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A Son of the Rectory

By Aubrey Moore

Expanded 2nd Edition with a New Chapter by Peter Moore

Published by Information Byway cic in conjuction with Appleby Environment

©Peter Moore, all rights reserved

Click here to download (large, 5MB pdf file)

A Son of the Rectory (2nd edition) can be downloaded for personal use only.
If you wish to link to this book please link to this page, not the pdf file.

It is with great pleasure that we publish a revised and enhanced 2nd edition of A Son of the Rectory by Aubrey Moore.  This book, originally published in 1982, contains wonderful memories of Appleby in the period 1890 – 1920, as well as giving a broader sense of rural life and society of the period.  This new edition contains additional material from both Aubrey and Peter Moore and new illustrations and explanatory notes.

We can now also offer printed copies: softback with comb-binding for £10.50 plus p&p and hardbackfor £25 plus p&p. If you would like to order one or view a sample please contact Sonia, tel: 01530 272327, or email sonia @ applebymagna.org.uk.

When the first edition of the book was published many people wrote to Aubrey Moore expressing the pleasure that reading the book had given them, particularly in evoking their own childhood.  For many this was tinged with sadness as they wrote that their parents, by that time deceased, would have enjoyed it too.  Many correspondents added their own memories of Appleby and the families described in A Son of the Rectory some of which are relevant to issues still being debated on the Appleby Discussion Board.  Those trying to pursue their own family histories asked further questions.  Unfortunately unlike these letters, preserved by the Moore family, Aubrey did not keep copies of his replies (although subsequent letters indicate that he certainly had lots more memories to impart).

Among the other memorabilia preserved from the period of first publication there is a press cutting showing that A Son of the Rectory made number 5 in the best sellers’ list just behind James Herriot – according to sales at Banbury book shop!

We welcome any further illustrations which could be included in future editions, and any other comments.  These can be sent to Sonia @ applebymagna.org.uk.

A Son of the Rectory 2nd edition is published by Information Byway in conjunction with Appleby Environment and with kind permission of Peter Moore who retains copyright.

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