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Mawby's Lane

Mawby's Lane is the village's central road, crossing the stream and linking some of the main community buildings: the Black Horse Inn is at one end and the Church at the other. In the centre is the village shop and the Moat House drive. Sunken over the centuries by the tread of men and cattle, Mawby's Lane still has the feel of an ancient track with its largely unpaved verges and the long hedges marking the boundary of the Moat House land. Other buildings of note include the Misses Moore's Alms Houses, established in 1839, and Rock House, a privately owned house which shows clearly the effect of the sinking road level over the years.

The lane was at one time known as Cow Lane, which explains the current name of the cottage opposite Rock House - Cow Lane Cottage. At the time of the 1841 census it was Mowbys Lane (ref: In Focus 22: The 1841 Census Part IV)

Alms Houses
The Misses Moore Almshouses
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Cow Lane Cottage An old picture of the view from the back of
Cow Lane Cottage (on the right) with
the Moat House (left) and the church (centre)
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Post Office Mawby's Lane Stores and Post Office. This picture was taken before the red post box visible in the wall was blocked up and a larger, new post box put up on the opposite side of the road. The old post box with the imprint 'K G' (King George) has been preserved, but painted black so it will not be used by mistake.


Church Hill
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Mawby's Lane falls steeply down from Top Street to the stream, then rises back up again to the Church. The picture opposite labelled Church Hill is a view from Mawby's Lane near the church looking towards the Moat House. This view of the gatehouse of the old manor is now completed obscured by trees and hedges.

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