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Developers are about to submit planning applications for somewhere between 100 and 175 new houses in Appleby Magna.  The proposed sites are on all on fields around the village.

Before these proposals, the District Council’s intention was to spread their allocation of 80 new houses over 15 villages, so the expected number of new houses in Appleby over the next few years would be between 5 and 10.  These new proposals for larger developments would not have been permissible under recent planning rules, but changes to national planning policies mean that they could be permitted even though they conflict with local policies about building outside village limits.

In return for public acceptance of the proposals at an early stage, the developers are saying they will contribute to village improvements.  Suggestions include donating some land to the Parish Council as a village green space; providing support to the primary school, the recreation ground and village community groups; and they have asked for feedback from the village on other features which need investment such as local transport.

The village environmental group, Appleby Environment, is opposing the development saying it would completely change the character of the village, but others may wish to see more local houses or would accept large scale development in return for the enhancements that the developers promise.

You can see more information on the developer’s web site and Appleby Environment’s site. There is more information in the Parish Council’s minutes and meeting notes.

It is important that everyone in the village has the opportunity to have their say.  You can complete a short survey by clicking the link below. 

This is an independent survey run by the administrators of the village web site.  We understand that some may wish to remain anonymous so we have given you this option, but we would prefer to have your name and/or address so we know that submissions are from residents of Appleby Magna or Appleby Parva, which will give the survey more credence.  The results will be passed to the Parish Council.  The overall results will be published on this web site but personal information will be kept confidential.

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