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Appleby History > Memories > Village Worthies 1909

'Village Worthies' Outside the School

Provided by Joan Noble

A group photograph take outside the school, dated 1909. Many of these probably helped to run the village.

Village worthies 1909
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Back row, reading right to left......
1...Mrs RICE. Her husband was the village blacksmith, and they lived in the first house to the left of the 'shop' facing the bottom of Bowley's Lane. He bought No16 Botts Lane, demolished the Tudor building there and erected our present Victorian building.

2...not known.
3...not known.

4 and 5...Mr and Mrs RILEY, who lived at the Rookery, Appleby Parva. (now owned by Mr and Mrs Blaza). Mr. RILEY was a very famous teacher, both of children and adults. He introduced the first adult classes, including short hand, tennis and French, which my mother, Maud Hatton attended. Mr RILEY was a mainstay of the village and tried to instil some 'culture.'

6..not known.

7...One of the LILLEY family, who lived at the Beeches, (renamed 'The Charter House') His family are descended from the Royal Astrologer at the court of James 1st.

8...not known

9...(extreme left hand side).
MARY HATTON (my Grandmother). Her husband, HENRY HATTON, the shoemaker of Appleby Parva, lived next door to the 'Moores' Arms' (renamed now the Appleby Inn), at Rose Cottage. She came from Gilmorton, near Lutterworth, and was lady's maid to Mrs MOORE at Appleby Hall.

Front row, reading from right to left......

(as opposed to Mrs 'RECTOR' MOORE) The latter was the aunt of AUBREY MOORE, who wrote, 'Son of the Rectory.'

2...not known.

3 and 4...Mr and Mrs SMITH, who lived in the octagonal house in Appleby Parva. (in the small lane opposite Austrey Lane.) He was the village postman and known as, 'BOGEY SMITH.' They are grandparents of Stanley Smith who plays the church organ to this day (2001).

5...Mrs POINTON, who lived in Church St. (a very old Appleby family)

6....extreme left not known.

Joan Noble, 2001.

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