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Parish Council Minutes

October 2006

Thursday 5th October 2006 

Present: - Mr J Quimby – Chairman, Mr K Colver -Vice Chairman, Mrs E Jeffrey, Mr P Hemmerdinger & Mrs M Hemmerdinger 

Apologies: - Mrs D Morris 

2397    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 7th September 06 were read and endorsed.  

2398    Public Question Time

Mr Madge, resident of Didcott Way, asked the Parish Council who owned a laurel hedge which borders his garden and a public footpath.  It was agreed the hedge belonged to Mr Madge and it was his responsibility to maintain it. 

2399    Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


2400    Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


2401    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers

06/01402/TCA – 27 Church Street – felling one Norway spruce – no objections

06/01343/FUL – 8 Rectory Lane – erection of extensions & external alterations – letter of objection sent to N.W.L.D.C.

06/01378/FUL – The Crown Inn, Church Street – erection of timber carved walkway & external alterations – no objections

It was agreed to telephone N.W.L.D.C. reporting that building work had already commenced at 8 Rectory Lane. 

2402    Police Matters including Neighbourhood Watch Matters

The clerk informed the meeting that ‘Village Watch’ signs could be obtained free of charge from the Community Initiatives Coordinator, Mr Parkinson.  It was agreed to request five signs for all entrance roads to the village. 

2403    Presentations by Visitors


2404    Planning Consultations


2405    Planning Decision Notices

06/01110/FUL – 31 Church Street – erection of single storey extension to rear – granted

06/01075/FUL – The Cottage, 7 Mawbys Lane – erection of single storey extension & external alterations – granted

06/01090/ADC – Ramada Hotel, Junction 11 – display of internally illuminated free standing sign – refused

06/01053/FUL – 13 Black Horse Hill – erection of conservatory to rear – granted


2406    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 06 to 18th September 06 budget & financial statements   


2407    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st September to 30th September 06 - £282.43

Karen Stirk – Expenses for August 06 - £14.83

Leicestershire County Council – Street Lighting Recharge - £28.41

All cheques agreed and signed. 

2408    Pavilion, Recreation Ground Refurbishment/Rebuild

The Chairman informed the meeting that the above item would be discussed at the next meeting of the Sports and Recreation Club.           

2409    Overgrown Hedgerows / Footpaths Access

A long stretch of hedgerow on Mawbys Lane had become overgrown.  The Parish Council had received a letter from Mr Dunkelman disputing that he owned the hedge.  Therefore, it was agreed the clerk request Leicestershire County Council Highways Department cut back the hedge.  Clerk to keep Mr Dunkelman informed.

It was reported that a beech hedge had become overgrown over a public footpath.  The Parish Council agreed to request the two owners of the hedge cut it back to the fence line to allow proper access along the footpath.

A re-occurring problem of refuse bins completely blocking a footpath at a time when children were walking to school was discussed and it was agreed for the clerk to contact the residents concerned requesting when putting out bins they do not completely block the footpath. 

2410    Allotment Matters

The Chairman and Vice Chairman agreed to source replacement fencing and saplings to repair the boundary of the allotments.

A letter had been received from N.W.L.D.C. with ideas to get allotment holders and gardeners to hold open days, composting workshops and children activities etc.  The Parish Council agreed to pass on the letter to allotment holders for feedback.  The letter to include a reminder that annual allotment rent now runs with the calendar year, allotment water is switched off until Easter 2007, request for holders not intending to keep their allotments to inform Parish Clerk and any interest in forming an allotment & gardening society?

The Chairman reported that no response had come from the owners of the Old Hen House, Rectory Lane following a solicitor’s letter requesting the residents re-instate the correct boundary between their property and the allotment gardens.  It was agreed to request the Parish Council’s solicitor send a further letter to the owners of the Old Hen House offering assistance to re-instate the correct boundary, as a way forward, before proceeding with any further action.           

2411    State of Bus Shelter

The Chairman thanked Mr Colver for clearing and cleaning the bus shelter and it was agreed to paint the shelter with preservative.           

2412    Ground Maintenance Contract

It was agreed clerk to invite quotations for the ground maintenance contract years 2007/08.  Also, to thank Mr Robinson for his excellent ground maintenance for the last two years.           

2413    Churchyard Wall Repair

It was reported the builder employed to repair the churchyard wall had started work and repaired the bottom section.           

2414    Rectory Lane Gateway Treatment

Following a site meeting with a District Engineer from L.C.C. the Chairman reported that the proposed gateway treatment on Rectory Lane, to reduce speeding traffic, was not a suitable proposition due to the narrow verges.

Following unsuccessful correspondence with L.C.C. Highways Department about the state of Rectory Lane lay-by, it was agreed for the clerk to request a site visit. 

2415    BTCV – Looking for Work for their Volunteers

The clerk informed the meeting that BTCV charge £260 approximately per day for a group of ten volunteers to carry out hedge laying. 

2416    School Bus Routes

Following a site meeting with L.C.C. Public Transport Unit about the current school bus routes through the village, the Chairman reported that a change of routes could not be recommended.  However, during the discussions it was suggested a one way system on Church Street from Wren Close to the New Road / Top Street junction (the traffic to be restricted to movement in the direction of Wren Close to Top Street junction) would improve safety for residents, reduce the destruction of verges and improve the local environment.  It was agreed a request be sent to L.C.C. Highways Department to investigate the possibility of this one way system. 

2417    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line

The Parish Council agreed to put in the Parish News Line the following points: -

a)         Parish Council meetings dates

b)         Residents’ interest in forming an allotment/gardening society

c)         Problem of dog fouling 

2418    Urgent Items

(Taken as urgent due to response times)

Accounts for Payment

Coalville Metals & Skip Hire – allotment skip hire - £146.87

J.A. Robinson – Ground Maintenance cut 10 - £60

Cheques agreed and signed.


Ms K. Stirk 

Clerk to the Parish Council   

6th October 2006

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