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Top Street

Top Street, formerly known (or at least part of it) as Over Street, and more recently as Silver Street, runs from the Black Horse Inn to just beyond the Sir John Moore School, where it turns into New Road (which is discussed under Appleby Parva).

Black Horse Aerial View
An old aerial view of the junction between Mawby's Lane, Black Horse Hill and Top Street, showing the Black Horse before its extension. No. 1 Top Street is the large building in the foreground. Picture from Carla at The Black Horse. Click for larger view

There are several interesting buildings along the way. The Black Horse itself has an interesting history (described in detail in the next few pages of the tour). The picture below was sent to us by Len Phillips whose aunt and uncle, Floss and Jack Jones, ran the pub for many years from the 1930's to the 1960's (read his memories of the pub here.)

Black Horse Inn
Early photograph of the Black Horse from Len Phillips. Click for larger view

Opposite this is 1 Top Street (featured in Anne Silins article on Bates and Rowlands families). A few doors down from the Black Horse is Walker's Hall which Alan Robert's describes in detail on the next page.

Top Street
Top Street (Over Street) showing Walkers' Hall. Click for larger view

A few yards down from Walker's Hall there is Eastgate House, an impressive three story building built, according to the lintel over the door, in 1720.

Aunt Dessie at Eastgate House
Aunt Dessie at Eastgate House
Picture from Duncan Saunders. Click for larger view

People at Eastgate House
Henry Lovatt, Decima Fish, Sarah W?, Flora Ricketts at Eastgate House
Picture from Duncan Saunders. Click for larger view.

Hall Yard farm has made way for Garton Close, but the footpath between Eastgate House and Garton Close still bears the name Hall Yard.

Hall Yard farm house 1915
Hall Yard Farmhouse 1915, demolished in the 1990s to make way for Garton Close
Picture courtesy of Margaret Cater. Click for larger view

Continuing along the road there is Appleby's only remaining thatched cottage, Jordan's Farmhouse, and on the corner where the road turns sharply right is the former Particular Baptist Chapel, now a private house.

The Sir John Moore School is featured in many places on this site and has its own web site, www.sirjohnmoore.org.uk.

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