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October 2004

Thursday 7th October 2004

 Present: - 

Mr J Quimby – Chairman, Mr K Colver – Vice Chairman,
Mr P Hemmerdinger and Mrs M Hemmerdinger & Mrs D Morris
District Councillor R Blunt, Ms C Lester (NW Leics. Council for Voluntary Services) & Laura Dennis (Coalville Times)

Apologies: - Mrs E Jeffrey & Sergeant D Paddock

2007            Minutes 

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 2nd September 2004 were read and endorsed.

2008    Public Question Time


2009            Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


2010            Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


2011            Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers


2012    Police Matters

Apologies were received from Sgt. Paddock, who sent the following report of local crimes in the last month.  In Newton Burgoland a chainsaw was stolen from a car and also a burglary had occurred where two sets of car keys were taken and used to steal two vehicles, police advise that keys be kept out of sight.  In Appleby Magna a wallet was stolen from an unlocked vehicle while the owner was cutting grass verges.

The Chairman reported that hare coursing was still continuing without land owners permission, even though it had previously been reported to the police.

2013       Presentations by Visitors

Chantal Lester from N.W. Leics. Council for Voluntary Services gave a brief presentation on the recently formed Network of Community Organisations, which is to improve communications between various organisations that help to improve the lives of the community.  A website is to be set up where information can be accessed and shared.  Various organisations had expressed their interest including Appleby Magna Parish Council, National Association of Hospital & Community Friends, Ashby Arthritis Support Group and many more.  The Chairman thanked Ms Lester for her presentation and she left some volunteers' information for Deana Morris.

2014        Midland Rural Housing – Affordable Rural Housing Schemes

District Councillor Richard Blunt, Chairman of Leicestershire Rural Housing, was invited by the Parish Council to give advice and information about 'Affordable Rural Housing Schemes for Local People'.  Mr Blunt stated that the most important issue was to establish whether an absolute need for such housing existed, which could only be done by carrying out a village questionnaire.  Councillors expressed their concerns about the eligibility of local people in becoming tenants.  Mr Blunt replied that the housing association would be responsible for allocating the properties using national guidelines.  Mr Blunt reassured the councillors that Leicestershire Rural Housing was a small association holding only 85 properties, which he felt was beneficial in the decision making of tenant allocations which depended on such criteria as length of residency in the village and village ties.  He went on to inform the council that the District Council would oversee planning and building, if a scheme were to go ahead.  Although it was agreed that the previously seen Sheepy Magna scheme had been well designed, it was decided that the Parish Council would see more schemes and talk to tenants to get a fuller picture.  It was agreed that the village questionnaire be postponed and that the clerk set up appointments for councillors to visit tenants of Affordable Rural Housing Schemes.  This item to be included on the November agenda.

2015            Planning Applications

04/01464/FUL – 19 Botts Lane – erection of detached carport.  It was agreed that a letter be sent to N.W.L.D.C planning department (copy to District Councillor Blunt) with an objection to the carport being built forward of the building line.  It was believed a more suitable site would be at the rear of the dwelling.

2016           Planning Decision Notices

04/01216/FUL – Primrose Cottage, 26 Snarestone Road – erection of two storey side & single storey front extensions, front dormer window & external alterations – granted. Noted

District Cllr. Blunt informed the Parish Council that anyone could now speak for or against a planning application that went in front of the District Council Planning Committee.  Also, District Planning Committee Members would do a site visit prior to planning applications going to a committee meeting.

2017             Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 04 to 22nd September 04 budget & financial statements.  Noted.

2018            Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st September to 30th September 2004 - £267.00
Karen Stirk – Expenses for August 2004 - £11.36
J.A. Robinson – Grd Maint. cuts 9 & 10 - £110.00
Hacker Young – Auditors - £141.00
Wicksteed Leisure Limited – Safety Insp. - £35.25
K & D Group – 2nd phase cricket nets - £928.25
All cheques agreed and signed.

2019            Invitation from Leicestershire County Council to attend County Service

10.30am Sunday 7th November 2004 at St Mary de Castro. No takers.

2020    Pre School Play Equipment – Recreation Ground

The Chairman read the successful grant application award for £5,000.  It was agreed that after looking at various manufacturers of play equipment that the clerk invite full site visits and quotations from two chosen manufacturers.  It was agreed the clerk applies, from other sources, to obtain a grant for supplying recreation ground equipment for the 10-15 year age group.  Deana Morris to find out what equipment 10-11year age group would like to use on the recreation ground.

2021           Managing Asbestos

The clerk had obtained more information on managing asbestos as concerns had been expressed about the recreation ground pavilion.  It was agreed that notices be placed in the pavilion warning workmen that asbestos may be present in some of the building materials.  Ken Colver to forward wording to the clerk.  

2022            Following Storms - Raw Effluent across Blackhorse Hill

The Chairman read Severn Trent Water's response to the above complaint.  It stated that a CCTV survey of the sewers is to be carried out at Blackhorse Hill and Duck Lake in the next four to six weeks.  The letter also apologised for their lack of response to the Chairman's telephone complaints made on several occasions.

2023            Wicksteed Leisure Limited Safety Report on Playground Equipment

The Chairman read the safety inspection report that showed no high-risk problems.  It was agreed to query why Wicksteed recommend adjusting gate spring again this year rather than fitting a new one.  Also to ask Wicksteed's advice on wording for an operator's sign.

2024   Defra Consultation Paper – Clean Neighbourhoods

A hard copy of the above report is to be circulated to all Parish Councillors.

2025    Parish News Line

It was agreed to include the following points: - request that residents continue to report all vandalism to the police, which may lead to police putting more resources into the area, still vacant the voluntary Archaeological Warden, details of Severn Trent Water CCTV investigations, Lottery grant news and request for equipment requirements on recreation ground for 10-15year age group.

2026    Urgent Items

(Taken as urgent due to response times)
Account for Payment
J.A.Robinson – Ground Maintenance Cut no. 11 - £55 – cheque signed. 


Ms K. Stirk 

Clerk to the Parish Council  
13th October 2004

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