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Parish Council Minutes

December 2007

Thursday 6th December 2007

Present: - Cllr. Quimby – Chairman, Cllr. Colver -Vice Chairman and Cllr. Jeffrey.

Mr Pott & Mr Pott

Apologies:- Cllr. P. Hemmerdinger, Cllr. M. Hemmerdinger & Cllr. Morris

2656    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 1st November 2007 were read and endorsed.

2657    Public Question Time

Mr Pott informed the meeting that lorry access to his farm on Top Street was frequently blocked by parked vehicles at school dropping off and picking up times, he asked the Parish Council to contact the Highways Department to re-instate lines on the road and drive entrance.  The Parish Council agreed to the request.  Mr Pott expressed interest in the current position following numerous requests from the Parish Council for help from various official bodies to resolve the issue of dangerous parking at school times.  The Chairman read a letter from Leicestershire County Council which again refused the proposed short one-way system and suggested the School Travel Plan be encouraged to reduce the number of pupils being driven to school.  The Parish Council agreed to send a letter to L.C.C. requesting a site visit, by all interested parties at school picking up time. 

2658    Declarations of Amendment To The Register Of Interests - None.

2659    Declaration of Interest To Items On Agenda – None.

2660    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers – None.

2661    Visitor Presentation – None.

2662    Police / Neighbourhood Watch Matters – None Present.

2663    Planning Consultations

07/01741/FUL – The Crown Inn, 23 Church Street – erection of covered timber walkway & smoking shelter to rear – no objections.

2664    Planning Decision Notices

07/01132/FUL – Land at rear of 23 Black Horse Hill – erection of one single storey dwelling – granted

07/01431/LBC – reinstatement of traditional joinery to windows & removal of existing render with replacement of lime render – Westhill Farm, 12 Austrey Lane – granted


2665    Approval of Budget and Financial Statements

1st April 07 to 18th November 07 – Noted

It was agreed the clerk’s wages increase in line with the National Association of Local Councils salary review.

2666    Accounts for Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st November to 30th November 07 - £290.75

Karen Stirk – Expenses for October 07 - £11.08

J.A. Robinson – Grnd. Maint. Cut 12 - £60

ESPO – Stationery - £22.27

Parochial Church Council – Church & Grave Yard Grass Cutting - £509.60

Society of Local Council Clerks – Membership Renewal for 2008 - £80

Victim Support Leics. & Rutland – Donation - £50

Cheques agreed and signed.

2667    Allotment Matters

It was agreed to send a letter to all allotment holders including the following:-

Increased rent for 2008 with explanation, details of where & when to pay rent, inform clerk if not intending to renew tenancy, reminder to keep gates locked with reasons why and include plan of allotments to request re-instatement of internal paths & roads.

2668    Footpaths & Hedgerows

A letter had been received from Jayne Black , (Street Environment Manager, NWLDC) confirming she had dealt with the dog fouling problem in Church Street.  Miss Black requested the Parish Council inform her if the jitty had been cleared, Cllr. Colver informed the meeting he would let the clerk know.  The clerk was asked to inform Miss Black that a suitable date for the next litter pick would be June 2008.  Cllr. Colver confirmed the Botts Lane footpath entrance had been improved following a request from the Parish Council.  The clerk was requested to again contact the persons responsible for the overgrown hedgerow in Bowleys Lane.  

2669    Recreation Ground Matters

The Chairman agreed to speak to a villager about the proposed position of maintenance person, to obtain a quotation for the repair to the chain link fencing on the Recreation Ground and to check if A.M.C.C. had removed the rubbish from behind the pavilion.  It was agreed to instruct Wicksteed Leisure to carry out the annual safety inspection of the children’s play area on the Recreation Ground.

2670    Donation request from Leics. & Rutland Victim Support

It was agreed to donate £50 to Leicestershire and Rutland Victim Support following a request from Coalville Police.

2671    Re-occurring Sewage Blockages – Bowleys Lane Area

Following a letter received from NWLDC Environmental Health, it was agreed to send a letter of thanks for their investigations and monitoring of the situation at the Ramada Hotel and McDonalds Restaurant.  Both premises were now having scheduled works to clean the grease traps.

2672    Parish Notice Board Site Change

The Chairman agreed to refurbish a parish notice board ready to move to its new site next to the Post Office.

2673    Youth Club - Letter received from L.C.C. Positive Futures

A letter had been received from NWLDC about ‘buy in’ sports, first aid and education sessions for 10-19 year olds.  It was agreed to invite their representative to provide further details at the next Parish Council meeting.  The clerk was asked to send the letter to the football club, cricket club and Cllr. Morris with details of the forth coming presentation.

2674    Appleby Parva Street Lighting

Leicestershire County Council had placed the Parish Council’s request for further street lighting in Appleby Parva, in a list with priority given to high crime areas.  It was agreed the Parish Council request priority due to the problem of darkness on the A444 main trunk road which dissects Appleby Parva.

2675    Letter received from Appleby Magna Football Club

It was agreed to send a letter of thanks to the football club for removing the old goal posts and to add its continued support.

2676    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line

It was agreed to put in the February Parish News Line the following:-

Remind  allotment holders to reinstate paths and internal roads to allow tractor access, allotment gates to be kept closed at all times, inform of costly bus shelter repair with request to report any vandalism in the village to the police.

2677    Urgent Items

A request had been received from the Sir John Moore Foundation for sponsorship to pay for the community bus to pick up and drop off senior citizens who wished to attend monthly events at the foundation.  The Parish Council requested more information to be discussed at its next meeting.

Following encroachment of allotment land by a householder on Rectory Lane, it was agreed to inform the estate agent selling the property that the dispute was unresolved.  It was agreed to measure and clarify the allotment land boundaries on Rectory Lane following a request from the Parish Council’s solicitor, whilst dealing with land registration.    

Ms K. Stirk (Clerk to the Parish Council)  

9th December 2007

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