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Appleby History > Memories > Black Horse Inn

The Black Horse Inn

Len Phillips remembers the Black Horse when it was run by his aunt and uncle, Jack and Floss Jones, who kept the pub between the 1930s and 1960s. Len visited the pub most often as a child in the 1940s.

"Aunt Floss was Dad's sister.

We lived in Acocks Green Birmingham and during the latter 1940`s took the bus into town and the (I think) X99 bus through Burton on Trent up to the lane to Appleby Magna. A long walk to the Pub!!

They kept pigs in the sty at the back .. lots of back rubs.

Also I recall a " thunder box " at the end of the side yard with two holes in
the wooden top .. side by side, Also news paper cut to size on a nail to finish.

We were NEVER allowed near the bar and only took peeps to see what was in

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The picture above shows a special party. I can't remember which! My Dad (Len Phillips) and Mom, (Doris) are in the back row. The other three are Floss and Jack with one of their daughters in front. There were three daughters, Alma, Iris and the youngest Dawn. We think this is Alma.

The picture below was taken in the side yard of the pub in about 1932.

These show my parents with me and Aunty Floss

Len Phillips - August 2012

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