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Parish Council Minutes

August 2007

Thurs 2nd August 2007 

Present: - Cllr. Quimby – Chairman, Cllr. Colver -Vice Chairman, Cllr. Jeffrey& Cllr. Morris 
Community Support Officers & Hillside Residents.

 Apologies: - Cllr. Hemmerdinger, & Cllr. Hemmerdinger

2566    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 7th June 2007 were read and endorsed.  

2567    Public Question Time

Three residents of Hillside raised objections to planning consultation 07/01132/FUL – land to rear of 23 Black Horse Hill – erection of one single storey dwelling (item brought forward from urgent item s).  The residents raised the following concerns: - loss of privacy and light to the rear of their properties, close proximity to the flood plain (where neighbouring properties had recently been flooded), adding to existing sewer/drainage problems, more traffic accessing Black Horse Hill and not in keeping with the area of conservation.  The Parish Council agreed with the residents’ objections and requested the clerk write to North West Leicester District Council a letter of objection giving the reasons above. 

2568    Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests - None. 

2569    Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda – Cllr. Colver declared an interest in ‘Allotment Matters’ due to his request to place a shed on his allotment. 

2570    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

Invoice paid - Severn Trent Water – Allotment water - £42.25
Permission given for rabbit fencing on Mr Priestley’s allotment
07/00925/FUL – 37 Church Street – erection of double garage – no objections
07/01071/LBC – Sir John Moore School, Top Street – replacement of defective putty with arbosil x1099 silicone sealant – no objections
Permission given for shed on Mr Tocknell’s allotment

2571    Visitor Presentation – None.           

2572    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters

It was reported by the officers that during the last month there had been three cars driving away from the petrol station without paying for petrol, two reported incidents of damage to motor vehicles and one theft of garden ornaments.  Some areas of the village had joined the ‘no cold call scheme’; it was agreed for the clerk to produce 20x flyers to give to the residents of Appleby Parva for their opinion, as a trial for the whole village.  The officers informed the meeting of a Crime Prevention Event taking place in the Church Hall between 9am to noon on 22nd September.  Cllr. Morris thanked the officers for their support during the recent Midsummer Event and

Cllr. Quimby thanked them for their assistance to villagers in the recent flood.           

2573    Planning Consultations

07/01065/FUL – Hall Farm, 1 New Road – erection of extension to existing general purpose building – no objections 

2574    Planning Decision Notices

07/00748/FUL – 7 Garton Close – erection of single storey rear & side extension – granted

          07/00670/FUL – Black Horse Inn, 2 Top Street – erection of timber structure to rear & attachment of awning to southern side - refused

07/00508/FUL – 8 Rectory Lane – erection of two storey extension to rear & external alterations (revised scheme) - granted           

07/00617/FUL – 8 Rectory Lane – erection of detached garage – granted

07/00790/FUL – 42 Top Street – conversion & alteration of existing outbuildings/barn to form ancillary accommodation along with erection of new link structure between outbuildings & dwelling – granted


2575    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 07 to 18th June 07

1st April 07 to 18th July 07


2576    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st June to 30th June 07 - £290.75
Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st July to 31st July 07 - £290.75
Karen Stirk – Expenses for May 07 - £19.70
Karen Stirk – Expenses for June 07 - £19.90
J.A. Robinson – Grnd. Maint. Cuts 6 & 7 - £120
Dell Corporation Limited – Computer - £703.83
All cheques agreed and signed. 

2577    Allotment Matters     

It was agreed to include in the allotment rules, to allow rabbit fencing of no more than 1m high galvanised mesh.  Following a letter from the residents of 14 Rectory Lane requesting vehicular access over Parish Council land, it was agreed to grant the access for a further year, clerk to write letter.  It was agreed to plant new hedgerow saplings in gaps along the allotment hedge in the autumn.  The Parish Council agreed to allow Ken Colver to erect a shed on his allotment plot.  The clerk reported that Mr Fowkes had not responded to a request to return part of the field back to two allotments, the Parish Council asked the clerk to chase a reply.   

2578    Footpaths & Hedgerows

The Chairman expressed thanks to Richard Williams who had taken prompt action to organise the cutting back of overgrown hedgerow in Dingle Lane, Appleby Parva, following a recent informal conversation.  The clerk was requested to chase up the promise of hardcore to keep Dingle Lane accessible for users and maintenance.  The kissing gates leading from the Recreation Ground into the field would be repaired by the Chairman when weather allows.  Cllr. Colver raised a complaint from a neighbouring resident of the Recreation Ground about the noise and behaviour of drivers of vehicles parking on the football pitch to watch a cricket match.  It was agreed to write to Appleby Magna Cricket Club requesting vehicles are not taken onto the Recreation Ground this season to give the ground a chance to dry out and recover and when cars are allowed back for the drivers to respect the near neighbours of the Recreation Ground.  An email had been received from Cllr. Hemmerdinger reporting rubbish on the Recreation Ground; it was agreed for Cllrs. Quimby and Morris to speak to the people responsible.  The clerk had reported a dangerous kerbstone opposite the Almshouses to the Highways Department; no action had yet been taken except for the verge being cut back. The Parish Council requested the clerk chase up the work.  The Chairman reported the bad state of the hedgerow in Bowley’s Lane owned by Mr Ottewell, he requested the clerk remind Mr Ottewell to cut back the hedge due to it restricting the highway.  The clerk was asked to write to the owners of the Mawbys Lane hedgerow which was also overhanging the highway.

