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Annual Parish Council Minutes

May 2003


Mr J Quimby – Chairperson
Mr K Colver – Vice Chairperson
Mrs E Jeffrey
Mrs D Morris
Mr P Hemmerdinger
Mrs M Hemmerdinger
Mr B Glover

 1628            Election Of Councillors 

Mr J Quimby elected and accepted as Chairperson.
Mr K Colver elected and accepted as Vice Chairperson.
Mrs E Jeffrey, Mrs D Morris, Mr P Hemmerdinger and
Mrs M Hemmerdinger signed acceptance of office as councillors for the parish.

1629            Minutes

 Minutes of meeting held 3rd April 2003 read and endorsed.

1630            Question Time

Mr B. Glover’s  application  in person, to purchase a decommissioned layby,  to clear litter, fence and maintain a copse to encourage wildlife – no objections were found – letter to Mr B. Glover.

1631            Declaration Of Amendments To The Register Of Interests

Agreed that the councillors have 28 days to sign declaration to be completed at next Parish Council meeting.

1632            Declaration Of Interest By Members To Items On The Agenda

No declarations made.

1633            Decisions Taken Under Delegated Power

ESPO ink jet cartridges £113.28
Chilcote Gardening Services – ground maintenance, October to March £110
Barker’s Fencing – new recreation field railings £989.01
(Taking delivery 14th May – looking into source of electricity)

1634    Police Report

Burglary in Arkfield Crescent, Appleby Magna on Friday 25th April – handbag and mobile telephone stolen.

Requested observation for grey/blue Peugeot 405 saloon registration number K125 VRJ in connection with persons offering to tarmac drives.

1635    Budget And Financial Statements

The budget and financial statements from 1st April to 30th April 2003 were accepted and noted.

1636            Accounts for Payment

I A Nettleship – salary 3rd April 2003 to 8th May 2003 - £201.50

I A Nettleship – expenses 25th February 2003 to 1st May 2003 - £57.51

Bank mandate signatures to be changed at next Parish Council meeting.

1637           Planning Application Notices

03/00671/LBC – External and internal alterations to outbuilding and taking down of existing gates (listed building consent) – The Old Rectory, 55 Rectory Lane

No objection – letter to NWLDC

03/00672/FUL – Conversion of outbuildings to office use and erection of replacement gate and gate piers – objection to gates – prefer open work gates – letter to NWLDC

1638            Feedback From Village Litter Pick

Tipping of garden waste occurring opposite  to Wren Close – letter to be sent to all residents in the vicinity.

1639   Dog Warden

Letter of thanks to be sent to the dog warden also offering assistance in delivering leaflets to rest of  parish.

1640            Speeding Traffic On Snarestone Lane

Article to be placed in Parish News to remind residents of the forthcoming extension of the 30 mph limit in Snarestone Lane, also letter to Deana Morris to forward to worried resident.

1641    Audit

Last year’s audit – satisfactory result – thank you to Elsie Jeffrey.

1642            Allotment Rents

Reminder telephone call to Mr Hart and Mr Jarvis.

Elsie Jeffrey to remind Mr Selby.

Ken Colver offer to produce updated summary of allocated allotments.

1643    Urgent Items

Register for service of documents for Garton Close.

Paris Clerk’s details to be forwarded to Crane and Walton Solicitors.

Dates of Parish Council meetings agreed to be first Thursday of each month at 19.30 (excluding January and July)

Reservation and payment for next 10 meetings to be paid for use of church hall.

New Parish Clerk overlap payment for May 2003 agreed.

 Ms K Stirk
Trainee Clerk to the Parish Council

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