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Parish Council Minutes

September 2006

Thursday 7th September 2006 

Present: - Mr J Quimby – Chairman, Mr P Hemmerdinger, Mrs M Hemmerdinger & Mrs D Morris

P.C. Davis & Mrs E Jones

Apologies: - Mrs E Jeffrey & Mr K Colver  

2377    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held 3rd August 06 were read and endorsed.

2378    Public Question Time

Urgent item brought forward due to the attendance of Mrs Jones. 

Planning consultation 06/01343/FUL – 8 Rectory Lane – erection of extensions & external alterations.  The Parish Council decided to view the property prior to making a decision.

 Mrs Jones informed the meeting that a letter of objection had been sent to Leicestershire County Council regarding the Q17 footpath diversion off Old End due to it affecting her property and she had not been informed by L.C.C. about the proposed diversion.  The Parish Council had displayed the Public Path Diversion Order 2006 as requested by L.C.C. on the parish notice board and believed neighbouring properties had been informed of the proposal by L.C.C.

 2379    Declarations Of Amendment To The Register Of Interests


 2380    Declaration Of Interest To Items On Agenda


2381    Decisions Taken Under Delegated Powers


2382    Police Matters including Neighbourhood Watch Matters

P.C. Davis informed the meeting about the recent spate of crime in and around the village including car thefts, attempted house break in and burglaries from business properties mostly committed during night hours. Police presence had been increased and P.C. Davis had kept the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators informed with up to date information. He also informed the meeting that due to good communications with neighbouring forces a possible suspect had been identified.  P.C. Davis reported that a speed check had taken place on Snarestone Road, following a resident’s complaint, with several motorists being warned for speeding.  It was hoped that a further speed check could take place using the camera car. 

P.C. Davis was pleased to report a good attendance at the recent mobile police station in the village.  The Chairman thanked P.C. Davis for his report and the officer left the meeting. 

The Parish Council agreed to send a letter to Inspector of Police informing of P.C. Davis’ superb support to the village and his excellent up to date communications with all concerned.  Also, to thank the police for their extra presence in and around the village.

 2383    Presentations by Visitors


2384    Planning Consultations

06/01302/FUL – 43 St Michaels Drive – erection of extension to side & conservatory to rear – no objections 

2385    Planning Decision Notices

06/00881/FUL – 10 Rectory Lane – retention of garaging – granted

06/00958/FUL – Ramada Hotel, Atherstone Road – entrance, reception, bar and seating area – granted

06/01041/FUL – Hall Park, New Road – erection of outbuilding – granted


2386    Approval Of Budget And Financial Statements

1st April 06 to 18th August 06 budget & financial statements   


2387    Accounts For Payment

Karen Stirk – Clerk's Payment – 1st August to 31st August 06 - £282.43

Karen Stirk – Expenses for July 06 - £13.27

J A Robinson – Grnd Maint. Cuts 7 & 8 - £120.00

All cheques agreed and signed. 

2388    Pavilion, Recreation Ground Refurbishment/Rebuild

The Chairman reported that minor alterations to the proposed plan were being discussed by the Sports and Recreation Club and when approved would go to the architect for drawing.

 2389    Overgrown Hedgerows / Footpaths Access

Hedgerow on the corner of Church Street/Bowleys Lane was due to be cut back by the farmer this autumn.  Overgrown hedgerow had been cut back on Top Street.  The clerk to contact the owner of overgrown hedgerow on Mawbys Lane requesting it be cut back.

2390    Allotment Matters

It was agreed to look into the cost of planting saplings/fencing alongside allotment plot 48.

The clerk reported to the meeting that an allotment holder had reported stolen tools; he had been advised to report it to the police.           

2391    16th September Litter Pick

The following details were given to the meeting:-

The Church Hall would be used to provide refreshments

Chairman to collect picking equipment from N.W.L.D.C.

Various organisations invited to take part in litter pick, with limited response

Details of litter pick had appeared in September’s P.N.L.

N.W.L.D.C. agreed to collect rubbish on Monday 18th September 

2392    State of Bus Shelter

A complaint had been received about the state of the Mawbys Lane bus shelter.  It was agreed to clear the litter and repaint the wooden shelter with preservative.  It was agreed not to replace the perspex due to costs.

2393    Signage for Hotel Metro at M42/A444 Junction

L.C.C. Highways Department answered a request from the Parish Council for improved signage, by accepting the signage at the roundabout could be improved but could not carry out the review until resources were available. 

2394    Campaign for Sustainable Communities Bill

Request received from Local Works for Parish Councillors contact details, it was agreed that all correspondence should be sent to the Parish Clerk. 

2395    Ideas for Written Piece - Parish News Line

The Parish Council agreed to put in the Parish News Line the following points: -

a)         Parish Council meetings dates

b)         A thank you to residents for cutting back overgrown hedges and to responsible dog owners for clearing up after their pets making the village much cleaner

c)         Parish Councillors to clear litter and paint bus shelter with preservative following a complaint from a resident

d)         Reminder to residents to be vigilant and report all crime following a recent rise in crime in and around the village  

2396    Urgent Items

(Taken as urgent due to response times)

Accounts for Payment

Misses Moores Almshouses – Donation towards cost of re-grass - £300

Appleby Magna Parish Council – Transfer Pavilion Reserves to Appleby Magna Parish Council National Savings Account - £2006

J A Robinson – Grnd Maint Cut 9 - £60

All cheques agreed and signed 

Severn Trent Water – Allotment Water Charges

S.T.W. had confirmed the charges were correct on the recent invoice.  The Parish Council agreed to monitor the costs with the allotment water being turned off during the winter months. 

Planning Consultations

06/01368/FUL – Upper Rectory Farm, Snarestone Road – Change of use of agricultural land for landing & take off of microlight aircraft – no objections. 

School Bus Routes

Reply received from L.C.C. Highways Department suggesting a possible site visit to see the problems/difficulties on the school bus route. It was agreed to have a site meeting with the Highways Department to suggest alternative routes.

Ms K. Stirk 

Clerk to the Parish Council   

10th September 2006

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