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Parish Council Minutes

December 2004

Thursday 2nd December 2004

Present: -  

Mr J Quimby – Chairman, Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman, Mrs E Jeffrey,
Mr P Hemmerdinger, Mr D Saunders (Almshouses Trustee) Sgt. Harrison and Ashby Times Reporter


Mrs M Hemmerdinger and Mrs D Morris

2048    Minutes 

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 4th November 2004 were read and endorsed.

2049    Public Question Time

A donation was requested from the Sir John Moore Foundation towards printing costs of the Centre Stage Spring Program. It was agreed as co-promoters the Parish Council would contribute £100.
Due to Mr Saunders (Almshouses Trustee) attending the meeting agenda item 23 was brought forward.  A reply from Leicestershire Highways about parking at the Almshouses was read out, stating that they would be prepared to have a joint site meeting.  The letter also stated that the Leics. Highways would not fund residential parking.  Mr Saunders stated that various services used the parking bay namely Social Services, Ambulances and other emergency vehicles.  It was agreed to send a letter to Leicestershire Highways requesting a joint site visit and informing them of the various users of the parking bay. Mr Saunders to be kept informed of progress and meeting date.

2050     Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


2051      Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


2052       Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

Further complaint letter sent to Severn Trent Water, copies to Water Voice, David Taylor M.P. and Richard Blunt-District Councillor

2053        Police Matters

Sergeant Harrison informed the Parish Council of the following matters:

Appleby Magna will have a new beat officer in the New Year PC758 Sean Gosling.
In the last 30 days 14 crimes had been recorded in the Appleby area, including 5 assaults – 2 of which had been detected.  Also, three residents had been victims of distraction burglaries during daylight hours by a man selling small household items.
Police patrols had been increased in the village. Sergeant Harrison advised householders not to answer the door to hawkers and pedlars, and to report any person acting suspiciously to the police.
John Quimby complained that police had not responded quickly enough to a recent farm burglary and asked if hare coursing was illegal.  The Sergeant promised to look into the question.

2054            Presentations by Visitors


2055            Planning Applications

04/01713/FUL – erection of single storey rear extension & two rear dormer windows – Birds Hill House, 231 Tamworth Road – no objections.

04/01737/LBC – internal alterations to kitchen – The Moat House, 29 Mawbys Lane – no objections but letter to be sent to N.W.L.D.C. planning department leaving decision to English Heritage.

2056            Planning Decision Notices

04/01464/FUL – erection of detached carport – 19 Botts Lane – refused

04/00674/FUL – demolition of all existing buildings & erection of one detached two storey dwelling & double garage with office/workshop – Nixon's Garage, New Road - granted

04/00613/FUL – erection of single storey side extensions – Jubilee Bungalow, 19 Snarestone Road – granted

04/01605/FUL – erection of single storey side extension – 37 St. Michael's Drive – granted

04/00945/TPO – works to 5 ash trees – 37a Church Street - refused


2057             Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 04 to 22nd October 04 budget & financial statements – noted.

2058            Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st November to 30th November 2004 - £267.00
Karen Stirk – Expenses for October 2004 - £13.73
ESPO – Printer Black Ink Cartridge - £7.70
All cheques agreed and signed.

2059            Affordable Rural Housing Scheme

Councillor Jeffrey and Councillor Colver had visited the Congerstone Affordable Rural Housing Scheme and were impressed by the development. 

It was agreed to go ahead with the 'Need for Affordable Rural Homes' questionnaire as Mr Richard Windley from Midlands Rural Housing confirmed by email that even if the survey showed a positive result the project could be stopped, without penalty, by the Parish Council.  It was also confirmed that prospective tenants would be residents of the village or their relatives, people working in the area and those within neighbouring villages who met the criteria.

It was agreed to place posters on the Parish notice boards and an item by Midlands Rural Housing be put in the January Parish News Line.  Also to request that the questionnaires be delivered with the February Parish News Line.

2060            Pre School Play Equipment – Recreation Ground 

It was agreed to place an order with Parkdale Play & Leisure Limited for the pre school play equipment and request an installation date of early Spring 2005. 

2061            Teenage Shelter – Recreation Ground

The Parish Council looked at various styles of teenage shelters and agreed to apply for a grant.

2062            Recreation Ground Operator's Sign  & Pavilion Sign

It was agreed that the clerk put forward suggested wording for the recreation ground operator's sign at the next meeting.  Also, to purchase an indoor and outdoor sign to warn of the possibility of asbestos being present in the pavilion's construction.

2063            Sports Facility Charges

A questionnaire was received from Fleckney Parish Council regarding recreation ground users' charges; the Parish Council agreed that it was not applicable and not completed.

2064            N.W.L.D.C. Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy

A request to complete a consultation document on anti-social behaviour strategy was received from N.W.L.D.C.  This document was read and completed by the Parish Council.

2065            Donation Request from Coalville Police Station 

A donation request had been received from the above to support the P.R.I.D.E. Alarms Charity.  It was agreed to send a donation of £160 – the cost of one alarm.

2066            Request received from Treasurer of St. Michael's Church

A request had been received from the above requesting a contribution towards the maintenance of churchyard areas.  It was agreed to send a contribution of £500.

2067            Blackhorse Hill / Duck Lake & Bowley's Lane Sewage Problems

The Chairman read a reply received from Severn Trent Water stating that the cctv survey of Blackhorse Hill and Duck Lake indicated a large obstruction in the sewer.  The obstruction had been cleared and a sewer cleanse has been arranged to remove a fat build up.  The problem in Bowley's Lane was caused by a fat build up and had been jetted.

Also, the Chairman read out a letter received from Water Voice who have requested that Severn Trent Water send letters to residents and businesses warning of the problems caused by putting such substances down the drains. 

2068            2005/2006 Grounds Maintenance Contract

Three quotations were received and it was agreed that the contract be awarded to Chilcote Garden Services for the years 2005 and 2006.  It was also agreed to remind the contractor to lock the recreation ground gates whilst lawn mowing takes place.

2069            Planning for the Possibility of Illegal Travellers

A letter had been received from a resident warning of the problem of travellers buying pockets of land and then illegally setting up camp in other parts of the country.  The Parish Council agreed that it was a concern and decided to form a sub committee to be discussed at the February meeting.  It was agreed that the clerk invites the concerned resident to the February meeting and to compile a list of local landowners.  Also to be discussed at the next meeting are allotment gates.

2070          Parish News Line

It was agreed to include the following points: -

Inform residents of the recent distraction burglaries and pass on police advice.
Report on Spring installation of the pre school play equipment on the recreation ground.
Inform of the forthcoming questionnaire to find out if a need exists for affordable homes and to include an item written by Richard Windley from Midlands Rural Housing.

2071    Urgent Items

(Taken as urgent due to response times) 

Letter received from The Highways Agency

A letter had been received from the above requesting comments on a pilot scheme to restrict heavy goods vehicles from using the offside lane between junctions 10 and 11 of the northbound carriageway on the M42 during peak hours.  It was agreed that it was an excellent idea and a letter to be sent suggesting that it should be extended through to the M1.

Ms K. Stirk

Clerk to the Parish Council 

6th December 2004

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