2579   Spring Bulb Planting

It was agreed to purchase £50 of spring bulbs for the village verges.  The clerk was requested to put an article in the Parish News Line asking for suggestions of locations to plant the bulbs.  It was noted that the A.H.E.M. group had offered their assistance to plant the bulbs in the autumn. 

2580    Request to Support Petition – Speed Limit on Narrow Lanes

It was agreed no action to be taken.           

2581    N.W.L.D.C. Letter Received - Caravan site & proposed transfer of council homes to N.W. Leicestershire Homes. – Noted. 

2582    September Village Litter Pick

Cllr. Morris informed the meeting that the litter pick would take place on Saturday 29th September together with a recycled rubbish sculpture workshop, which would be free of charge.  A.H.E.M. and the W.I. were to support the event, with litter pick equipment coming from the N.W.L.D.C. Environment Officer.  The Parish Council agreed to donate £150 towards the cost of the sculpture workshop.  The clerk was asked to write to various organisations to request their help on the litter pick.  It was agreed for the item to be discussed further at the September meeting, with the clerk putting the date in the Parish News Line article. 

2583    Update from Environmental Officer N.W.L.D.C.

The issues of monitoring and encouraging better parking near to the school and the request for more litter bins had been left with Jane Black (Environment Officer) to chase with N.W.L.D.C., the clerk informed the meeting that she was looking at the issues with a view to updating the Parish Council at the September meeting. 

2584    Pavilion Rent

The clerk could find no evidence of pavilion rent being collected from user groups and therefore it was agreed to close the matter. 

2585    Bus Shelter Repair Funding

The Chairman read a letter from Leicestershire County Council offering funding to repair the bus shelter.  It was agreed that Cllrs. Quimby and Colver put together a specification of repairs required and the clerk to obtain quotations for the work from local contractors and the manufacturers.  The clerk was requested to contact L.C.C. to get a timescale for the funding available with the item to be discussed further at the September meeting. 

2586    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line?

It was agreed to put the following items into the September Parish News Line:-

a) A reminder to visitors and workmen to adhere to the Black Horse Hill one way road system, following complaints from residents.

b) Information about a trial ‘no cold call’ scheme in Appleby Parva.

c) Where villagers would like to see more spring flowering bulbs?

d) Details of the forthcoming village litter pick. 

2587    Urgent Items

a.         Planning Consultations

07/01181/FUL – Appleby Inn Hotel, 11 Atherstone Road – erection of extensions & external alterations – no objections

07/01094/FUL – The Old Rectory, 55 Rectory Lane – change of use of existing offices/dog grooming parlour for one dwelling – letter of objection to be sent to N.W.L.D.C. – objections being concern about residential development outside of the village plan, change of agricultural access to residential access leading to more traffic on country lane, within the garden of a listed building and adding to the existing problem of drainage in the area.

07/01193/FUL – The Paddocks, Bowleys Lane – conversion of loft & erection of rear ext. & provision of 2 dormer windows to rear – no objections

b.         Planning Inspectorate Appeal

07/00114/FUL – 8 Rectory Lane -erection of single storey ext. to front of dwelling to form garage, conservatory & study – the Parish Council noted the proposal had gone to the planning inspectorate, with their objections unchanged. 

c.         Presentation request from Community Environmental Action Projects The Parish Council agreed not to have the above presentation from this commercial organisation.             

d.         Request received from A.M.F.C.

A.M.F.C. requested a set of keys for the recreation ground for safety reasons, the Chairman agreed to organise a key be cut and passed to A.M.F.C.  It was agreed the clerk investigate the charges for N.W.L.D.C. to mark out the pitch, with Cllr. Jeffrey investigating who marks Measham pitches.   It was agreed the Parish Council would not be erecting the goal posts.  It was also agreed that the Parish Council would donate £100 towards the cost of a new pitch marker for A.M.F.C. and A.M.C.C. to share.  It was agreed the clerk to liaise with A.M.F.C. and further details to be discussed at the September meeting. 

e.         Invitation to Sports Funding Schemes Presentation from Rural Community Council

It was agreed to forward the details of the above to the A.M.C.C. and A.M.F.C. 

Ms K. Stirk (Clerk to the Parish Council)   

6th August  2007

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