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Parish Council Minutes

September 2008

Thursday 4th September 2008

  Present: - Cllr. Quimby – Chairman, Cllr. Colver -Vice Chairman, Cllr. P. Hemmerdinger, Cllr. M. Hemmerdinger, Cllr. Jeffrey, Cllr. Morris, Jon Dunkelman & P.C.S.O. 6643

2796    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 7th August 2008 were read and endorsed.

2797    Public Question Time – None.

2798    Declarations of Amendment to the Register of Interests - None.

2799    Declaration of Interest to Items on Agenda – None.

2800    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

Planning consultation – 08/01164/FUL – Barn South of M42 Junction 2 Service Area, Atherstone Road – change of use to commercial use with associated parking/service area – no objections  - Noted.

2801    Visitor Presentation – None.

2802    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters

The Police Community Support Officer reported satellite navigation systems had been stolen from vehicles in the area and catalytic convertors had been taken from vehicles parked at Barns Heath Farm.  The Chairman thanked the police for catching the person responsible for breaking into the pavilion and their subsequent punishment.  The Chairman suggested that Appleby Parva residents would benefit from joining the ‘no cold calls scheme’, already established in parts of Appleby Magna.

2803    Planning Consultations

08/01240/TCA – 3 Duck lake – works to one willow tree in front garden area (tree preservation order) – no objections.

08/01231/FUL – 28 Black Horse Hill – change of use for keeping & grazing of horses, erection of stable block & formation of concrete yard – no objections.

2804    Planning Decision Notices

08/00684/FUL – 21 Old End – part demolition of existing outbuildings, erection of single storey extension & insertion of roof lights to existing dwelling - granted

08/00768/LBC & 08/00769/FUL – The Old Rectory, 55 Rectory Lane – conversion of former workshop to games room & storage use & erection of new fence along boundary/Rectory Lane – granted       Noted.

2805    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 08 to 18th August 08 – Approved.

It was agreed to earmark funds for specific village projects.  Cllr. Morris agreed to investigate possible events specifically aimed at older villagers, possibly a luncheon club.  It was agreed to discuss a village sculpture at the October meeting.                      

2806    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st August to 31st August 08 - £297.96

Karen Stirk – Expenses for July 08 - £56.83 (incl. retirement gifts)

J. A. Robinson – Grnd. Maint. Cut 7 - £60     

N.W. Leics. Citizens Advice Bureau – Donation - £50 (agreed Aug meeting)       All cheques agreed and signed.

2807    Allotment Matters

Cllr. Colver requested the clerk query the recent allotment water invoice with Severn Trent as a charge had been made during the period when the allotment taps had been turned off.  The Chairman informed the meeting work on the allotment’s bottom access road was due to begin on 9th September by Mr Pott and Mr Denson.  The clerk was asked to contact L.C.C. Highways about the supply of road planings for the re-opened allotment access.

The Chairman informed the meeting the trench was ready for extending the allotment water supply and it was agreed to discuss further at the October meeting. 

It was agreed to discuss the field rent agreement at the October meeting.

2808    Footpaths & Hedgerows & Street Matters

The clerk informed the meeting, following a car hitting the bus shelter; a quotation for £695 was to be sent to the insurance company.  The driver of the vehicle had contacted the clerk for the Parish Council’s insurance details.

The Parish Council found no objections to the proposed diversion of footpath Q21.

Following complaints to Leicestershire County Council about the overgrown hedgerows in Mawbys Lane and Bowleys Lane, the only work which had been carried out was around the telephone box in Mawbys Lane.

The clerk was asked to report to L.C.C. the overgrown verges on Church Street between the cemetery and the church hall.             

2809    Recreation Ground Matters

It was agreed to discuss installing further land drains on the Recreation Ground at the next meeting. 

The clerk informed the meeting P.C. Davis was chasing up his contacts about the pavilion windows security screens.

2810    Proposed Waste Incinerator in Ibstock/Appleby Ward

(To remain on agenda until further information received)

2811    Stream Pollution

The Chairman read a reply from S.T.W. which stated no defects were present in its sewer network.  S.T.W. believed the stream pollution was due to a misconnected sewer on a private property. Therefore, S.T.W. had set up a meeting with the Environmental Agency.  Mr Dunkelman informed the meeting a discharge was still entering the stream and asked the Parish Council to request S.T.W. gives an indication of time scale to resolve the issue and suggest a simple dye test at neighbouring premises to try and locate the possible misconnection.  The Parish Council agreed to write to S.T.W. and the Environmental Agency.  Also the clerk was asked to contact Measham Parish Council to see if it had any issues with S.T.W.

It was agreed to employ the services of Leicestershire.C.C./ Staffordshire Scientific Services to test the water in the stream either side of the pollution for sewage.

2812    Update -Problem Traffic/Parking on Top Street/Church Street

The clerk informed the meeting County Cllr. Hyde had passed all the information to Leicestershire Highways with the possibility of the issue being discussed at the next Highways Forum taking place in October.

2813    Leicestershire First

The Parish Council had been asked to make a nomination for the Annual Community Awards.  It was agreed to nominate Deana Morris for her exceptional contribution and personal commitment to the Sir John Moore Foundation and all its achievements.

2814    Closed Church Yard

New legislation on corporate manslaughter came into force on April 2008 and it was agreed to bring it to the attention of the Parochial Church Council with regard to the maintenance of the closed churchyard.  The Parish Council agreed to seek advice from the Association of Parish Councils.

2815    N.W. L. D.C. Ballot for Standards Committee

It was agreed to vote for the Measham Parish Councillor candidate.

2816    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line

a)         Leicestershire First Annual Community Award nomination.

b)         Parish Council funding transport for older residents to attend Sir John Moore Foundation events.

c)         Thank you to residents who had reported vandals etc. & reminder to remove valuables from vehicles.

2817    Urgent Items

A request had been received from an allotment holder to erect a shed; the Parish Council had no objections.


Ms K. Stirk (Clerk to the Parish Council)

5th September 2008

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