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Parish Council Minutes

November 2004

Thursday 4th November 2004 

Present: -                                                                   

Mr J Quimby – Chairman, Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman, Mrs E Jeffrey
Mr P Hemmerdinger and Mrs M Hemmerdinger & Mrs D Morris 

Mr D Saunders (Almshouses Trustee)
Mr P Colver (Appleby Magna Football Club) 

2027    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 7th October 2004 were read and endorsed.

2028    Public Question Time

Mr Saunders, representing the Almshouses' Trustees, informed the council that the three-car lay-by in front of the Almshouses was not adequate, due to the number of residents and visitors vehicles.  Elderly or infirm residents and visitors use the lay-by to park closest to their homes.  Mr Duncan suggested that the lay-by could be extended and the corners removed to make parking easier, this would also reduce the risk of accidents occurring.  The Parish Council agreed with Mr Saunders and it was decided to request an accompanied site visit with a representative from the Department of Highways & Byways.  Mr Saunders to be kept informed of progress. 

Mr Saunders asked what information had been received from Leicestershire County Council about the lack of buses servicing the village.  L.C.C. had informed the Parish Council that their aim was to provide an hourly or better frequency to 95% of the population within an 800-metre walk of their homes.  A copy of the letter to be sent to Mr Saunders.

Mr Saunders informed the council that the lay-bys around the village were full of litter.  Mr Quimby replied that litter pickers had been in the locality recently and it was a problem that the Parish Council dealt with on a frequent basis. 

Also, Mr Saunders reported that a brochure produced by the Tourist Board did not include the Sir John Moore Heritage Centre or the Online Centre in the Appleby Magna section.  It was agreed that Mrs Morris track down the authors and request inclusion in the next edition. 

Peter Colver, representing the Appleby Magna Football Club, requested that a youth team from Measham Football Club use a pitch on the recreation ground for their home matches during the rest of the season.  Mrs Morris believed that it might encourage local youngsters to join the football club.  Mr Colver believed that the Measham club team may incorporate 'Appleby' in their team name and they had offered to contribute to the upkeep of the facilities.  It was agreed that there were no objections to a trial period being the rest of the season.  Also that Appleby Magna F.C. monitored the pitch and reported back to the Parish Council at the end of the season. 

2029    Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


2030    Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


2031    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

Further letter sent to Severn Trent Water informing of latest flooding & request for urgent cctv as promised – Noted.

2032    Police Matters

No police officer present or report given.  Mr Quimby reported that hare coursing was still taking place on farmland; this had been reported to the police on a previous occasion.  Mr Quimby also reported that a break in had occurred at the Elms Farm site which was reported immediately to the police but unfortunately a second break in occurred within a couple of days. 

2033    Presentations by Visitors


2034    Planning Applications

04/01589/LBC – 24 Top Street – installation of 2 replacement windows in ground floor front elevation – no objections

04/01605/FUL – 37 St. Michael's Drive – erection of single storey side extension – no objections. 

2035    Planning Decision Notices

04/01295/FUL – Birds Hill House, 231 Tamworth Road – erection of single storey rear ext., 2 rear dormer windows & detached double garage – refused

04/01369/FUL – The Coach House, 37A Church Street – erection of detached garage block/tractor shed/workshop – granted


2036    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 04 to 22nd October 04 budget & financial statements – it was agreed to include on the budget statement a figure for vat paid and vat recovered.  The vat paid to be claimed back in January/February 2005. 

2037    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st October to 31st October 2004 - £267.00
Karen Stirk – Expenses for September 2004 - £12.78
Central Networks East plc – Wayleave paid in error - £64.70

All cheques agreed and signed. 

2038    Ground Maintenance Contract for Year 2005

It was agreed to put out to tender the ground maintenance contract for a fixed price two-year period. 

2039    Affordable Rural Housing Scheme

Councillors queried the right to tenancy of affordable rural housing schemes and who was responsible for choosing tenants. Mr Colver produced information from N.W.L.D.C. showing how a point system was used to choose eligible tenants.  It was agreed not to proceed until further information had been received from tenants of nearby schemes and Parish Councillors had made a visit to the Congerstone Rural Housing Scheme.   

2040    Leicestershire & Rutland Association of Parish & Local Councils

A request for two voting delegates had been received from the above, and it was decided to not put forward voting delegates.

2041    North West Leicestershire District Council – Centre Stage 2005

Information had been received about a rural and community touring scheme offering theatre, music, opera etc.  Mrs Morris informed the council that the Sir John Moore Foundation had put a bid in for some of the shows covering all age group audiences.  It was agreed the Parish Council would be co-promoter of the shows including the Summer Concert. 

2042    Leicestershire County Council – Headland Maintenance Scheme

Information received from Richard Williams (rights of way officer) about the maintenance of footpaths was discussed by the council.  It was agreed to send a letter of thanks to Mr Williams also informing him that there are no visible way markers for footpath Q11 Blackhorse Hill – Hillside.  Also, the field owners who have not been traced had never cleared footpath Q4. 

2043    East Midlands Airport – New Air Routes

Mr Colver informed the council that having looked at the phase 2-consultation document on the new air routes, that Appleby Magna would not be affected. 

2044    Pre School Play Equipment – Recreation Ground

A quotation had been received from Parkdale Play & Leisure Limited for pre school play equipment.  It was agreed that no decision would be taken until a further quotation had been received.  It was also agreed that the clerk obtains information about equipment for older children, to be discussed at the December meeting.             

2045    Asbestos Sign & Letter

It was agreed for the clerk to source signs for the pavilion and recreation ground. 

2046    Parish News Line

It was agreed to include the following points: - Parish Council to co-promote the Sir John Moore Foundation shows and summer concert. Also, the intended installation date of the pre school play equipment on the recreation ground.

2047    Urgent Items

(Taken as urgent due to response times) 

N.W.L.D.C. Housing Stock Options Appraisal

Invitation to attend a presentation was taken by councillors, to be informed of venue and date.           

N.W.L.D.C. Statement of Licensing Policy

A request for comments was received from N.W.L.D.C., it was agreed that the statement be passed to all councillors for their information and comments.

Accounts for Payment

J.A. Robinson – Last cut ground maintenance - £55 – cheque signed. 

Ms K. Stirk
Clerk to the Parish Council  

6th November 2004

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