreed to arrange for a supply of leaflets to be distributed to each household in the village in the Spring.

Overhanging Hedges

That the District Council be requested to inform the Parish concerning it’s correspondence with the owner of 2 Didcott Way and the overhanging hedge on Top Street.

Top Street Telephone Box

That an application be made to include the Top Street telephone box on the historic buildings list.

Recycling Bins

That following a complaint concerning the untidy appearance of the recycling bin site enquiries be made as to the frequency of the bins being emptied.

Appleby Magna Internet

Members were informed that the Appleby Magna internet site ( was now operational and members were invited to view the site at the telecottage on Thursday mornings. It was agreed that Parish Council minutes be made available on the web site.

Investment in bus shelters

That an invitation to bid for a grant of up to £3,000 towards the cost of a bus shelter be declined.

Urgent Items

The Chairman agreed to the consideration of the following urgent items of business for the reasons stated below.

  • Payment of Accounts
  • Urgent to enable the accounts to be paid prior to the next meeting of the Council.

    That the payment of the following accounts be approved:-

    100653 R. Croxall - Allotment ground hedgecutting £115.00

    100654 R. Pott - Clearing of Recreation Ground ditch £350.00

  • Millennium Yews
  • That Messrs. Quimby, Didcott and Colver be appointed to receive the millennium yew at a ceremony at Leicester Cathedral on 16th October, 1999.

    7.00 p.m. - 8. 45 p.m.
    10th September, 1999
    Mrs. E. Jeffrey